An ASD Service Dog for my son, Toby Martin

For: Toby M. Martin
Colorado Springs, CO
Organizer: Jennifer Martin
An ASD Service Dog for my son, Toby Martin (Toby M. Martin)
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The Story

My son, Toby, has always been a super-empathetic, caring little guy who wants everyone around him to be happy. He's been different ever since he was a toddler, and deals with multiple diagnoses as well as trying to navigate social situations, which are always a struggle. Toby starts middle school in August 2016; I only recently learned that Service Dogs do SO much more than I thought possible and would love to do this for him! Toby currently struggles with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • This includes Sensory Processing Disorder (he's an extreme 'seeker')
  • Depression with Anxiety
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Adjustment Reaction with Anxious Mood
  • Mild Mood Disorder
While I know that everyone faces their own struggles, as a mother I have to do everything in my power to give my son as close to a normal life as possible. A Service Dog would be able to:
  • Calm my son before, during, and after meltdowns
  • Offer weight and compression for his sensory needs
  • Offer tactile stimulation (e.g. stroking the dog's fur)
  • Boost his self-confidence
  • Assist in tasks
  • Help 'ground' him
  • Help him learn (more) responsibilities

I don't see a downside to pursuing a Service Dog for my son, and his Developmental Pediatrician supports us wholeheartedly. Therefore, my next challenge is fundraising - raising and training a Service Dog is no small feat and requires time and money. Time we can work with, money is not as easy. 

I have found (via word of mouth on Autism support groups) a business who has little to no waiting list (with the exception of the actual training) and who would be able to match us with a Service Dog in as little as 18 months, so I'm starting today. It will cost $10,000 out-of-pocket for this next step in helping my son (this does not include vaccines, spay/neuter, food, grooming, or any other associated costs with owning a pet).

This organization is a non-profit, which means that any donation you make is a write- off for your taxes! I'll update this when I receive their 501(c)(3) information. For now, please accept my gratitude for simply reading this far. We've been on an 11+ year journey, and I hope I can make this a reality.

Gratefully yours,
- Jennifer Martin

Read more about the Service Dogs on their website,

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 18, 2016

Posted on August 18, 2016

Yesterday, while we were waiting to pick up Toby's best friend after school, he asked me if he could wait outside of the car. I managed to sneak a video of him; I want to share some of his "normal habits" - your basic non-neurotypical kid. You can see his ADHD & SPD in action here:
Please consider donating today; we can't even START the 18-month process of getting a service dog until we have the $1,000 deposit. Thank you so much

Posted on August 4, 2016

Posted on August 4, 2016

I just wanted to add that we must raise the $1,000 deposit before the company will begin the process of choosing a puppy (we're going for Labradoodle or Goldendoodle for the breed's intelligence, gentle temperament, size, and the curly/wiry fur should be good for Toby's tactile needs) and then the 18 months training.
Thank you guys, so so much.
Once the deposit is paid, we will have roughly 18 monthly payments to pay off the full balance, so although that will be a large chunk of money each month, we don't have to have the entire balance up front.

(Did I mention donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE because it's going to a 501(c)(3)?)

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An ASD Service Dog for my son, Toby Martin

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