Brown-Braddy Family Fundraiser

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Beneficiary: Charlotte Costner Brown & Daughter Robin Organizer: Christopher B Allen & Angela Price

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Hello! The first thing I want to say, is "thank you" very much to all who take a few minutes out of your busy life to read about these dear folks. It is more appreciated than you can ever know!

My name is Christopher Allen. I grew up around the block from the Brown family. They are friendly, genuine, down-to-earth, good people who loves everyone. They welcomed every kid in the neighborhood into their home. Anyone who ever went to their house was always treated just like family. We loved going over there.

I am a long-time friend of this family-especially Robin, Charlotte and John Brown's only living child. Robin's brother passed away suddenly at the age of 44 in 1999. We were all close friends back in the day, playing together and riding our bikes around the neighborhood. Their mom, Charlotte, is one of the sweetest people on the planet. Anyone who knows her, also knows this. Likewise, so is her daughter.

About Robin:

At fifty-three, she is now disabled due to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, severe scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease. In 2008, she was forced to close the business of 25 plus years that she and her mom established. A single working mom, she raised her child, and always helped take care of her mom, Charlotte, as much as possible-especially after doctors diagnosed her with blood clots, diabetes, and a heart condition which required an immediate pacemaker to save her mom's life.

When her dad could no longer care for himself, Robin became his primary care giver. After about two years she had to find him a small handicap apartment due to safety concerns after several falls. He became ill just as they were about to move him into his new apartment. Finally, she saw no other option but to place him in a nursing home after a hospital stay. It was indeed a heartbreaking decision for her.

She went directly from caring for her dad, to caring for her mom, Charlotte, after her daughter left for college. On Jan. 30, 2013 (due to a possible stroke), Charlotte fell and was hospitalized for ten days. It was very touch and go the entire time and Robin feared she may not make it. By the grace of God, she pulled through, but went directly into a nursing home from the hospital.

Today, both of Robin's parents live in the same nursing home on opposite halls. Sadly, Charlotte is now in the early stages of Alzheimer's. Robin's only remaining family members include a few elderly aunts, and some cousins who are scattered about the country. Charlotte's only brother, and Robin's "most beloved" uncle, passed away in May of this year. Even sadder is the many months of lack of family, and a loving emotional support system to help get Robin through her many dark days.

Robin's now dealing with a financial setback. One that's reached a very critical point. She's struggling to pay her mortgage to keep her home, pay the utilities, phone, etc., due in part to having to pay outstanding, out-of-pocket medical expenses for her parents- neither of which have long-term health care insurance. There's simply NO way that any one person on the planet could continue to try and do all of this on their own. Especially one who relies solely on a disability check. Her current needs include help getting caught up with some past due financial obligations in order to get over this hump, and bring everything to current status.

A bit more about Robin. She devoted herself to nursing for twenty plus years, and again later as a second job to help raise her daughter, now a Junior, & an honor student in college. She was deeply committed to providing the best care possible to her patients. She has a genuine love for the elderly, and worked mostly among the geriatric population, the terminally ill, and dying. All she's ever done her entire life is help other people. Now, my friend needs help.

This family's current situation is a very unusual one, as it carries such an overwhelming, and almost debilitating amount of stress for one person. For Robin, it's been life-altering. For us, this fundraiser is simply the right, and Godly thing to do to try and help. We pray that others will be spirit-led, see the imminent needs of this family, and do whatever possible to help our friends and neighbors in this fragile time in their lives.

Please know! We respect your privacy 100%. We absolutely would not violate that, nor divulge "any" of your personal information, should you choose to remain an anonymous donor. Please visit often to read new updates.

Lastly, if anyone has any questions at all as to the validity of this family's current crisis, we're more than happy to oblige you in any way that you may request. 
Again, we truly thank you for reading, and may God bless you for the time you took to do so.

Christopher Allen & Angela Price

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