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The Story

Friends and family of Tom Ballman desperately need your help...

Tom has been virtually bedridden since June 11, 2015. He is struggling with MSIDS... specifically 
Boriella Bergdorferi, Bartonella and Helicobacter Pylori.

In layman's terms, Tom has Chronic Lyme Disease with multiple tick-borne co-infections.

Tom Ballman...a once vibrant, energetic, hard-working, charismatic, strong, active and fit young man has been struggling with debilitating symptoms and been getting progressively sicker over last two years. 

Tom went from helping others, being active in his community, fellowship and fun with friends, building water gardens and koi ponds ,running his painting company, always doing projects around house, caring for 2 sweet Jack Russell terriers, changing oil and working on cars to completely unable to work, drive, or do any of the things he could do before... Even the simplest of daily tasks.

Fortunately with the help, support and encouragement of many very caring individuals, he finally found a wonderful doctor right here in Saint Louis who has not only helped him understand what is happening to his body, and what to expect as he recovers, but offer the relief of diagnosis and begin first phase of treatment.

We have faith that he will pull through this, eradicate this illness and multiple infections and not only regain his health, vigor and passion for life, but enjoy life again healthier and stronger than before his health began declining.

Unfortunately, even with insurance, his medical expenses are growing exponentially. Combined with not being able to work at all (his livelihood) and losing his income completely, his business and his bank account are dwindling fast.

We are putting our pride aside and asking for help to cover the growing cost of his doctor visits, medications, immune support therapies, nutritional foods and supplements, weekly IVs and injections and special medications that insurance does not cover.

We are so blessed that he is able to be at home during his treatment and recovery. This is a Godsend, but also means my income and ability to contribute monetarily to our household has been drastically reduced to be able to care for him nearly full time, as well as do my best to maintain a serene and comfortable household and home for him.

We thank you and are eternally grateful to all of you who have and are helping him... Your prayers, phone calls, healing messages, emotional support, and love mean more than you know.

A sincere, heartfelt thank you to those of you who have taken time from your own lives and families to provide therapy, work opportunities for me, bring groceries, mow the lawn, repair vehicles, help with puppies and pond, visit with Tom..he wouldn't be able to recover without you.

Thank you to each of you taking the time to read this for your consideration. Any and all donations, monetary or otherwise, will go directly to help pay for Tom's medical expenses and get through this. 

If your own resources are limited, please take a moment to pray for his healing and recovery. Please share this link and subscribe to YouCaring updates if possible. Every phone call, text, get well card, email and visit means so much and really seems to lift his spirits, offer him hope and brighten his day.

Thank you again for your consideration. We know there will be times when we will have the opportunity to help others and we promise to pay it forward.

Thank you kindly & God bless,
Angie & friends & family of Tom Ballman

[email protected]

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 24, 2018

Posted on April 24, 2018

Wow I can’t believe this Facebook post on Tom’s IVs and hyperbaric chamber treatment was two years ago. 🙏

Tom is definitely showing improvements as the weeks and months go by. In fact, he just left for his IV a moment ago. He still does weekly IVs and a host of other daily, weekly and monthly supportive therapies to help his immune system continue to get stronger on its own. 

He is able to manage his symptoms much better these days with a very careful and deliberate regimen with his medications, tinctures, clean food, appointments with wonderful healing practitioners and continual daily detox. 

It’s a very delicate balance, but he is able to do more physically, not be as affected by physical or emotional stress or have as severe setbacks as before by things that are very minor to a person without a compromised immune system.

He has not had a major setback episode since last July, and only 3 minor ones in recent months since then. It takes him longer to recover than what would seem “normal” to a healthy person, but he does a good job now of not letting fear and frustration take hold, staying the course with what he needs to do each day and having faith that it will pass. 

His morale is definitely up as he (we) have both accepted and confided in loved ones that if this is as good as it’s going to get, we can accept this and be grateful for it, as we don’t ever want to be in that terrifying place again when he was at his worst.

But we have discussed and also believe and are hopeful that as the years ( I can’t believe it, yes... years) pass that he will surely get better still.

In fact, we recently have connected with three other local families who have been affected tragically with Chronic Lyme. Two are in the throws of the the terrifying hopelessness of needing some help -any help - and Tom has offered them his resources and what he’s learned and they are taking some of his suggestions and getting treatments to help themselves.

I also was put in touch serendipitously with a wonderful young man who was affected with Lyme 12 years before Tom was, and after a brutal first 3-5 years is happily now at 98% life quality! Yaaaaaaaay! His words:)))))

Tom does a wonderful job and is dedicated to keeping himself as healthy as possible in every way he can for his own health and for our little family

He takes advantage of when he has energy to do things around the house, to help me and allow me to work, and also to do the things I cannot do or wouldn’t know to do to maintain our household or call on people for the things that have fallen into disrepair over the last few years since he started treatment.

It has been a miracle to say the least on how far he’s come and I cannot say enough how our lives have changed and how we are both forever changed regarding the help and fellowship, love and support we have received emotionally, spiritually, financially, and mentally.

We are both also eternally grateful for the visits, the cards, the words of support, texts, emails, calls, visits, care from Drs and other healers and all who offered time, energy, meals and service at a terrifying time that was for both of us during, for lack of better wodds, our darkest hours. 

A huge thank you to the hundreds of you who reached out. Thank you to all who offered and still offer me things to sell on eBay. And for all of the work you blessef me with both at home and eventually outside the home to help me pay for these mountains of medical expenses and treatments.

I thank God everyday for Tom finding his will to live and for deciding to trust and follow the path and treatment plan. He decided to stay the course when it would have been very easy to give up.

We are both incredibly saddened also by the ones we met and lost along the way who could not take it anymore and gave up trying or are still trying but continue to struggle or sadly took their own lives. Our hearts break for them and those who love them :( they are not forgotten.

Our mission has evolved into not only continuing to survive our own personal circumstances, but to continue paying it forward as promised not only to those who have helped us, but to those who need help now and also in months or years from publishing the information and resources we can so that they may stumble across this information and possibly contact us or find the help they need... we offer whatever we can bring to the table ~ anyone who needs and asks for help ~ and also specifically other lyme or chronic disease sufferers who need the moral support, the information and a friend or listening ear. 

Tom speaks to others that call on him and offers them whatever information or resources he can to let them know it CAN get better, there ARE practitioners and doctors who believe and WILL help and that there IS hope

Thank you to everyone who has been so wonderful and caring to us. Your kindness and compassion will not only never be forgotten but is being passed on at every opportunity.

With love, gratitude and acceptance today and every day,

Angie (& Tom and Champ)

Thank you all ☀️

Please excuse typos  

Posted on September 25, 2017

Posted on September 25, 2017

Update from Saturday September 16, 2017... 🙂👍😌🙏🙏🙏✝️☀️

"From Angie, update for Tom:

28 days without major setback or incident 🙂🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

So happy about this!!!! THANK YOU loved ones 😌🙏☀️✝️ Ang

Posted on July 20, 2017

Posted on July 20, 2017

July 20th, 2017

Please please please...pray for Tom to beat this Lyme disease. He has had a couple decent days this week, but a near ER emergency last weekend to where he had to re-start the last medicine they weaned him of of. But overall no energy at all, even after a full nights sleep and just sickly and constant nausea... all of the physical difficulties coupled with the disappointment and frustration of thinking we had it under control or that it may even be gone... to the feeling worse than he has in months.

Grateful for the good stretches...but I can't imagine how frustrated and the grief he must feel... We've had a few glimpses/stretches to where he really felt like a new man and was coming out of this but this is a setback like we haven't had in a while.

Of course we know it could be much much worse and are grateful that people we know have and do recover from this. It's just waking up every day and not knowing what to expect but hoping for the best and doing everything we can to move him forward.

Grateful he has come this far and for all of the help we have been extended the last 2+ years since his diagnosis and beginning of treatment. Your ongoing support financially, emotionally and spiritually have had a huge impact on our survival and coping with this devastating and traumatizing life circumstance.

I know from what I see and milestones that have happened over the last two years big and small that he is moving forward, moving up that healing cycle with the climbs and dips where he feels good for a while and then seems to be pushed backwards a little bit. The good news is (from what I gather) he has continually had longer stretches, better days during those stretches, and the setbacks are shorter, less frequent, seemingly less painful and symptomatic and he can recover in hours or days can weeks/ months...

That being said, this week has been a vivid wake up call that we are not out of the woods and thank God he isn't as bad as the first 8-9 months (bed bound, toxic, the worst of everything) ... yes .. we thank the good Lord every day for the progress made and healing that has taken place. He is so far from where he was that only photos and documentation can serve as proof to him because he can't always see the improvements, especially when he is in a back slide.

I have a favor to ask of each of you... that if you don't mind taking a moment to send him a message of encouragement in an email or a text..

He is especially low right now and I am hoping that continuing to petition for prayer and offering him what we can.. love, friendship, support, understanding, fellowship, positivity, hope... that will also lift him up.

We love you all and I thank you from the depths of my being for all you have done for us. There is no earthly way we can ever repay everyone but I'm sure going to live every day of my life trying in any way that I can with whatever I am able to bring to the table. And I know Tom has expressed the same.

Thank you in advance for any uplifting messages or just reaching out to him to remind him that he is cared about. Love to you all. Praying and investing everything I have and am to help this wonderful human being. Thank you.....

Humbled for life,

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