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The Story

Sammy Castillo here. As many of you know In Oct 2014 Tommy’s battle with Diabetes took a severe turn for the worst & he nearly died. His heart stopped for about 60 seconds. We have been battling to save his eyesight since 2013 & had successes & Failures. Despite our efforts, it continues to ravage Tommy’s body.

In Mar of 2016, Tommy nearly died due to Potassium poisoning. He was hospitalized for 5 days & it was confirmed that he was in stage 4-kidney failure with 12% kidney function. Tommy, again was blind because of Retinopathy. He was completely blind- no light, just suffocating & crushing darkness. His eyes were filled with blood blocking the light. Due to his lack of kidney function, his body wasn’t reabsorbing the blood. In May, Tommy was diagnosed with End Stage Renal disease -his kidneys could no longer function enough to sustain life. He was put on dialysis, which replaces 10-15% kidney function only enough to keep him alive & functioning. Without kidney function, Tommy’s blood pressure is regulated by medication. He can have a stroke or heart attack at any time. The Dialysis has cleared his vision of blood.

In Aug 2016 Tommy’s vision returned. It was the first GOOD thing to happen. However the good times were not to last.

Dec 2016 he suffered a stroke, which paralyzed his right side for nearly 2 months. He lives in constant pain & has a very poor quality of life. His energy allows him to work only 3-4 hours a day if that. He has trouble walking & is now suffering from Anemia. He has to get regular injections & blood transfusions to keep from having a heart attack.

I explained all of this because of this next sentence. I, Sammy Castillo am a perfect match to donate a kidney. I can save my husband’s life, but I need your help.

We are currently getting Tommy approved for surgery by the Tampa General Transplant Center. To be approved we need to prove we can afford the first year of medication that will be $15,000. Approval process is 6 months from Feb 1st. If we cannot raise the money in time they will deny him & we will be unable to get him surgery. If he is turned down there is a possibility that it will be a permanent denial, which means Tommy, will never be able to get the surgery & he’ll be forced to stay on Dialysis for the rest of his life. Life expectancy for Dialysis patients is around 10 years. Life expectancy for Tommy with my kidney is 40+ years.

If we get denied, that means I -No WEonly have 9 & a half more years with him. Tommy puts so much good & light into this world as a good man, helping others become better at not only art but life as well. I cannot imagine only 9 more years of that. I can’t help but think of the 30+ years of chances, experiences & lives he could change & touch. 9 years just isn’t enough for me, not when I have the means to save him & the odds of me being a good match are pretty astronomically small.

I would do anything for Tommy. However right now I am at my lowest. Please help me save My Husband’s life.

9 more years just isn’t enough for me & it’s not enough for all of you.

Please help in any way you can even if it is just $1.00 that’s one more closer to getting him my kidney. If you cannot donate please share this.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart & soul,

P.s. There is a very small chance that I will be unable to donate even though I am considered a good match. If you are interested in donating please call:Tampa General Hospital Living donor program

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 7, 2017

Posted on May 7, 2017

Hello Everyone- Sammy here with a not so good update. Those of you who were supposed to see us at Free Comic Book Day, likely got a small heads up on what’s going on. However, I am here to officially announce that we unfortunately have had to cancel our appearance at Motorcitycon because of Tommy’s health. Tommy was hospitalized last Wednesday for the wounds on his left foot. Unfortunately after his previous hospital stay things exponentially got worse: not through lack of care or awareness, but because of lack of blood flow to his feet because of arterial blockage. Two weeks ago we had emergency revascularization to clear the arteries to his left foot, however they were unsuccessful.
At this time Tommy and I have made the decision that amputation of his left foot is the best course of action and will improve his over-all quality of life while allowing us to still be approved for the kidney transplant. This was a monumentally scary and difficult decision however guided by more than one opinion of doctors- it all came down to Quality of life and the kidney transplant approval. A foot for a Kidney if you will.
Because of the wounds, Tommy’s over all health as gone down greatly, effecting the right foot now. So we are working our hardest with doctors to save Tommy’s right foot from amputation as well. Tommy is scheduled for revascularization Monday or Tuesday this week to help save his right foot. Luckily it does not seem like it is too late and we’ve caught this much earlier than the left. Tommy’s overall health has improved since Wednesday with the help of awesome medications.
As I write this we are sitting in his hospital room looking up prosthetic legs and seeing how life will change with it. Tommy has always had problems with his feet and we hope that amputation will maybe allow tommy to do things he hasn’t done in years, like run or walk, maybe even dance again.
Despite how logical and well thought out the decision may be- it is still fucking terrifying to face the fact that you’ll be losing a piece of yourself even though it is for the best.
Thank you to everyone for your support and understanding (if We owe you orders or commissions) I personally haven’t been home since Wednesday and have been at the hospital with him 24/7. Since canceling our appearance at Motorcitycon Some fans have asked about donating to the cause. Our Youcaring for Tommy’s Kidney Transplant is still up.  
Please share this as well. The more our fans know what is going on the better.
Please join me in wishing Tommy luck in a successful surgery to save his right foot tomorrow!


Posted on April 24, 2017

Posted on April 24, 2017

Hello everyone! It has been a while since we have updated. I wish this was a happy update. So the transplant approval has been postponed because of the wound on Tommy's left foot. It has become a non healing diabetic ulcer. Tommy was hospitalized for it earlier this month for 5 days and given antibiotics. Luckily the wound isn't infected however because of 34 years of diabetes and as a side effect of dialysis the blood flow to his foot is compromised. He isn't getting enough blood to his foot for the wound to heal and runs a huge risk of amputation.

As I write this I am sitting in the waiting room waiting for Tommy to come out of his angiogram to find out the situation. Hopefully they can clear out the blockage and buildup in his arteries and we can save his foot.  This situation does prevent us from getting approved for transplant.

So please cross your fingers send well wishes and good vibes out there.  Thank you to everyone that has supported us through this and all our medical misadventures


Posted on March 7, 2017

Posted on March 7, 2017

Hello everyone! 

It is now several hours after Tommy's heart catherization. Tommy is home well fed and resting. The test results were mixed. Unfortunately because he has been a diabetic for 34 years, he has 50-60% heart blockage. So he has moderate heart blockage. At this point there isn't anything to do to fix it other than controlling his blood pressure and cholesterol. According to the American heart association this amount of blockage doesn't "significantly impact blood flow." 

So what does this mean for his transplant surgery approval. Well his Cardiac Doc is comfortable taking the risk. Tommy has a strong heart and is showing no symptoms and the kidney transplant will allow his body much needed support and health. 

So the Cardiac Doc has cleared Tommy for surgery!  Yay! 

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