Help needed to cover medical expenses for Elango mother.

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Help needed to cover medical expenses for Elango mother. (Vijayalakshmi Ramamoorthy)
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The Story

My friend Elango's mother got contracted with community acquired pneumonia (triggered by Influenza) and that led her to congestive heart failure last December and has been hospitalized in US since. During the treatment, Doctors diagnosed that she also suffered renal failure(kidney). From then, she has been going through Hemo Dialysis process. She needed ventilator support because of Pneumonia. After weaning from the ventilator(Extubation), she was not able to breathe on her own as fluid started accumulating in the lungs. Doctors had to remove the excess fluid from the lungs using CRRT(Continuous Renal replacement therapy). To help her breathe, they are currently using BIPAP. If the condition worsens, they may have to do Tracheostomy(a surgically made hole that goes through the windpipe in the neck). All the treatments are being done in ICU.

All the treatments are towards stabilizing her health condition and once she stabilizes, we intend to fly her in an Air Ambulance(if required) to India, so she could continue her treatment there. Cost of Air Ambulance from US to India is around $130,000.

As a visitor to the US, she currently has only Visitor Insurance which provides restricted coverage. We have setup this youcaring page, to help fund all the above expenses of Elango and family. Please donate towards Elango's mother recovery.

Also, please share with your friends.

Thank you for your generosity.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 4, 2017

Posted on May 4, 2017

Update – 05/04/2017 @ 2:00pm

Good news. Elango’s mom has safely reached Chennai, India on Monday 05/01/2017.

Elango's mom reached Chennai, India, with the help of Medical Escort, on a commercial flight. With God's blessing, Elango’s mom was able to overcome Acute Respiratory failure, followed by Kidney issues, and was able to go back to her home in India. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your prayers and support.

After reaching Chennai, Elango’s mom met her doctor in Chennai, and was kept under observation for one day in the hospital and discharged home, asking to follow up after one week. The doctor back in India, is looking to evaluate her Kidney function, with the help of medicines, and also looking to see the possibility of avoiding Hemo Dialysis. We will have to wait and see, on the progress she makes with the new treatment plan. Reaching India, and meeting her doctors back in India, has got her medical condition under control. Thanks for all your prayers and support in getting her back to India.

It was a long and tough journey for the Elango’s family, and with God’s grace, community support, and with the help of some excellent doctors, Elango’s mom was able to fight this battle and was able to reach home safe.

I'll be closing this fund raising account in a day or two. 

Thank you once again, for everyone involved!!

Posted on April 19, 2017

Posted on April 19, 2017

Update - 04/18 @ 9:00pm

Elango's mom was discharged from the hospital last Thursday (04/13) evening. Our sincere thanks to everyone for the support and prayers.

Her vital signs are stable! and the hospital decided to discharge her, to go home, with the following recommendations/treatment plans.

  • Continue to do Hemo Dialysis 3 days a week (Mon- Wed-Fri).
  • Have Hospital Bed, Hoyer Lift etc. at home, to support her with mobility.
  • Have Care giver & Physiotherapist to build strength so she can stand and walk again.

We have arranged all of the above support for now at home, until she fly back to India. As Hemo Dialysis and Care giver support are very expensive without insurance for visitors (~$2000/week), we got in touch with Medical Air Transportation firm based in Tempe, and currently she is tentatively scheduled to fly back on 04/21/2017. The transportation firm have been monitoring her health condition for the last two weeks, and are confident, they can transport, if everything with her health stays the same.

Out of hospital, all medical expenses has been out of pocket, and this is in addition to the expenses to fly her back to India (transportation cost is $34K). Please share this message with your friends as every contribution helps!!

As always, we need all your prayers for her to get back to India safe. We will keep you posted.

Posted on April 1, 2017

Posted on April 1, 2017

Update - 03/31 @ 7:00pm

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your generosity and sharing the information with your friends.

Good news is that, Elango's mom has moved out of ICU, into floor status, on 03/28 evening.

Current Medical Status:
Delirium (acute confusional state) continues to be the major issue, slowing down overall progress.
• Going through Hemo Dialysis every day.
• Staying off the BIPAP most of the time (except during sleep), and using O2 otherwise.
• Continuing to get food through the tube through her nose.

Next Steps / Treatment plan:
• Doctors starting to conduct swallow test on her, so she can transition from tube feed to eating.
• Physio Therapy starting to work on her, with the goal of getting her out of bed, and stand on her feet.
• With more time, and getting back to follow routine, doctors are hoping to see improvements on her delirium.

At the time of discharge, she will have to go for 3days/week scheduled dialysis, and the recommendation is to go to REHAB facility, for recuperation. The visitors insurance does not cover outpatient dialysis (cost ~$1500/week) and REHAB/skilled nursing facility costs. The better option would be to get her back to India at the earliest possible window, when she is stable enough for the flight, rather than recuperate here in the US.

Based on her medical condition, Flying with Medical escorts with necessary medical support, is the only option getting her back to India. We are in contact with few Medical Air ambulance agencies, and we are looking at ~$70,000, to fly her back to India with Medical support.

At this point, every contribution helps in covering Elango’s mom medical expenses. We request you to continue sharing with your friends, WhatsApp groups, Facebook timeline, Twitter.

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Help needed to cover medical expenses for Elango mother.

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