Fifty Feral Felines to Fix

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Fifty Feral Felines to Fix (Union City Street Cats)
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The Story

Anita feeds feral cats in Union City, NJ. Two years ago she started feeding one colony of 4 cats behind her office, and then someone told her about 5 starving cats a block away and she started feeding them, and then a colony of 10 cats lost their feeder so she started feeding them, and goes on and on. She had done as much TNR as she could in the past, and she has taken in and found homes for many friendly cats and kittens. At one point she was feeding 70 (!) cats, but a large colony succumbed to poisoning by local cat haters, and she now feeds about 50 cats every day, which costs her $850 per month out of her own pocket, an expense she can barely afford and yet she cannot/will not abandon these cats and leave them to starve. Because she loves them. As cats have come and gone in these colonies, she now has many that need to be fixed, but with 50 feral felines to feed every single day, she is unable to afford to do this on her own. Anita estimates that over the past 2 years she has spent over $10,000 on food and medical care for these colonies. 

This is Anita's story. We wish we could tell you that this is not that common, that there is not an epidemic of unfixed street cats due to human negligence and ignorance, but we cannot. The simple truth is, there are many other stories like this one, and thousands of street cats to fix. The numbers are daunting, but we must start somewhere and so we are starting here. This fundraiser is to help fix fifty (or more) street cats; the more funds we raise, the more cats we can help. Every penny raised from this fundraiser will go directly towards TNR. 

The cost of spay/neuter with ear tip and rabies vaccination for ferals at
People for Animals is...........$55

The cost for spay/neuter, vaccination, and combo test for adoptable cats at
People for Animals is..........$138

There is also the occasional cost for unexpected medical issues.

Trap-Neuter-Return not only reduces feral cat populations, but also improves the lives of feral cats. TNR is a proven method by which stray and feral cats are humanely trapped, then evaluated, vaccinated for rabies, and neutered by veterinarians. Kittens and friendly cats are adopted into good homes, and feral cats are returned to live in their outdoor homes, under the watch of voluntary caregivers. TNR works. The breeding stops. Populations are gradually reduced. The annoying behaviors of breeding cats, like yowling, fighting and spraying, stop. The cats are vaccinated against disease, and they are fed on a regular schedule. This ongoing care creates a safety net for both the cats and the community.

Union City Street Cats is a small group of dedicated volunteers who have come together to support Union City's free-roaming cats and their human caretakers. Every penny of every donation received from this fundraiser will go toward the fixing of (at least) fifty feral (and friendly) free-roaming felines. Please help us help them.


  • Volunteer to help with a TNR project.
  • Become a foster to a friendly cat or kitten while we find forever homes.
  • Become a feeder - help one of our dedicated colony caretakers.
  • Donate food from our Amazon Wish List.
  • Do you have a car? We could use help with food distribution and transporting cats.
  • Do you have connections with or own a place where cats that need relocation due to extremely dangerous living conditions can go to live that is safe, dry, and warm and provides food, water and appropriate shelter? Feral cats can be placed in warehouses, nurseries, greenhouses, horse barns/stables, garages, or with a private individual that wants outside cats and is willing to take proper care of them. In return, they promise to keep your space free of rodents!
If you have a business with a storefront or public access:
  • Can you help with food and donation collection? A small space for storage of food drop-offs or some space on your counter for a donation jar? 
  • Do you have enough sidewalk space out front, where we could set up a table in warmer weather to do adoption events and food drives?
  • Do you have some inside space to set up cages/tables for adoption events and food drives in colder/inclement weather?
  • Can we post a flyer in your window?
For more information, send email to: [email protected]

Amazon Wish List
People for Animals (low cost spay/neuter)
ASPCA webinar: TNR and Colony Care
Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook

Please share this fundraiser on FB, twitter, email, and anywhere else you can think of. Help spread the word!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 24, 2016

Posted on June 24, 2016

We've gone kitten crazy! Trying to trap all the little ones we can while they are still young enough to socialize, so they can have a better life, not on the street but in a loving home. Today 6 were brought to PFA for vaccination, snap test, deworming/defleaing, next week another 4, maybe more if we can get them trapped. Moms and dads will also be trapped/TNR'd. If anyone would like to contribute to the vet bills we have piling up, we would be so grateful! No donation is too small and every penny will be used to help Union City street cats have better lives.

Posted on May 27, 2016

Posted on May 27, 2016


We have now exhausted the funds raised last month for fixing felines…but there are so many more felines to fix. Right now there is another cat that needs to be trapped ASAP and treated for URI prior to being fixed, and 7 others that we know about at the moment; they will be next. But we need your help.

Can you help us get the next group of ferals fixed? 

Posted on May 27, 2016

Posted on May 27, 2016

In the middle of all this, one of our colonies was threatened with poisoning and we needed to find someplace to relocate 6 feral felines. We found a great feral rescue in Connecticut and have transported half the colony so far. Costs for that project are being paid by the caretaker.

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Fifty Feral Felines to Fix

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