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The Story

If you've ever been to Virgin Gorda, you know how special it is.  Hurricane Irma has damaged so much of this community's infrastructure.  We are only now finding out what is happening.  To get ahead of this and help immediately, please assist us with the efforts to provide supplies and assistance to those affected.  All funds will be provided to those who need it the most in supplies and shipping costs.  
It will take more than this $500K to help but we have to start somewhere.  Please help with anything you can.  I promise you that it will be provided to help pick up the community of Virgin Gorda that we all love so much.  
Thank you!

NOTE:  I can promise you this will be used 100% for the community of Virgin Gorda - as a business owner on Virgin Gorda and a resident for over 14 years, your donations are in honest, loving hands.  - Casey McNutt

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 23, 2017


Posted on October 23, 2017

Update October 23, 5:00pm

Good Afternoon!!  My apologies for going so long between updates!  Thank you for continuing to follow us and the progress of Virgin Gorda - not to mention your amazing support from the very beginning.  Next week will be the final update on this page and all updates will be shifted to our VGROC team on the Facebook page (Virgin Gorda Relief Supply Fund).  Additionally, we will be stopping donations on this site and directing them to - it's time to move from our relief and recovery into a rebuild stage!  We couldn't be more excited of the progress made that YOU have helped support!  

As for an on island update, I traveled again to Virgin Gorda last Wednesday to do a general check in with my own business as we start to plan our own rebuild.  I did get some time to visit with so many friends and see the progress.  So many things to share!

- More power being restored!  Now many houses up in the Princess Quarters area are receiving new poles and lines.  Transformer oil has been finally cleared from Customs and being delivered to continue restoring power.  After a meeting with the Premier 2 weeks ago, the supplies for power seem to be at easier access - communication is still challenged but getting better each day!

- We are hearing more and more from our sister islands and while some of this info is subject to change, it's a great start!  Check out this GREAT site to keep you posted with newsletters - - it's full of wonderful information.  A few of you have asked specifically about these places:  Cooper Island Beach Club - open at Easter, Soggy Dollar Bar - open now during the rebuild, Scrub Island - attempting to open the marina at Christmas.

- Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor Marina - as of last week - was a bit tough to get solid info from.  I spoke to the managers and do know that the majority of the staff have been laid off for the time being.  They have arranged to begin salvage operations on the marina and boats in the water.  As a business owner in the marina, I also have a strong interest in this and I'll do my best to update you.  We know that the Investment Club that owns them has suffered lots of loss and it must be quite tough to go through all of this and organize the future.  

- Water plant still being worked on in North Sound - power is an issue but I'm working on getting more info.  

Thank you so much for your support for the last 7 weeks!  So much has happened!  We are grateful beyond words for all you've done and continue to do.  Now it's time for us to pull up our bootstraps and get it in shape for your visit!  



Posted on October 13, 2017


Posted on October 13, 2017

Update Oct 13th, 8:00am

Good Morning and Friday the 13th!!  Don't step on any cracks today ;)

I am happy to be able to send you more updates after a very productive and incredibly quick 3 hour trip to VG yesterday!  I've posted photos of my trip on the VG Relief Supply Fund Facebook page - please check it out!  What you'll see is a lot of damage still being worked on but SO much work being done too!  New roofs going on villas, businesses, and private homes.  The Virgin Gorda employees from the power company along with some 20-30 volunteers and community helpers are working tirelessly to supply power.  Keep in mind that ALL of the power on VG at this time is by the efforts of the community members and the island's power employees who took it upon themselves to set up our own grid by rigging generators and feeding lines from there.  The Spanish Town water plant is operational and pumping water (photos of it are on our Facebook post).  North Sound's water plant is cleaned up and ready for power (according to Vern Wheatly in a meeting yesterday) which is challenging with the damaged lines.  North Sound is working hard and probably the area in VG in the most need of assistance from the BVI Government (in my opinion).  Your amazing outpouring to VG has provided VGROC the opportunity to support other islands - Anegada is receiving aid from VG and the excess clothing and supplies are being donated to those who are far less fortunate in Dominica.

Yesterday afternoon, a group from VGROC came to a meeting with the Premier, Dr. Smith at the airport.  I had the pleasure of being in this meeting and listening to the volunteers for VGROC tell him what they need and how much they want to be a part of the solution to work with the government.  Transitions after this can be challenging and the Premier thanked VGROC for being so successful for organizing Virgin Gorda and all of their efforts.  He also stated that he would ensure a cooperative forward movement as the BVI Government gets back online.  Major efforts are being made by the community of VG to get schools online.  Donations of books, bags, school supplies, and teaching materials are helping to get public and private schools mobilized.  The damages to the public schools is significant and is being addressed by both the Ministry of Education and the concerned community members.  Student and teacher safety should be the most important concern as mold is a significant problem.

There are challenges too - lots of clearing still needs to happen - trash is piling up in some places because it is hard to get trucks to take the debris to the dump.  Unfortunately, it is collecting around the Savannah Bay area in very large piles.  The VG Airport was closed for a few days due to the Customs and Immigration employees not feeling the space was adequate to work out of.  VGROC has spent countless hours volunteering to get this space prepared for ASSI and again so that Customs and Immigration employees will come to work.   THANK YOU to that team of volunteers for working so hard!

Speaking of Customs and Immigration:  Now that they are getting back to work and re-establishing the usual systems, you should know that regardless of your intent to assist or volunteer or if you have a home or other interest in the BVI, you could run into challenges with these offices.  If you have a work permit, residential status, or Landholders permit - it is recommended that you go ahead and purchase a return ticket and have it with you.  Even though this is legally not required, there has been some missinterpretation of these laws that are hanging up good samaritans.   Communication about the volunteer programs between the Ministry of Health (for professional volunteers with legal entry to work for clinics and hospitals) and these departments is not very clear and some of you amazing people are running into challenges.  Please know that you are appreciated by everyone in the community and these frustrations are being voiced publicly and worked out as fast as possible.  Thank you for your patience!

The island is going GREEEEEN!  There have been weather systems moving across the islands making is quite soggy but has filled cisterns and brought out new buds of gorgeous green leaves and grass!  Yesterday was STUNNING!  The water was insanely clear and beautiful and the hillsides are recovering.  The island has made such wonderful positive strides in the first 5 weeks after this tragedy.  Now we are fully in our recovery and rebuilding stage.  We will be better than ever and all because of your help and support!  Words cannot express our thanks for what you have facilitated.  All we can do is show you soon what we've done because of it and show you the time of your life on the little rock that you helped to put back together.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

~ Casey

Posted on October 10, 2017


Posted on October 10, 2017

Update Oct 10th, 4:45pm

Happy Tuesday!  We hope you have all enjoyed a great start to the week!  Some nasty weather rolled across the BVI over the last couple of days... but it would never dampen the spirits of our islanders!  Thank you again for all you've done both here with the fund, with our Amazon list, and your well wishes and thoughts.  

VGROC has been very busy - aid flowing in well and some things getting back to a new "normal".  While it's not much, we thought you'd like to know what's going on on VG!

VG and Anegada airports now open for commercial business.

The Elderly home, and the supermarkets now have power.

Speedy's ferry is now running to Road Town twice each day - not just to Trellis Bay.

North Sound Water Plant is currently being repaired.

Leverick Bay and Olde Yard restaurants are open for business.  Fischers Cove, Saucez, and Bath & Turtle/Chez have already been open.  

ScotiaBank fully open and First Caribbean hopefully opens soon (there seems to be some internet issues that they need worked out).

I'm traveling there again on Thursday and will try to get more detailed updates.  We thank you so much for all you're doing.  Your funds have already gone to so many good works - just yesterday we paid a fuel bill for generators for people and the trucks that are delivering aid around the island.   YOU did that.  Thank you!

Yours in irie vibes xx


*Photo - Laura Fox sent this to me.  It speaks 1000 words.  At first I cried a little.  Clinton and Sarah are friends and I've known them for over 14 years.  It breaks my heart to know what they've lost.  But then a smile broke across my face because I know how much love you and our island friends have for them and we will all pick each other up and carry them in our thoughts and hug them when we see them.  This photo is of Clinton and Sarah Buckell sitting on the remains of their house enjoying the sunrise.  Smiling.  True VG Spirit!  #VGSTRONG  #ONELOVE

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