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Beneficiary: Merry OLeary-Sahl Organizer: Zoe

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I'm Zoe and I couldn't let a friend lose her home without fighting for her in one way or another. Here's what Merry has written in her own words.

Fibro is a chronic pain syndrome that affects many different systems of the body. It causes widespread pain, weakness, cognitive issues, fatigue..the list goes on....It can be debilitating and effects 5% of the population. My doctor has no answers. There really is no way to know exactly why it decided to amp up, although he did say that my depression could have been traumatic enough to trigger a worsening of the symptoms. It could also just be that I am getting older.  I take it day by day, trying to accept my limitations. I write about it often on my blog, and I usually spare no detail. Fibromyalgia is a nasty little bastard, and sadly there are many of us out there. 
I was denied disability, then attained some lawyers to assist me. They sent me to their doctors, and to my shock I completely failed the physical test. My legs were so weak and painful, I couldn't even lift them more than a few inches off the exam table.
Trying to dig out of the financial hole these last few years has been a constant struggle.  I Posted about my husband and I finally giving up the fight to save our home from being auctioned off for back taxes. So when Zoe asked me if it would be okay if she started a fundraiser for me on her blog, I was both hesitant and awestruck. I had been asked by another blogger just the previous day if he could be of assistance, but I declined. ( I wanted to say yes, DJ.) 

Both Merry and I are survivors that advocate against abuse and it's affects as well on our blogs. 

Please help Merry save her home. No amount is too small. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts in advance.

Merry & Zoe

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