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So God’s ways are not our ways….for sure.  Little did we know last year at this time that the Lord would call us to adopt four brothers from Haiti!  This week we got to see pictures of their precious faces, we know their names and we know their stories.  We are not allowed to share this information, but trust us we are smitten! 

Then today we were told how much the international fees would be.  Please sit down.  $56,300, with the total costs of the adoption being approximately $80,000.   As of 4/16/2014:  we have paid  $39,160. of those fees.  We paid about $33,500 of those fees out of our own funds with a combination of a refinance, tax return money and some on a 0% credit card.  We have raised about $27,430. including our recent matching grant.  We are   For a better understanding of why adoption costs so much, please go here: http://showhope.org/5-reasons-adoption-can-be-expensive.  Since we realized we cannot do this without help:   here is our idea:  The Eleven Campaign.   This idea came from this story:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/30/hony-boy-from-ethiopia_n_4177784.html  .  In this story a family’s entire cost of adoption was raised and  most of their donations were in $10 gifts!   I thought that seems doable…..since our family will go from seven children to eleven….I thought we would try to get the word out to as many as we could for donations of eleven dollars . Please, don’t think eleven dollars is too small!  If 100 people give $11., that is 1,100!   Feel free to share our eleven campaign with anyone…maybe it will go viral and we can fund this entire adoption!   Feel free to share it on your Facebook page, or whatever way you can. You can also visit our blog at: http://ronschaffner.wordpress.com/#sthash.6BT8YCMi.dpuf

Thank you for considering this.  Many blessings to you.

Ron and Michelle Schaffner

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