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Bring Janet Home

$12,420raised of $45,000 goal

Organizer: Sarah Vecchione Beneficiary: Janet Gregory Build Fund

After a serious accident that left her paralyzed, Janet wants to be able to return home. Help make this possible!

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Janet is a junior in high school with a bright future ahead of her, but her family needs your help. In January, she was in a terrible sledding accident that left her with a severe spinal cord injury, resulting in paralysis. Simple everyday tasks that we take for granted are now a struggle for Janet. After already being in the hospital for over two months, she still has a tremendous amount of work to do before she will be strong enough to come home, but she and her family are not giving up hope. However, before she returns home, there is much work that must be done. Her house has to be completely renovated to allow for wheelchair use, such as having hallways widened and lifts constructed. This will only be possible with your help. With even a small donation, you can help bring Janet home.
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by Sarah Vecchione

Again we want to thank all those who have generously donated money and their time to "Bring Janet Home"! We only have a few short weeks before Janet comes home. Things have been moving along this week including hanging of drywall, and plumbing and electrical work. This weekend we will begin preparing the bathroom floor for tiling of barrier free shower. The final decisions on the lift are taking place and then the excavation and the concrete pad will be poured. Please come back to see our updates.

by Sarah Vecchione

It was busy at the house last week. Many behind the scenes items have been worked on including finalizing layouts and materials for the accessible kitchen and bath for Janet. Rough in for the wiring was completed along with insulation. Today/tonight work will begin  on the other mechanicals (plumbing and HVAC). Once these are complete drywall, flooring, etc. can begin. Today we will order long-lead items including the lift, kitchen cabinets, and appliances. Please visit us later this week we will have much to report.

by Sarah Vecchione
We're making a lot of progress! Demolition and framing are complete. Thank you to everyone who has donated their time for this project. Also thank you to everyone who was kind enough to grant a wish on the Caring Bridge site! So far people have granted the following wishes: 2 towel bars and a toilet paper holder, 3 doors, 4 closet kits, 3 interior level door handles, 6 sensor light switches, a barrier free shower, a canopy for the wheelchair lift, a bath sink, wall oven, and CO2 detector, and 1 exterior level door handle. However, there are still several wishes that need to be granted. Check out to see the wish list!

by Sarah Vecchione
Wow thanks so much to those who worked so hard and such long hours in the last few days to get Janet's house ready for construction to begin! This week demo will take place so framing can begin for widening the halls, doorways, and enlarging the bathroom.

by Sarah Vecchione

We are making progress! However, we have a long way to go to pay for the items needed including; the exterior wheelchair lift at a cost of $11,100 and $25,000 for modifications in the bath and kitchen including sinks and sensor faucets, a barrier free wheelchair accessible shower, flooring, and cabinets. Please continue to spread the word ....bring Janet home.





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