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The Story

Troy, Brandi and their family were on their way to Steamboat to celebrate Corban'ss 20th birthday when they hydroplaned and their truck rolled two and one-half times ejecting Troy and Corban.

Troy was flown to Salt Lake City, Utah with two fractures in his back, a compound fracture on his ankle and a tibia/fibia break on the other leg.  Troy will be in a wheelchair for at least three months, leaving him unable to work. Troy's parents are currently in Salt Lake with him.

Corban was flown to Grand Junction, CO. His mother, Brandi is staying in his room with him.  Corban has an Atlanto axial dislocation (his skull and spine are seperated). Corban received severe head trauma. They are comparing it to "shaken baby syndrome". Corban is still unresponsive at this time.

Neither Troy or Brandi are able to work  due to the accident. Troy will be out of work for an extended amount of time. Brandi is staying in Grand Junction with her son. The expense is going to be unreal for the both of them. 

We are hoping to help with costs incurred while staying in Grand Junction and for any unpaid bills during this time.

I hope you find it in your heart to donate any amount. I love that youcaring will add the cost they charge into the donation if you like; so it does not come out of the families pocket.

Please pray faithfully for these two men.  

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 8, 2017

Posted on August 8, 2017

Corban passed away this morning. He is in a better place now. No pain and no worries. Please lift his family up in prayer as they now deal with the loss of a child and a 

Posted on August 8, 2017

Posted on August 8, 2017

Troy was in surgery for 12 hours yesterday. They were able to repair the fractured ankle and the artery in the leg.  Today the doctors at the University of Utah Hospital were able to repair his tibia and they have faith that the fibula will heal on its own.  The fractures in Troy's back will be left to heal. They originally though he had up to 5 fractures. Thank God there were only two. Troy has been moved from the ICU today. My sister said Troy will be in a wheelchair for about 3 months.

Corban is still in rough shape.

Brandi says: His ICP'S (Intracranial Pressure) are looking good "currently", but it's been fluctuating since the accident. The neuro wants to wait on taking the "bolt" (ICP monitor) out of his head with the hopes his pressure will stay stable so that they can eventually remove it to get another MRI to see if he's progressing for the better or worse. MRI's are loud and very stimulating to the brain which may cause him stress and unneeded cranial pressure. His blood pressure, body temp, and heart rate are currently stable as well. He had a good body wipe down at 4:30 am, and lotion applied. He gets his mouth cleaned twice a day, and a number of other maintenance routines done every day and night. His urine looks good and not cream colored anymore. They're going to start him on nutrition either today or tomorrow. I can't recall why they haven't yet though. His coma glasgo score is a 6, if you're familiar with what that is.   I'm sure there's a good reason the nutrients haven't been introduced yet.

I was told that the peak swelling in the brain can occur 48-72 hours after injury. We're entering the 48 right now, and Corban's ICP'S are teetering between 11-14, which isn't bad because they want it below 20, but it is higher than its been. The manitol they gave him earlier usually brings it down under 10. Well it didn't this time. He has become pretty sensitive to sound this afternoon, so everything is kind of on super quiet mode right now, since they can only administer the manitol every six hours. Heart rate is in the lower 70's, and bp is 118/64.

Brandi has had people show up to pray with her and pray over Corban. This has been such a blessing to her. As we all know she is feeling pretty helpless at this time.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Posted on August 7, 2017

Posted on August 7, 2017

Corban has had a lot swelling on the brain today.  Brandi asked the nurse if increase in brain pressure is common, she said that it is BUT, she doesn't usually see it happen this early. Usually it's 4-6 days in. So that wasn't very good news. She gave him a 3% salt or saline solution (can't recall) and some manitol (a diuretic) and that brought his pressure back down.

Troy Was in surgery for over five hours today for his ankle. He will need surgery on his knee too. He still has the issues with the fractures in  his back. They are not telling him about Corban at this point. They want him to get through his surgeries first.

Please continue praying.

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