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For: Worldwide Sufferers of Chronic Illness
Pascoe Vale, VIC, Australia
Organizer: Cass Reitano
Be Kind To One Another Boxes (Worldwide Sufferers of Chronic Illness)
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The Story

Hi, I’m Cass.

Whilst working and studying fulltime in 2014 in my dream career, I contracted a double-Shingles Virus that altered the course of my life.
I very quickly dropped to 32kgs, was unable to consume solid food without vomiting. I had violent nausea all day, every day, nerve pain that left me bedridden and I was too dizzy to walk without assistance.

It took many frightening months of uncertainty, hospital stays and appointments before I was diagnosed with two post-viral conditions.
A simple virus has left me with nerve damage, causing daily nerve pain and vertigo; and a stomach condition which leaves me with daily crippling nausea and severe abdominal pain upon eating.

As a result of this, I have temporarily lost my ability to work and study since 2014.
I am one of the few sufferers who had savings behind me, and have been using them to survive and cover medical costs (I do not qualify for the Illness Allowance). I also have a pretty awesome support group.

My new reality was a very hard one to manage, let alone accept.
Most days are hard, but I hold hope for the good days; they are everything.

Through creating a blog to document my journey, I discovered thousands of worldwide sufferers of illness; some diagnosed, some undiagnosed and even some who were misdiagnosed.

Illness has forced me to reflect on how much I took for granted; especially the little things.
Opening packages is one of those little things… oh, the feeling you get when you have ordered online and delivery day comes!

The Chronically Ill don't have the money to spend on anything except medical bills, appointments and treatment. The only mail received is medical related.

I wanted to give these Warriors a reason to smile, and thought of sending boxes of gifts worldwide.

This project is titled “Be Kind To One Another Boxes” (a favourite motto by the Kindness Queen, Ellen Degeneres).

I originally hoped to send 5 boxes using my savings, but once word spread about my project, I was overwhelmed with donations from people who wanted to help make my idea a reality.

In November 2016 I raised $479 and mailed 25 full gift boxes worldwide.
I was asked back by popular demand in 2017 and raised $671 worth of donations (a total of $1150 for both years!).
In the month of March I mailed an additional 36 boxes, and in July 2017 I mailed 40+ - meaning we have hit over one hundred!

As there is a countless amount of illness sufferers, I have requested that members of this community perform an act of kindness themselves and nominate each other to go into the draw to win.
You wouldn’t believe how many of these warriors battle daily, and still manage to brighten the days of others.

My heart warms to every company who has donated.
A few companies who donated over both years were: Mecca Cosmetica, Gemma Watts, Hurraw!, Go-To-Skincare, Dusty Girls, Carman’s Kitchen, and WooHoo! Body.

As we all know international shipping is costly.
One full box of gifts mailed internationally this year was estimated at 30-45(AUD).

Our next draw is for February 2018, with hope of mailing another 40+ boxes.
This would require more fundraising, so I have increased our fundraising. We will require approximately 650AUD to safely mail another thirty giftboxes worldwide.

Money raised, and left over, goes straight towards the packing and shipping of these gift boxes to winning recipients.

If you’re in a position to donate, ANY amount would be greatly appreciated!
Your simple act of kindness will make the day of a stranger in desperate need of a smile.

(Keep in mind that YOUCARING take 2.9% + .30c of your donation. This page is in AUD so if you are overseas, please check conversion rates before donating as they cannot be refunded!)

This is primarily Instagram-based, so if you would like to find out more, see the companies I’ve collaborated with, or the winners, please follow me: 

I can also be contacted at:

[email protected]

Many have called this idea crazy.

Maybe they’re right, but I know first hand how emotionally and physically challenging illness can be. Although my illness is not leaving, I am growing stronger by the day. I would like to make the most of my better days by doing something nice for people who are worse off, than I. 

There is no greater gift than the gift of giving.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 4, 2017

Posted on March 4, 2017

Wow; what an experience.
Here are my little babies for 2017.
In a total of seven months since I started this project, I have managed to mail a current total of 56 giftboxes to the Chronically Ill!!!
I firstly want to extend my heart to all of the companies who donated copious amount of product this year for our boxes: @brazilianbutterflyau @cropnatural@woohoobody @greenteain3seconds@the_ginger_people @dustygirlsmakeup@hazardious_spoonie @kirikitsune@everydaygoodco @gotoskincare and @mahalia_rose @corinnamack_ @toriyr
Added to that thank you list is all of the companies who donated last year (as there was leftover product for this year’s boxes): Hurraw! Lip Balm, Mecca Cosmetica, Breath Pearls, Lorraine and Blair, Hask Hair, Three Lollies, The Children's Cupboard, The Chocolate Yogi, The Little Spon Co, Author Matt Haigand Pukka Tea.

An even bigger thank you to ALL strangers who donated large amounts of money through this site this year and last uear to fund the international shipping of every single one of these boxes.

Before everyone starts thanking me, I would like you to pay forward your thanks to the wonderful humans above, as THEY are the reason my Kindness Project went ahead this year.
A final thank you to all of the winners from last year and this year: you are the TRUE definition of superheroes/warriors.

When I first fell ill in 2014, I was very alone. I confided in the online community for support, as nobody understood what it was experience Chronic Illness. I was overwhelmed with support from a second family… one that grows larger each day.
I would have loved to send each and every one of you a gift, and just know that you each hold a special place in my heart.
The question on everyone’s lips is will we be back or was this the final year? I wish I knew an exact answer. It will take more fundraising and more companies!
For now, I know that I need a well-deserved rest...

Posted on November 12, 2016

Posted on November 12, 2016

Be Kind To One Another Boxes (First Round Winners)

Our video of the first nineteen winners of our Be Kind To One Another Gift Boxes is up!

Please take a look, and keep updated on our potential future boxes via our Instagram page:

We are now aiming for a total of $500 to send our last few boxes internationally to deserving members of the Chronic Illness Community

C xo

Posted on October 23, 2016

Posted on October 23, 2016

Today was an exciting day in my household! It was GIFT BOX PREPARATION DAY!

I originally hoped to mail ten boxes, but due to the incredible amount of kind donations, this number has increased to a potential TWENTY-FIVE BOXES!

Due to the additional boxes, and unexpected weight of the products, I have increased our fundraising page to 450AUD. This will allow us to mail the full twenty-five boxes (my savings included) and possibly an additional box or two.

If you are able to donate any SMALL amount, it would be greatly appreciated. All money donations go straight towards the packaging and shipping of ONE full box of gifts to someone suffering from a debilitating Chronic Illness.

It would be great if we could mail the full twenty-five boxes!

I am still collecting product donations until the first week of November, so if you would like to help, please email me at

[email protected]

To have a closer look at our company collaborations, please look at our Instagram page:

You are in a unique position to pass on kindness

C xo

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