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Beneficiary: Trisha Mix Organizer: Troy Buchanan High School

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The story behind #TheMixMovement began last year when one of our coworkers, Mr, Greg Mix was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Mr. Mix has been a teacher in Troy, MO for many years (At Troy Buchanan High School and the Ninth Grade Center).  
He's been battling hard for the past year with numerous rounds of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, minimal progress has been made in his fight against cancer.  It has recently been classified as terminal and a group of students in Ms. Megan Miller's marketing class decided to create the #TheMixMovement as a way to show the world how big of an impact one remarkable man has and can make. He is truly loved by all--students, faculty/staff, and the Troy community--anyone fortunate enough to come in contact with him. 
The students have been trying--and they're being quite persistent--in getting the word out to help Mr. Mix and his family raise funds for helping to pay medical bills, etc.  Both Greg Mix and his wife Trisha are educators, who make incredible impacts on young lives daily.  The students decided on a method of "Paying it Forward" in the hopes of giving back to him and showing him just how much he means to them. 
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