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As most of you heard, HFE suffered horrible tragedy Tuesday night. Marilyn, the Directors house caught on fire and she lost 4 dogs, one of which was Lulu, one of precious adoptable dogs. The other 3 were dogs she rescued many years ago that were unadoptable and she kept them and gave them a warm place to live, food to eat, shelter and most of all love.  Marilyn has been involved in rescue for 30 years and has successfully run HFE for 10 years. She does not receive pay or any type of compensation it is done solely from her heart. Thousands and thousands of homeless animals have benefitted for her undying love for dogs and now she needs our help. We have set up a you caring link for her, she did not ask us to do this, we feel its necessary. While money will NEVER take away the pain she is feeling from the lives that were taken away from her, it may help ease the blow. If you cant donate please share. 
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