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If you ask anyone that has knows me, they will tell you that I have always wanted to be a Pilot. I never thought it could be a reality until 11 years ago when I started this trek of making my dream come true. In early 2001, I was going thru a difficult time in my life. I decided to leave my life in NC behind, and headed to FL. I enrolled in a Flight School and began my dream of being a "Pilot". For the next two years a lot of sacrifices were made. My marriage of 5 yrs ended, I was separated from a chilld, who I love so much, and I had no income. In addition, the tragic events of "9-11" occured while I was in training. In March 2003 I left Flight School with 300 hrs (200 multi) and my "Commercial Pilot, Multi-Engine License w/Instrument Rating". That's the good news, the bad news is, "I haven't flown since".
This is the reason I'm asking for your help!  It takes money to be a Professional Commercial Pilot, "I have none". With your help, I want to go back to flight school to finish what I started. The following steps is what it will take for me to have an opportunity to get back in the "Cockpit":
Step 1:  Get Current
Step 2:  Stat training to be a "Flight Instructor" (upon completion I would be elegible to work as an instructor) this requires multiple levels - CFI, CFII, & MEII
Step 3:  Start building flight hours - the FAA is making it a requirement for new pilots to have approx. 1500 hrs (this makes me marketable for hire)
Step 4:  Look for opportunities

Since I left flight school in March 2003, I have tried to get my life back on track by working as hard as I can, thinking I could earn the money to pay for the necessary flight hours.  This has been impossible. All the while, due to a lack of finances, my dream of being a Pilot has been on the "back burner". Help me get back on track.
"I'm not ready to give up on my dream.  I can't do this without your help".  I know I can do this!  I need your Help" The amount I'm looking to raise is to cover training and living expenses (this will take as much time as I can devote). The window is closing, but there's still a small crack. Your help is greatly appeciated, and will never be forgotten. My promise to you, when we're able to make this happen is to "Pay it Forward"!  "I will reach back and help the next person that has a desire and need to make his/her dream come true"

Thanks and God Bless You!

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Keeping The Dream Alive - "I WANT TO FLY"

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