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Winkie Pratney Medical & Family Living Expenses (Winkie Pratney)
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The Story

Winkie Pratney is a world renowned and much loved evangelist and speaker who has touched countless lives with both his speaking and books over many years. He has served with seeming unstoppable vigor for many years, and speaks of himself as the world's oldest teenager :). He is loved by all who know him and will not ask for help, so I am asking for him with the permission of his wife and son.

A few weeks ago Winkie suffered a stroke and seizures while on a speaking tour in Houston, Texas. This has left him with a blood clot in his brain and mobility issues in his right arm and hand. While he is doing remarkably better, he spent 7 days in hospital in Houston (approx USD$35,000) and the ongoing medical expenses are about USD$1000 a month. There is some hope for hospital bills to be reduced but that will not be confirmed for a few months. It has also meant his speaking engagements for the remainder of the trip and possibly longer have been cancelled which is the primary means of income for the family. 

In addition to this, the family has been advised that their home in East Texas is no longer fit to live in due to multiple issues, most caused by wide-spread water damage. This is being reviewed by builders, but whether extensive repairs or replacement becomes the answer, costs are prohibitive. Meanwhile, they need to temporarily PATCH that home (USD$3,500), to make sure it survives until such a time as those repairs can be done or they can find a new place to live.

I am sending this out to help with expenses for the family during this time and in the transition back to NZ at the end of this month. As there will be some time needed for recovery, help is greatly needed.

Prayers are also much appreciated, and please help us spread the word through sharing this campaign with friends and family around the world. The amount being raised through this is just a starting figure, monthly support will also be needed and the goal may be adjusted as more information comes through re: the hospital bills and house.

This is one of a few ways to give, you can also donate directly in NZ and the US through tax deductible means, though please note information below regarding this:
  • In the US go to note these donations can only be applied to the Pratney's direct expenses and not passed on to them as cash.) Donors giving via must "Write a note" on their PayPal donation that says "Pratney Family Fund" (or some other thing specifying where they want the money to go) otherwise the money will be considered available to any of the volunteers at MOH.
  • For NZ donations gifts can be made through this site or through Communication Foundation. 
  • If you would like more information on these channels please message me privately and I will send more information.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 6, 2017

Posted on April 6, 2017

Update from William,

Yesterday (April 6), Winkie had his 1st proper neurological assessment since returning to New Zealand in November. We learned a number of things. 

1. Winkie is fortunate to be alive.  Approx 30% of patients with his type of condition die as a result of it. 

2. Since Winkie has had no further seizures following the ones he had in hospital, he at a much lower risk of having another one in the future. (Yea!) 

3. There is a chance he could be on the road driving once again with clearance from his GP and some tests. 

4. The doctor said he would not recommend Winkie travel by plane without someone with him, however flying would not be detrimental to his health, provided he remain on his meds. This will not however mean he can get insurance to travel - something still to be addressed.

5. The doctor has recommended he continue his anti-seizure medication indefinitely (i.e. for life). 

6. He also noted symptoms of brain damage from the strokes. Fae and William are still discovering the depth of impact the combined strokes have now had on him. 

7. His hands both have a noticeable tremor now. We learned from the neurologist that this is NOT related to Parkinson's disease (yea!) On the downside, he said that this type of tremor can increase in severity and begin to affect a person with it LIKE Parkinson's over DECADES. However, that level of severity is potentially another decade away, as Winkie's first tremor began in 2007 while in hospital in South Korea. All things considered, Winkie is very fortunate and doing well! :)
Thank you for your prayers! 

Posted on February 20, 2017

Posted on February 20, 2017

From the Pratney Family:
Great news! We received a letter that seems to indicate Winkie's hospital bill from October 2016 has been covered by the emergency Medicaid we applied for. I'm told this may not be finally confirmed until the end of 2017. Recovery takes time and Winkie recognises he will no longer be able to keep the itinerant traveling ministry schedule he once did. We face a number of big decisions this year and really need the Lord's specific guidance and help. Please continue to pray for us as the Lord brings us to mind. A new season is upon Winkie and us as a family and ministry and Winkie's schedule will need to be reduced going forward. We also recognise he's going to need some kind of travel or medical insurance for future international trips. Suggestions are welcome. Long-time national and international friends and ministries continue to visit us here in Auckland. Thanks to everyone who continue to support us both in prayer and financially. God bless. 

Posted on January 11, 2017


Posted on January 11, 2017

Thank you for all your help and prayers, please see the Pratney's latest family update

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Winkie Pratney Medical & Family Living Expenses

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