Tucker: Jared's Story of Friendship

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Jared's best friend Clancy was a chocolate lab/ wolfhound mix. We adopted him at the age of 5, but in reality the vet found his medical records showing the age of 9. We a had few good years with him. Towards the end, we took in two dogs, Emma and Bentley. Emma is very anxious. But Bentley had to be returned due to aggression. On a whim, we fostered Tucker a couple of weeks ago, and you would swear he is Clancy. Jared and Tucker sleep together, play together,they are best friends. Not only is he Jared's friend, but he is also Emmas. He is helping her with her anxiety issues. They cuddle and play together too.

We received a call Thursday that Tucker had been adopted. It was heart-wretching news. We brought him to Middleboro for the exchange Friday night. Tears were flowing. Needless to say, we did not get much sleep. Jared kept sitting up in bed, tapping the mattress for Tucker to jump up. It was upsetting to him when I kept telling him Tucker was not here anymore.

This morning, we received a call that Tucker refused to get in the transport. The lady said God meant for Jared to have Tucker. We now have the opportunity to adopt Tucker for Jared for $500.00. They are letting Tucker stay with us as we try to raise the adoption fee. Please help Tucker become Jared's forever friend. We are also looking to cover his vet cost for tonight. Thank you everyone for all of your help! I have been out injured from work since 12/2009 and through these wonderful gestures, Jared has been taken care of. Thank you all for helping him get his bike and now his dog! Hugs and kisses to everyone!

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