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The Story

As some may already know, our dear friend Xela Zaid (Alex Diaz) suffered a stroke right before Christmas. He is out of the hospital and recovering at home, but is unable to communicate verbally and has a long road of recovery ahead.

A lack of health insurance and the slow grind of medicare is hindering him from getting the amount of care he needs to regain his speech.

Those who know Alex know him as a proud and private person. This would not be something he would ask on his own, but he is also the type of person who never hesitated to help others in our community who needed it.

If you know Xela, have enjoyed one of his amazing performances or just had a great conversation with him, please help out in any way you can. All funds raised will go directly to Alex's rehabilitation expenses. Let's do this for Xela!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 22, 2017

Posted on April 22, 2017

A benefit concert for Alex - "An Evening For Xela" - is set for Sunday, May 28th at Churchill's Pub in Miami.

Performing will be many of Alex's friends, including:
Off Orbit | Benjamin | Rat Bastard | Gold Dust Lounge | VLKV (Jackie Ransom) | Humbert | The Brand | FTMF | Rick Fantasies | Gregory McLaughlin | Novy Græy | Mr Entertainment & the Pookiesmackers | Curious Hair | Dama Vicke | Mere Quantum Noise

May is stroke awareness month, and in addition to raising funds to help Alex continue his rehabilitation therapy we also hope to raise awareness among our friends as far as health and prevention is concerned. The hard truth is that what happened to Alex could happen to any one of us.

If you're local, please try and make it out if you can. We will be starting the event early - 7PM - in the hopes that Alex will be able to be involved as much as possible.

Just a quick reminder to those who have seen Alex out here and there: while he DOES look great and is making some progress, he still has MUCH work ahead of him as far as regaining his communicative and cognitive skills. There are many things he still cannot do and his ongoing therapy is vital to him getting back what he has lost.

Thanks for continuing to keep our friend in your thoughts, and we hope to see many of you at Churchill's May 28th!

Posted on March 21, 2017

Posted on March 21, 2017

Hey guys, a few people have messaged me asking how Alex is doing so I thought I'd post an update:

Alex is now set up for remote cognitive therapy from home so he's doing sessions pretty much every day. He's definitely making some strides, but as his brain is basically relearning how to process information and communicate with the outside world it's a long, arduous process. He still can't communicate over the phone or via computer, and while he's slowly staring to regain some speech ability verbal communication is still pretty limited.

There's been some talk about organizing some benefits for Alex to help with bills/medical expenses and his family is OK with this. Aside from that - and contributing through the Youcaring site - the best thing his friends can do is to take some time and arrange a visit.

Alex spends most of his days cooped up in his apartment with his mom and visits from friends to hang a little, go for a walk or get a bite to eat really lifts his spirits. Alex will know who you are and be happy to see you, and while it's still tough for him to convey it you can see in his eyes how happy he is to get a break from the monotony and spend some time with friends. Honestly it can be a little awkward one-on-one so I'd recommend coming in pairs if possible to take some of the pressure off Alex. These visits mean the world to him and his mom so I'm hoping more of his friends can make the effort in the coming weeks.

Feel free to message me or Rat on Facebook or email us ([email protected], [email protected]) for his mom's phone number if you'd like to arrange a visit or have any questions.

Posted on February 13, 2017

Posted on February 13, 2017

Hello friends of Alex (Xela)

Today starts an important chapter in Alex's recovery. He's officially starting cognitive therapy treatment at the Apex Center For Communication Disorders. While he has already been undergoing various therapy (speech therapy, acupuncture...etc), this will be a comprehensive therapy regimen that will include both on-site therapy and remote therapy via an in-home computer that has been obtained for him thanks to this fundraiser. Thanks to all of you!!

This pic of Alex (with local legend Charlie Pickett) was taken this past Saturday on the back patio of Churchill's during the International Noise Conference. This back patio stage would normally be run/curated by Alex, and this year his friends Rick Fantasies and Alicia Hancock Apfel took up the slack and ran the night in his honor. We brought Alex by early for a bit and he definitely seemed happy to be back in his element and received an avalanche of hugs from his friends.

He looks SO great it's easy to jump to the conclusion that "Xela is back!", but the reality is that aside from still not being able to speak he still has many cognitive issues - he still can't write or type on a computer and clearly has difficulties processing what's being said to him. It IS clear that he's aware of his situation, is happy to see his friends and is a little overwhelmed by all the love and support he's been receiving.

As always, if anyone would like to arrange a little casual hang or volunteer to help out with rides to therapy...etc, feel free to message me directly through the campaign or reach out to me, Alex's brother Frank or Rat.

Peace & Love & Music & Healing!

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