Malone's Roundup: Ranchers Helping Ranchers

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Beneficiary: Jeremy Prock Organizer: Malone's Roundup at 95.9 The Ranch

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Jeremy Prock is an incredible guy with an enormous heart.  He is 35 years old, lives in Nevada, Texas, and is a huge fan of Texas music and the Ranch.  He also LOVES to hunt.   

Earlier this winter, I asked Ranchers for help getting some winter clothes to a pizza delivery guy who came to my door in shorts in the dead of winter.  Jeremy Prock was quick on the draw and immediately ordered, paid for, and shipped a brand new winter coat to the pizza guy.  Wow, right? 

Well, I later learned that Jeremy is physically disabled.  As a result of an accident that happened when he was 17, Jeremy is paralyzed from the shoulders down.  This is Jeremy's story in his words.... 

"I was born and raised in North Texas in the small town of Nevada. I grew up hunting and fishing. It all changed on August 14th of 1996. I was at a friend's birthday party. I dove into a swimming pool and hit my right arm on the bottom in which shoved my shoulder blade back into my spine and crushed my 3rd, 4th and 5th vertebrae's. It left me a C4-5 quadriplegic. "Paralyzed from about my shoulders down'. But I've haven't let my injury slow me down. I still get out and enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy hunting deer, hogs and coyote. I usually go with friends to their leases or any place others allow me to go. " I call it recharging my batteries of the task I face each day from my injury". For me hunting is the one of the places I feel the happiest. I feel it's the one place where I'm back on equal grounds like before my injury. I've got just as much of a chance as anyone without a disability at harvesting a critter."

Jeremy told me that at the time he heard about the guy in need of a winter coat, he was saving money to buy special adaptive hunting equipment that allows him to hunt.  Jeremy says he used to have the equipment, but it completely wore out in 2011 and that he has not been able to hunt since that time, though he still goes to the lease to watch his friends hunt. 

I asked Jeremy why he decided to use the money he was saving for something so important to buy a new winter coat for a total stranger.  Jeremy said he just wanted to help because he knows how much it means to have someone help you when you need it.  

I was absolutely floored and touched by Jeremy's generous act of kindness, especially given the daily struggles of his own he must encounter.  As a result, Jeremy Prock is the star of "Malone's Round-Up" this month.  Jeremy did not ask for any help, but he is thrilled that he may be able to hunt soon as a result of your donations, and he approved my sharing of his story and photos with you.  

This is an incredible opportunity for Ranchers to help out a fellow Rancher.  Our goal is to buy Jeremy the special adaptive hunting equipment that will put him on a level playing field with other hunters.  The total cost with shipping is $1,715.00, and any donation you make on this page goes directly to Jeremy (via PayPal).  

If you would like to see how the equipment works, here is a link to it.  It allows disabled hunters to use head motion and breath to aim and fire - pretty cool.

Thank you in advance for helping Jeremy Prock hunt again!!! - See more at:
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