A Home for a Mother & Her 6 Kids (Anonymous to protect them)

For: A Single Mom and her 6 Children
Organizer: Genesis Church
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Were asking for your help to support a mother and her 6 young children as they reestablish their lives after surviving family violence. Women and their children in this situation are vulnerable for years after leaving their violent homes. The system does its best but we all know that it is limited and that those limitations put the families at risk of mental illness, poverty and homelessness. Women in these situations need the time and financial freedom to retrain for new careers and nurture their families.

The mother of this particular family cannot afford to pay their rent at this time and requires a hand up. Our plan is to raise enough money to pay their rent for one year. This will hopefully give the mom enough time to come up with a long term plan to support her family. This will also give her peace of mind that she and her children won't be forced out of their home, community and support system because she can't afford to live there. Together we can make a huge difference for this family. Thank you for your support.


by Genesis Church
Family is still in their home due to your generosity and their financial situation is getting better. God is giving this mom peace that  He will take care of her and her kids.

by Genesis Church
Hi, i am the mother of 6 wonderful children and your generosity has been overwhelming. Thank you so very much for caring. We so desperately want to stay in Airdrie in the house that we are renting. The support my family receives keeps our hopes and dreams going. Thank you so much xxxxx

by Genesis Church
Wow. The mother was interviewed by Airdrie City View newspaper yesterday. The editor did the interview. Looking forward to the article.!!

We gave the mother the April rent money his past Sunday. She was sooo happy. Thanks to everyone who gave and is giving.

by Genesis Church
March 8th bottle drive raised $651. The little kids had so much fun and the people of Airdrie were so receptive and generous.

by Genesis Church
Donations are starting to come in. So many generous people! Bottle drive today. Filled a cube truck! Wow, unbelievable. Will get the dollar value this week. Thanks for caring everyone.



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A Home for a Mother & Her 6 Kids (Anonymous to protect them)

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