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We offer a free way to raise money online for a cause

People are drawn to fundraising for a cause: Everyone wants to help a neighbor when a natural disaster or personal tragedy strikes, but it can be difficult to know just how to help and how much. YouCaring provides a way to easily help a neighbor in need and rally support to make a big difference with the help of others.

Disasters like floods, earthquakes and fires occur unexpectedly, and while insurance and government aid is available, it is often not enough to really help those who are hit the hardest get back to a normal life. Rallying a community in the wake of an unexpected tragic event is the first step towards a new beginning.

A great way you can help a neighbor recover from a hardship is to take advantage of our free fundraising campaigns. If a friend or neighbor is in need of financial assistance, starting a campaign can help them recover and rebuild. Not only can you raise money, but supporters and loved ones can leave encouraging comments for emotional support on your personal fundraising web page, and spread the word through social media.

Fundraising for your cause with YouCaring can:

  • Provide a free fundraising web page to help your neighbor in need
  • Make it easy for people to donate
  • Help spread the word through social media and plenty of good fundraising advice

YouCaring does not charge fundraisers a percentage, or any upfront usage fees. We don't charge donors or demand a credit processing fee. We are funded by donations and all funds raised by users immediately go into the fundraiser's designated account and are available that day.

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