How To Raise Donations For A Missions Trip To Africa

by JesseW 4. May 2013 11:54
    Missions trips can be a life changing experience, not only for those who participate but also for those who they reach. For the Wilson's who are leading a trip for the America World Adoption Association, those lives are young orphans from Kenya and Uganda.    Meet Joe a... [More]

How to Use Crowd-funding to Raise Donations for Your Volunteer Trip

by JesseW 5. April 2013 01:54
Volunteering in a third world country is an excellent way to make a difference in the lives of many people. Unfortunately, service trips can cost a lot due to expensive travel costs and preparation expenses. Here are a few tips to make your volunteer trip less expensive and more attainable through t... [More]

Practical Advice To Help Your Volunteer Trip Fundraiser

by JesseW 13. February 2013 04:57
Gaining support for volunteering abroad can be difficult, and many people are unsure how to find supporters who are willing to give monthly. Here is some very practical advice to help you fund your volunteer trip. [More]

Online Fundraiser Provides Financial Support for Falsely Imprisoned Missionary

by JesseW 22. November 2012 12:33
Missionary work can often times come with a high price to families and the missionaries themselves. When a missionary is imprisoned in a foreign country the family will do just about anything to get them back. For the da Silva family this reality is all too real... [More]

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