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family in need

$5,720raised of $12,000 goal

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by d
Well we managed to get the rent covered but the property management said my efforts were to little to late so now I have got to uproot my family and make other arrangements. I have till the end of the month to generate enough funds to reestablish my family elsewhere. Please help if you are able. Thank you and God bless.

by d
Thanks to a few local churches we prevented homelessness. Now we are in recovery stages and need the help to piece together this crumbled puzzle of a family. Please feel free to get ahold of me for any reason. We are in Genuine need and if you can help I pray that you decide to. Thank you and blessings to everyone.

by d
Well homelessness is moments away. If you are not able to help financialy I ask that you copy and share my link/story on your facebook or anywhere else you think people might see and read it. Thank you very much for your help and you generosity. God bless you all.





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