Life Air Compact Disc to Save Lives

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Life Air Compact Disc to Save Lives (Value Retail Group)
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The Story

The Life Air Compact Disc is designed to save lives of kids and pets locked in hot cars. 
Our device uses a thermal sensor to detect the presence of kids and animals in hot cars.  The thermal sensor uses body heat to tell the difference between a small child and a bag of laundry sitting on the back seat of the car.  When the temperature inside the vehicle rises, the device sends a small electrical charge to the cooling gel ring inside.  A fan over the cooling gel ring pushes cool air, similar to an air conditioning, out the top cap and vents on the sides of the device.  The Compact Disc uses battery and solar power and works even when the car's engine is turned off.  Pets and kids inside the car get cool air relief until their parents return to the vehicle.  Advanced models will also send a text message to Parents letting them know the Life Air Compact Disc has been switched on inside the car.  (Hopefully, so they will return to their vehicles faster to help their kids and pets.)

The Life Air Compact Disc has an adhesive strip in the back, so it can be positioned anywhere inside the vehicle.  Parents can install more than one for maximum protection of their kids and pets.  Cars overheat at night and even when they are not parked in direct sunlight.  Parents get busy and time passes quickly when you are out shopping or running errands with the kids.  The Life Air Compact Disc is an additional tool to help keep your loved ones safe. 

And the device will work on school buses, especially during the hot month of August when kids are going back to school.  Some school districts use older school buses to transport kids to school and summer camp.  Many of these older buses don't have a working air conditioner, so the kids sweat riding to and from school.  Installing a Life Air Compact Disc over every seat and row on older buses or in older passenger vans can keep kids safe and provide comfort while they are traveling to and from home, church or other community events.

The Life Air Compact Disc has so many uses including cooling a workshop or old toolshed in the back of the house, or cooling a doghouse in the backyard.  Once you buy the Compact Disc, you will find a thousand uses for it around the home as well as the car.  So we're asking you to help us build this important device.  Your money will go into research and testing for the device.  We need to test the right thermal sensors and batteries before we build this great device.  And we need to properly test it in the lab, before and during the manufacturing process to make sure everything is running smoothly.  Lab fees and test equipment costs money, so we are asking for your support today.

Review the important graphics and video we have included with this presentation and share them with your friends.  Life Air is not the total solution, but it can save lives.  Join us today and thanks for your support!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 26, 2017

Posted on May 26, 2017

Hey to all our friends over at Crowdfunding for checking out our post.  Please contribute today and tell your friends.  We really appreciate your support.  And visit our post frequently as we document this amazing journey! #lifeaircompactdisc #saveslives #savepets #hotcars #twitter #fb

Posted on May 24, 2017


Posted on May 24, 2017

As you guys know we have been trying to raise money to build a device to help save the lives of children and pets trapped in hot cars.  We haven't had any success yet, but we wanted to share another important opportunity with you.  Deia and Conrad the Directors and Producers over at Bootstraps are doing an important campaign to give people a basic income of $250 a week for 2 years to help ordinary people improve their lives.  They are doing a fund raiser on a separate network and need your support.  Below is text from their recent email.  We don't benefit from this financially, but since we know the crowd on YouCaring have generous hearts we thought we might pass this along.

If you can spread the word about Deia and Conrad's important campaign and give a little.  It will help someone else get back on their feet!  Cheers to Deia and Conrad for their great effort and thanks for reading this post.

"Thank you for reaching out.  Can you join in? Already, we've raised enough for a basic income for two years for one participant, but after months of working at it. We're everyday struggling people doing this on faith and credit cards at the moment, in the same boat as most of the rest of the country, and we'll need all the help we can to do this right. We'll need a lot of people to step up and take part with us. So will you help make this thing real?

Here are 3 pretty simple things (all very powerful) you can do now to help it happen (and get an extra shot at a basic income):

1) Contribute something (anything) to the pilot fund at Any amount and we’ll put you on the mailing list, which gets you an extra chance to win the UBI drawing and be in the film (details below). The more the merrier, of course, but any amount, even $5, seriously, helps us become more and more legit in the eyes of the public, get media write-ups like the ones that pointed you here, etc, because number of supporters means a lot in the public perception. Also, it’s tax deductible, because we’re working through a nonprofit.

2) Please follow and help us spread the word! Ask your friends and family to join in, too! Shares (we'll have new content every day on Facebook and Twitter), posts, personal emails, whatever you're comfortable with. We need to build a grassroots army, and if you and everyone else who has applied joined in and brought some friends, we’d become a formidable one together without having to pray for some wealthy donor to swoop in and pay for it all. We're shooting for $50K first, at which point we'll do a drawing, then raise our target to $100K and do it all again. So the more we raise, the more drawings we’ll do, the more chances for you to win. The total target is half a million dollars, so you can understand why we need your help. None of us could ever dream of pulling it off, but an army can make it happen without breaking a sweat.

3) Get on the mailing list yourself at Every $50K we raise, we'll do a drawing from our mailing list and the winner will get to be a participant in the film and receive the full UBI (or give the opportunity to someone of their choosing, they just have to be American and willing to be filmed).

In love and solidarity,

Deia and Conrad
Directors/Producers at Bootstraps

Posted on May 17, 2017

Posted on May 17, 2017

Thanks for checking out our fundraiser.  If you want more information, please visit our website at:  And be sure to tell your friends!

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Life Air Compact Disc to Save Lives

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