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A Grieving Mother

$13,668raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Meaghan Yaple & Manda Sayegh Beneficiary: Lisa Mata

Our dear friend, Lisa Mata lost her son Bryant in a terrible car accident on Saturday, January 25th. We have created this fundraising page with hope to raise money to assist Lisa in the funeral costs

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Our dear friend, Lisa Mata lost her son Bryant in a terrible car accident on Saturday, January 25th.  We have created this fundraising page with hope to raise money to assist Lisa in the funeral costs and ease any financial stresses that may arise while she is grieving the loss of her son. 

Lisa Mata has been a staple in the San Diego LGBT community.  She has put in countless volunteer hours fighting for equality.  It is our hope that her family, friends and this community will now rise up around her to show their support and love during this difficult time. The last thing we would want Lisa to worry about is taking the full burden of the funeral costs or figuring out how to pay rent.  We would like to give our friend as much time as we can to allow her to grieve.  If Lisa has touched your life in any way or if this story has struck a cord with you, please make a donation below.  Lisa would never ask for this help, therefore we are asking for her. No amount is too small and every little bit helps.  Also, please share this fundraiser on your Facebook page to ensure that everyone who knows Lisa has a chance to show their love. 
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by Meaghan Yaple & Manda Sayegh
Hello everyone, 

We are in the process of compiling photos for a slideshow at Bryant's Memorial Service and would love for you to email any photos of him with friends and family to BryantMataAdamsMemorialPhotos@gmail.com . Please help spread the word and submit these photos no later than Feb 6th. Thank you!
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by Meaghan Yaple & Manda Sayegh
From Lisa....

I am so deeply touched by all the wonderful words of support that I have read on here over the past few days. Bryant was the most amazing human being and is now a perfect angel and will always be my greatest love. I want to thank everyone for all the prayers, positive vibes and wonderful words as well as the contributions. It is overwhelming and I wish I could thank everyone individually at this time but hope that you all know how much this means to me and how much reading your words have helped me as I waited helplessly at his side.
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by Meaghan Yaple & Manda Sayegh
Thank you all so much for your donations!!! We reached our goal of $5000 in just 5 hours! We have decided to bump up the goal to $10,000 to help with medical expenses.  Please keep spreading the word and again THANK YOU!
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