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The Story

Dear ones, thank you for taking time to read my story! I am seeking help to pay for the next part of my journey unfolding as a holistic healer and spiritual leader in our community. Through my work with the natural world and sitting with a traditional healing elder, I have received the calling to become a Weather Worker -- a person who develops relationships with the Weather Beings -- in the tradition of the Nahua people in Mexico.   

In order to pursue this calling, I need to raise a bit of money.   I am happy to work for it, and you can certainly book a Massage or Reiki session with me, or call on me as a hospice caregiver, if you are in the Portland area.  I am also willing to receive financial gifts. 

How Can You Help?

Any amount that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated! The amount I am asking for will support my journey, will help to cover the cost of the initiation ceremony, cover the cost of the ceremonial fiesta for the day of my crowning.  Your generous support will also help to cover the cost of my offering items and ceremonial items, and will help us with our mortgage payment for the time I will be away and unable to generate income during my training.

I am very grateful for your support!  If you want to learn more about this calling, or want to hear some of my story, please read on.  You are also welcome to simply donate, if you have already heard my story in person.  Just scroll up and click the donate button with the heart.  Many thanks for your generous support!  Any amount you are able to offer will be received with gratitude!

What is a Weather Worker?

This type of work may be new to you.  In the Nahua tradition, a Granicero(a) is crowned, or initiated, at the beginning of their training, and then they learn while "on the job".  I will have my crowning ceremony at the end of April and spend two weeks learning from my friends and family in this tradition.  My work with the Storm Bringers, Givers of Rain and our glorious Sun will begin immediately, and our relationship will develop over time.   

Who Am I?   

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Practitioner.  I offer Holistic Care in my Private Practice --  Song of the Dancing Heart.  I offer Women's Fires and Drum Circles in Gresham, just east of Portland, and am an active member of several spiritual circles here in the Pacific Northwest. You may know me from the Sacred Fire Community, from one of the beautiful Christian Churches I have provided pastoral care in, or from our time together while I cared for your child as their nanny, or for your elder in their hospice time.  If you are just meeting me online, let me tell you a little of my story.

Nature Lover -- I have always been fascinated with the revelations of Divine Love found through relationship with the natural world. I see, hear and tangibly feel the compassion, nurturing and support of Divine through the tiniest creatures and plants, in the winds and in the great powerful movements of our ever-shifting weather patterns. Whenever I am looking for guidance or asking for direction with decision-making, I connect with the natural world.  I watch the heavens, listen to the winds and notice colors, patterns and movements in the plant and animal life for the wisdom that I need. Having deep relationship with the natural world is an integral part of my spirituality.

Christ-Tree Roots -- I was born into, and raised within, a multi-faceted Christian tradition. I honor my spiritual heritage and treasure the sacred stories which still bring guidance and wisdom in my life.  I have received training as a Christian minister, received my Master’s degree, and served in congregations from several different branches of the Christ-tree.  I am open to the wisdom and guidance found in other traditions as well.

Nurtured by Sacred Story -- I have always been captivated by, and grateful for, the sacred stories and songs from local tribes and our neighboring lands. I delight in the old ways of connecting through music and storytelling, the offering of sacred substances in ceremony, and in gathering around the Sacred Fire. I hear Divine Wisdom through many spiritual traditions.   This year, while exploring dreams, visions and experiences with a spiritual mentor, I was invited into a tradition of the Nahua people in Mexico who work in a sacred way with the Weather and Storm Bringers. 

Branching Outward -- In the Spring, I plan to receive initiation into this Wisdom Path of our neighbors to the south. This will begin a life-long commitment of developing relationship with the Weather Beings through ceremony, song and beautiful offerings of gratitude.  Through my dreaming and through encounters with people who are a part of this path, I feel deeply connected already, and yet, in some ways, it feels that my journey is only just beginning.   

Returning to our Roots and Mother Earth -- All of our ancestors used to live in ways that were deeply connected to the natural world. I have been called to learn and to listen to the voices from the past through tribal peoples who are still connected to their ancestral ways. For me, this melds beautifully with the Christ-following tradition I was born into and raised with. Some of my linguistic expression and semantics may have shifted over the years, but the heart of my calling into Divine Service and Love remains the same.   

So, Who Am I? -- I am a Healer and Ceremonial Leader at heart. My life’s work is inviting people into Divine Relationship through my expressions of art, music, compassionate care, therapeutic touch, energetic work and writing. I believe that this learning from the Nahua people will fulfill some of the dreams, visions and experiences I have had since I was a very young child. And I believe that this path will bring focus and vibrancy to the healing work and spiritual journey I am already bringing to the world. I look forward to sharing this journey with you, to whatever degree you desire to walk with me. There is, of course, more to share in my story; but this is a good beginning.

Does this Call to You? Are you ready to Help?

Your donations will help to provide what I need to create sacred space for our people here, and to say thank you in a special way for our Rains, our Sun, our Winds and the whole Family of Beings who work together to sustain life here on our Beloved Mother Earth.

My dear friend, Sharon, has written about her calling into this Wisdom and Healing path. I invite you to read her story here: 15 Years a Weather Worker. My friend, Erin, also writes about the importance of this work. She shares about the need for this expression of healing in our world today. You can read her letter here: The Voice of Weather.  

Thank you for your Generosity!   


Trista Wynne

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 27, 2018


Posted on April 27, 2018

***Update: 04/27/2018 -- I have received a large portion of my funding through people like you scheduling massage or sending checks in the mail. Thank you!  I leave tomorrow with all that I need in hand for my training!  If you donate beyond this date, it will help me to pay the portions that I charged on my cards in preparation for the journey.  Thank you for your generosity!!!***

Posted on April 24, 2018


Posted on April 24, 2018

This Saturday I depart for Mexico! I'm almost to my goal, friends! Several donations have been received in the mail and extra massages were scheduled in the past few weeks. I have about $1,000 left to reach what I need. Thank you for your continued sharing of my story, and for all that you have given in encouragement along my preparation time.

Posted on April 9, 2018


Posted on April 9, 2018

Ah, Portland - We live in such abundance and beauty!  I am  being led to say "Thank You" in a special way for the provision of these sacred waters.  Between donations here, checks in the mail, and people who scheduled an extra massage last month, I'm halfway to my goal.  Thank you!  

Take a few minutes to listen to a song entitled "Icy Roads" which I wrote last December.  This prayer song for the healing of our world was written during a very deep freeze which is highly unusual in our area.  Plug in a good headset and enjoy this gift of music.  Then, please share my page with your friends and family.

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