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The Pichnarcik's: A Family Who Deserves a Break in Life

$20raised of $1,000 goal

Organizer: Jess Griebel Beneficiary: Ann Pichnarcik and family

Help the Pichnarcik's get a break in Life! Financial and emotion stress is taking it out on this family!

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My best friend Ann would never ask for help. I've known her over 10 years and she and her husband and young son named Logan (age 3) have been struggling financially as long as I can remember.

Ann's husband Jay has cyclical vomiting syndrome, and severe IBS, which causes him chronic vomiting, weight loss, fatigue and dehydration. He has visited many doctors, but they are baffled as to how to treat his condition and provide any kind of relief. As a result, Ann must juggle trying to afford a babysitter to watch Logan since Jay is physically unable to and working her job at a local BBQ joint. Unfortunately I have seen her have medical issues herself including gall bladder surgery, kidney and gall stones and back issues. She is fighting to keep her young family afloat. Recently, her husband's condition has worsened and she stresses about the upcoming future.

She is at the point where she honestly needs some help. She just wants to get ahead in life instead of always taking 1 step foward and 3 steps back. What doesn't help is that they live in Florida and we know how expensive necessities like air conditioning can be in the Florida heat! I know of nobody else that deserves some relieve in the amount of stress that her and her family have. Please consider donating even a small amount to help out this family in need. Donations will go toward basic needs, such as food, paying the bills and helping with medical expenses.

Thank you so much.

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