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The Story

God has brought the 5 of us together. We have good days and we have bad days. We argue and we praise. We cry together and we pray together. We know that we are meant to be a family but we need your help to make it official. 

On Misty's 33rd birthday she prayed and asked God to guide her to where He needed her.  He took her on a roller coaster of emotions over the next year, challenged her, opened doors, and pushed her when she needed to be pushed.  A year later we were a family of 5.  It is no accident that we are together. God has plans for the 5 of us that are bigger than any one of us could do on our own and we are so thankful for the opportunity to continue our journey as a forever family.  

We have worked with the lawyers and done what we can to keep the legal fees to a minimum, but the cost is adding up. With your help we can give the kids the sense of security we all deserve to have. We are willing to fight for them, to give all we have to keep them safe and show them love. Will you help us?

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 8, 2016

Posted on March 8, 2016

Nevaeh wrote a letter to explain what it feels like for a kid who is getting adopted.  She plans to share this letter with someone we know that hopes to adopt someday.  Her goal of the letter was to help adults understand how kids feel when they are getting adopted so that the adults can help the kids with their feelings. 

Dear future adoptive parent,

When I first moved in with my new parents I was sappy (sad and happy at the same time) because I missed my birth mom, but I knew that I would have a good life with my new parents. Cuddling with my teddy bears made me feel better. My favorite one is named Buddy. 

The day I found out that we were going to be adopted I cried because I missed my birth mom.  I was also really happy that I was going to keep living here. I like living here because my parents tuck me in and help me think about happy things when I have a bad dream.

Our family likes to watch movies, go to church, play games, and just spend time together as a family.  Spending time together as a family is the most important.  Going to church is second. 

Since I started living here I have learned a lot of new things like how to make Rice Krispy treats, how to take care of a guinea pig, and lots more stuff. 

My dad likes to play teddy bears with me.  My mom likes to cuddle and teach me new things. 

To be a good adoptive parent you have to have enough money and enough food and non-violent movies. 

When we get adopted we are going to take the whole day off from school and work and just spend the whole day hanging out as a family because family is the most important thing. 

Posted on February 7, 2016

Posted on February 7, 2016

Only 86 more days until the adoption!!!  It's time for us to get an official countdown calendar in the Thieman house!!  

We are working on using the terms "Mom" and "Dad" more often at home.  It's a big adjustment for all of us, but one we are excited about.  It takes time to train our brains to stop saying Misty and Troy.  

I asked younger two to tell me what people need to know about our upcoming adoption.  

"You guys take care of me very good. You give us a lot of chances.  You take us to church and now we know about God and Jesus." -Nevaeh

"You care about us and you are kind and awesome!" -Issac

Posted on November 7, 2015

Posted on November 7, 2015

We received a letter from the lawyer today requesting another $750. This is their estimate on what will be needed to complete everything that will be required in the next 6 months.  

Thank you for helping us reach this goal!

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