Hurricane Harvey Relief for Victoria R

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The Story

Hi Friends! A fellow sex blogger, Victoria, needs our help.  Just as Victoria (a single mom of three kids) was arriving at a really good place in her life, and about to start a new job, Harvey hit. Like many in Houston she doesn't have insurance that will cover all of her losses. There's FEMA, but that's going to take time - weeks, perhaps months. Victoria and her kids are currently living with one of Victoria's co-workers, but in order for her to get to work she needs to place her children with their grandparents temporarily, until Victoria can secure housing. She has no family in Texas.

Because of Hurricane Harvey Victoria lost her car and their apartment. She'll have to find a new place to live and replace the furniture and the car. I'm hoping to raise $5,000 for her in addition to the $350 that was privately contributed to her via Paypal before I created this fundraiser. The sooner we can get her monetary help the sooner she can get back to re-building a safe, stable life.  Note: This fundraiser is using PayPal, and donations are going directly to Victoria.

Victoria started blogging early this year at to "celebrate sexual liberation, empowerment, open expression, and new feminism. We raise awareness on social and health concerns. We explore our sexuality, both anatomically and psychologically. We bring sex out of the darkness of secret and shame. We recognize the connection between sex and spirituality." The sex blogging community simply doesn't have enough voices of color and Victoria's contribution is so important. But this fundraiser isn't about her work, it's about helping a fellow sexual freedom fighter recover from Hurricane Harvey.

Any blogger or educator will have their link on my blog's sidebar ( for 6 months* as a thank-you to donating $25 or more. I am asking companies to donate at least $50 to get a link. Anyone donating over $100 will appear first on the list and with a link in bold and the section will be noted as "extra special thanks to" AND will be noted in a blogpost on my site as we reach 75% funding.

You're helping out one of our own and getting an absolute bargain on advertising. 

ALSO: Ducky Doolittle, sex educator and sex toy company whisperer, has also offered the same free text link advertising on her blog ( 

(Please note: if you choose to donate anonymously, you're anonymous to me as well. You can put in any name you want, it doesn't have to be the name on your Paypal account. If your link doesn't appear on my site within 24 hours, please reach out via email with your details)

* This 6-month time frame was decided upon at the beginning of the fundraiser and noted on my blog that links would be active through March, 2018. No matter when someone donates, the links would only be on my site through March. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 7, 2017

Posted on September 7, 2017

Thanks to everyone who has donated, we're at 25% funded! Our continued donations are making a big difference since they are immediately available to Victoria who is currently without transportation and is relying on Uber. She's trying to find a car to purchase which is proving difficult since so many others are also trying to buy and rent cars. If anybody has a lead on an affordable used car she could purchase, please contact us! 

Victoria is also battling with the insurance/FEMA for updates and progress, and we have no idea when she'll receive help from them. 

Please continue to periodically share this fundraiser with your friends and followers - every effort helps! I believe all links have been added to my blog but if I have missed anyone, please email me! 


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Hurricane Harvey Relief for Victoria R

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