Fundraiser Success Stories: PTSD Service Dog for Katie

by The YouCaring Team 22. July 2014 05:20
"I chose YouCaring for our second fundraiser because there were no fees involved. The site I used for our first fundraiser took a significant portion of the funds raised." [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Seeking Freedom from Daily Seizures

by The YouCaring Team 14. July 2014 00:30
I could not have done it with the support of all those who contributed to the fundraiser. I will be forever in gratitude for their selfless time & donations. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Our Angel Needs A Place to Rest

by The YouCaring Team 10. July 2014 00:30
I've never been the kind of person that liked to ask for help, but when our son passed away, I knew I had to honor him. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Supplies for Ugandan School Children

by The YouCaring Team 7. July 2014 03:19
I was so thankful to be able to use YouCaring to provide school supplies for the children in Uganda who truly need it. [More]

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