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The Story


The purpose of this compassionate crowdfunding is to compensate Mr. Sullivan for lost wages due to the misguided disciplinary action of the Ontario College of Teachers.


In a recent decision by the Ontario College of Teachers, the committee hearing the case of Tim Sullivan, willfully chose to ignore the concerns raised by the science teacher about the inadequate efforts to secure informed consent from students during a vaccination clinic at a Grand Erie District school in March 2015.

Rather than address the systemic practice in Ontario of allowing minors as young as eleven to make life changing medical decisions without the informed consent of a parent, the Ontario College took the easy way out. They narrowed their focus, ignored the violation of students’ informed consent rights, and instead decided they had a 'rogue' teacher on their hands.

The committee investigating the charges of professional misconduct determined that the healthcare documents provided by Sullivan on the ability of minors to consent without parental oversight, as well as the product information inserts that identify the adverse effects from vaccination, including life-long disability and death, did not merit any consideration. “The issue was not the conduct of the nurses” was the conclusion of the disciplinary committee. The College chose to evaluate Sullivan’s behaviour without any consideration of the wider systemic issue.

The Ontario College of Teachers should be more aware than most of the alarming number of children with serious and chronic neurological and immunological health challenges. Our schools are filled with children who can't learn, many who are non-verbal, affected by diabetes, seizure disorders, behavioral problems, bowel disease, life-threatening allergies, and asthma.

Thirty years ago the amount of autism, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, life threatening allergies, seizures, and juvenile diabetes was virtually non-existent. Today every classroom has children with chronic and serious health conditions, and the incidence of these health conditions is growing at an alarming rate.

The Solution

The disciplinary committee invited Mr. Sullivan to speak to his own sentencing. Sullivan expressed his desire that this situation not happen again and asked for direction from the College on how a teacher ought to respond when he or she witnesses a violation of medical ethics and Canadian Charter rights. The committee chose to disregard this more serious matter.

The Ontario College of Teachers could have resolved this matter once and for all. They could have determined that vaccination clinics don’t belong in a school setting. The injection of complex biological substances including known neurotoxins and foreign DNA is a serious medical decision. Vaccination is best done in a Doctor’s office by a medical professional who knows the medical history of the individual and the family, their previous responses/reactions to vaccination, and has the knowledge of the individual to determine whether the patient is capable of providing fully informed consent.

The vaccination clinics held in school cafeterias are an exercise in herding students and moving them through a medical process as quickly as possible. Students are not given privacy to voice medical questions or concerns, the medical practitioner providing the injection has no personal knowledge of the students, and the simple act of rolling up one’s sleeve is deemed sufficient evidence of consent. Protocols to insure that the consent is voluntary and informed is clearly lacking.

Teacher Sullivan ought to have been acknowledged for his efforts to alert students to fully consider the risks and benefits of vaccination. As well, he ought to have been commended for helping students recognize vaccination is a complex and serious decision as the effects of vaccination cannot be undone. Instead Sullivan was subjected to a month suspension without pay and required to complete remedial coursework in professional boundaries and ethics.

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