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The Story


Take the global fight against HIV into your own hands, donate today to help this community run and led organisation continue.

Short Version

  • Yayasan Gaya Dewata has been working since 1992 to help the gay, bisexual and transgender communities of Bali, Indonesia in the fight against HIV
  • The HIV rate in Bali is rising each year, with the Gay and Transgender communities at over 20%
  • The loss of core funding on the 31st of October 2015 means that YGD needs your help to continue it's great work
  • YGD works to link and support the gay and transgender community in accessing essential HIV prevention services (including testing) and safe sex tools like condoms & lubricant
  • YGD provides assists over 2200 face to face clients each year, and our staff are at the gay and transgender hotspots 364 days a year.  
  • Your donation will be used directly in funding the core programs of YGD - directly assisting those most in need

Funds may also be forwarded to:

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) branch: Renon, Bali

Account Number: 0114752533

Account Name: Yayasan Gaya Dewata Bali


Long Version (for those who love detail)

Yayasan Gaya Dewata (YGD) is a locally led and run NGO based in Denpasar, Bali. Founded in 1992 by concerned members of the gay and transgender women (waria) communities, it was one of the first gay and transgender community led organisations in Indonesia. Today it stands as a formally registered organisation that provides vital outreach, service linking and counselling services to the members of our communities that are the most in need. Without their assistance, many of the poorest members of the gay and waria communities of Bali would continue to be marginalised from the services they desperately need.

The reduction of Aid budgets around the world have made it increasingly harder for local Indonesian led and based NGOs to continue their vital work. Sadly, it is the most marginalised communities who are the first to be cut when the budget gets tightened. As of October 2015, YGD's core funder will no longer be able to offer their support and without your help will have to suspend their core services. Most of YGD staff work full time, and have been part of the fight against HIV in Bali for many years. To lose them would be a great loss to the organisation and the fight against HIV in Indonesia.

$10,000 USD would allow YGD to secure our office space for the next 2 years, and continue to function at full capacity for an extra 3 months. This would give us the much needed time to seek out new funders and work to build a sustainable program against HIV for the gay and waria communities of Bali.

"This means that helping YGD is not only helping to curb the rise in HIV in Bali, but all across the 4th most populous nation in the world"

HIV in Bali

The gay and waria communities of Bali are some of the hardest hit by HIV in Indonesia. The rates of HIV infection in Gay men (and other men who have sex with men) were last estimated to be at 20%* and the waria community at a devastating 56.6%*. Without a community led response, a response that includes the voices of those most marginalised then reducing the rate in Bali will not be possible.

Sexual transmission is on the rise in Bali, and the numbers of visitors to the island grow each year. Last year 3.76 million foreign tourists and 6.97 million domestic travellers entered Bali. More than just a tourist spot, Bali offers a rare space of openness and tolerance for the LGBTI community of Indonesia, meaning that 72% of YGD’s clients are actually from outside of Bali. Members of the LGBTI community from all over the Indonesian Archipelago. This means that helping YGD is not only helping to curb the rise in HIV in Bali, but all across the 4th most populous nation in the world. These figures show just how vital it is for the gay and waria community to be actively supported in their own fight against HIV.

Where your money goes

Your money will go directly into maintaining our 12 full-time staff, office space, and ongoing outreach and HIV prevention programs continue after the cessation of funding at the end of October.

YGD is a formally registered non-profit Indonesian NGO – run by gay and transgender Indonesians – your money will provide direct assistance in combating HIV in Bali.

A full listing of our staff can be found at

The work we do

YGD runs 3 major programs, focusing on outreach, health promotion and counselling.

Our outreach team provide face-to-face assistance to over 2200 local clients each year. Linking them to vital community sensitive health services, and providing direct assistance such as transportation, skill sharing and education.

Alongside one-on-one outreach, YGD runs 13 monthly peer support groups to build community support and facilitate community members sharing their concerns and knowledge. These groups usually average around 8-12 people and they provide a safe space for our clients to speak openly about issues they face.

Our health promotion workers, known as Condom Men/Women are the public face of our work. They are at the main hotspots of Bali 7 days/nights a week where they distribute safer sex kits, educate, promote safer sex practices, and encourage clients to get tested and made contact with over 10,000 people. 

Filling the gaps of the Indonesian health care system, our counsellors offer free LGBTI focused sexual health, gender and sexuality counselling. Our buddy testing system empowers the community to utilise services knowing they have a YGD team member who understands the specific needs of gay men and transgender women.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected] or see our website at

*From the 2012 and 2014 sero-survey from the Department of Health, Bali.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 28, 2015

Posted on July 28, 2015

We have changed our goal to be our year rent, which is due on the 31st of September. 

This is one our of major expenses and to have it reached would be a great relief to both our staff, and the wider community. 

Please help us by sharing the fundraiser with your networks. 

Posted on June 17, 2015

Posted on June 17, 2015

Alongside the fundraiser, YGD has been busy working on online resources for our community. Alongside HIV, STIs are a growing concern in Bali and we have dedicated our website to helping local Indonesians be able to access accurate and mobile friendly information. 

Find the English version here:

Posted on June 13, 2015

Posted on June 13, 2015


Terima Kasih to all of the new supporters! 

We are so touched by the support from all over the world. 

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