Save CHENNAI stray animals from DROWNING & STARVATION

For: Orgs - PFCI, Cattitude & Incare
Chennai, TN, India
Organizer: Roopa Rajaramadoss
Save CHENNAI stray animals from DROWNING & STARVATION (Orgs - PFCI, Cattitude & Incare)
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The Story
Chennai-India (old name: Madras) is a southern city in India which is currently submerged under water due to torrential downpours. We have witnessed a record breaking rainfall of over 41 inches which has claimed over 280 human lives and unknown number of animal lives!

While the government sponsored disaster relief in India focusses ONLY on helping with evacuation, providing shelter and food for displaced, and homeless HUMAN population, not many think about the innumerable stray dogs, cats, cattle, horses, and pigs that are STARVING and DROWNING in these floods.

The whole city is at a standstill. Sadly, the only transportation you see on the roads are boats! When the water level is chest-high, these strays do not stand a chance to overcome the floods on their own, do they?

Please think about the plight of these neglected stray animals and donate whatever you can to help them live thru another week:
a. They don't have a place to take shelter
b. Most drown
c. Many starve to death
d. Some are electrocuted
e. Most pets are abandoned in flooded homes

Many houses are waterlogged with garbage and debris, while snakes and other critters are floating around! Even the families that are being evacuated are being asked to leave behind their pets which regrettably many have to comply with.

There are two fantastic non-profit animal welfare organizations in Chennai. People for Cattle in India (PFCI) and Indian center for animal rights and education (INCARE). I am an ardent supporter of the two.

These past two weekends in November, PFCI organized a community feeding program to help feed the starving animals in flood affected areas. This program has helped feed more than 2000 animals and more. We need this program to continue until there is some semblance of normalcy.

The rain hasn’t stopped and the flood situation is becoming worse. PFCI is running out of funds to continue the community feeding. INCARE is helping many injured animals with medical care at this time.

My mission is to help save as many starving and drowning stray animals by giving them food, shelter and medical help. I am raising these funds to enable these two aforementioned organizations do what they do best - Save Animals!

Kindly join me in supporting this fundraiser. Whatever money is raised will be split evenly between these two organizations to enable disaster relief for animals. I can provide evidence of every penny reaching these organizations.

NO AMOUNT IS SMALL. The need of the hour is for you to rise to the occasion and help out these poor souls which no one cares about.

The stray animals thank you for your generous and kind spirit. 

Note: These two orgs cannot accept foreign funds directly due to the local laws. Which is the reason I am raising funds on my own which will eventually be transferred in INR to these orgs. If you can directly send from your Indian Bank accounts please feel free to donate directly.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 22, 2015

Posted on December 22, 2015

Hi All, 
I have made the money transfer to PFCI and Incare. Next up is Cattitude. I will be sharing the transfer information with you all via email. 

Posted on December 17, 2015

Posted on December 17, 2015

Dec 14

Thanks to all who so sincerely responded to our appeal for help with our Parasparam shelter. Looks like a couple of...

Posted by Cattitude on Monday, December 14, 2015

Posted on December 17, 2015

Posted on December 17, 2015

Dec 9:

Safa ( brought all the way back to Chennai from the UK by our senior volunteer Rasika ) has been helping Botsy collect...

Posted by Cattitude on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Save CHENNAI stray animals from DROWNING & STARVATION

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