Helping Prisoners learn Yoga and Meditation

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Helping Prisoners learn Yoga and Meditation (Yoga And Mindfulness Outreach)
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We will be giving a workshop for those who want to understand trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness more deeply -- or teach it to our at-risk youth, or in a therapy, recovery, correctional or some similar setting. We are planning on a Saturday or Sunday at a local holistic center.  Are you up for something new and exciting, something that really makes a difference?  Contact us now.  Subscribe to UPDATES and we will inform you soon!

“As they were filing out, one woman held back. She did not want to go back to the dorm. She took me aside and told me she had a lot of trauma and felt like it had all just been washed away! She asked me to make sure she stays in the class until she leaves.”  That is why we need to keep this going!  We get these reactions across the range of South Florida correctional settings -- Juvenile Justice, Boot Camp, Male and Female Jails, Psychiatric Jail Wards and four State Prisons. It means participating  inmates will return to their communities more sane, sober and serene. 


"Has taught me to really relax in tense situations. 

I have learned to control my emotions and physical self.” 

(former inmate now released and doing well)                          
“This program removes the harshness of prison life.”

(inmate with life sentence)

“I no longer suffer.”  

(80 year old inmate in wheel chair)

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What are the funds for?  Unromantic as it sounds -- mostly TRAVEL.  Prisons and jails are spread thin and are often out in the everglades or farmland.  Secondly, other costs like meals, printing, registration, etc.

Our real annual funding goal is $25,000. As we approach that we will simply be able to do more.  We could compensate our teachers.  That would help us staff the programs, as they involve a huge amount of time and much organizational detail.  We could even do teaching tours to prisons further north – where so many of our jail students are sent.

Yoga And Mindfulness Outreach is a 501c3 charitable organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.  Find out more at

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Media Credits: Photos and video were taken by Patricia Rossato, authorized officers, Miami TV Chanel 6, and Michelle Guillen for Chanel 4 NBC TV


Lawrence Huff, volunteer coordinator  305-926-3578  Facebook  [email protected]  #miamiprisonyoga

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 24, 2018


Posted on March 24, 2018

I approach Module 7 with the slight trepidation of a soldier going into battle. These are the older boys in the jail called Juvenile Justice. Once in I get them to help lay out the mats--to feel  more "invested".  We do exercises.  When we start the meditation I keep my eyes half open, both for my security and to monitor them. There is a tremendous noise in the hall.  Still, they get deeply focused.  

After a time I see one boy reaching out to tickle the others' feet!  That breaks it up.  It turns out he doesn't really mean it -- he  says he has ADHD and is on medication.  So I teach him (and the rest) alternate-nostril breathing to calm and harmonize his nerves. They want to go back into meditation but our time is up.  I tell them to carry on in their rooms where they will not be disturbed.  Before I go they all want books and handouts.  A good day!  #MiamiPrisonYoga  

Posted on March 5, 2018


Posted on March 5, 2018

THE TRICKLE UP EFFECT.   When you strengthen life at the bottom it's like watering the root of a tree -- everything flows up!  Inmates, mental  health, addicts, homeless all dong meditation will benefit themselves and it will trickle up to everybody else.  

#MiamiPrisonYoga needs your donation and moral support.

Posted on February 25, 2018


Posted on February 25, 2018

WE are planning a teaching tour of several Central American countries.  The intention is to prepare others interested in taking yoga  and mindfulness to prisoners, youth centers, mental health centers and other areas of special need. Secondly, we want to see what ideas and projects they already have down  there and what we can learn from them. This will certainly contribute solutions to persistent gang and social problems on a most fundamental level -- the individual and his inner condition.

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Helping Prisoners learn Yoga and Meditation

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