Walk Like a Refugee 2018

For: The Westside Refugee Response
Toronto, ON, Canada
Organizer: Ruth Bromstein
Walk Like a Refugee 2018 (The Westside Refugee Response)
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The Story

On May 8, 2018 our family will again walk from our house in Toronto to Niagara Falls.

Every day, people in countries ravaged by war and disaster leave their homes, and never go back. Many of these people walk, some for thousands of miles, to safety or until they find someone who will take them in.

Walk Like a Refugee recreates that experience on a small scale -- a family walking out of their house in downtown Toronto, and 135 km from that house to Niagara Falls. We’re doing it to show solidarity with and to raise awareness about the world’s approximately 65 million displaced individuals, and 22 million refugees. We’re also doing it to reunite one family of Syrians displaced by the civil war that continues to devastate their home.

G and M are a Syrian couple in the United Arab Emirates. They have had their work permits revoked and have been accumulating monthly fines for remaining in the country illegally now for more than a year. Some of that time has been spent in hiding. This is because if they are caught and deported, they will be sent back to Syria, where G faces probably detainment and torture because he has been a critic of the Al Assad regime, and of the revolution. G and M don’t have anywhere else to go, so we are bringing them to Canada.

Learn more at walklikearefugee.org

Please donate! We can't do this without you. This is obviously our end goal.  If you've got some money to spare, please give it to us. It will all go directly towards settling G and M in Toronto, close to their family members. Anything we fundraise above and beyond those needs will go to the very worthy and pretty much saintlike folks at Matthew House.

If you can't donate, and would like to support us in some other way. Here are some ways to do that:

Share our hashtag #walklikearefugee, talk about us, tell the media about us. You are our village. We can't do this without YOU. 

Talk about us

Tell everyone you know, and even people you don't know, about what we are doing. Seriously, just walk up to them in the street and say, "Hey, guess what this really super cool and very attractive family is doing for their refugee friends from Syria!" Spread the word! This is not only help us reach our fundraising goal, but it will help us feel less alone and more like we're reaching people and making a difference.

Write about us

If you're a member of the media, tell the story of this crazy Toronto family that's taking their kid on a walk to Niagara Falls to raise funds to reunite another family torn apart by war. Write about how cool Canadians are still working to help refugees as the war drags on and people are forgetting about the suffering of millions. Write about the 22.5 million refugees in the world. Write about donor fatigue and crisis fatigue. You need an angle to add to the story? Contact me (Elizabeth - [email protected]). I gots more.

Connect with us and connect us with your network

email me, connect with me (Elizabeth) on Twitter andInstagramsay hi! Like us on Facebook. Invite me for drinks. Do you have friends? Introduce us to them! We need to meet new people who might be excited about and interested in what we're doing!

Walk with us

If we're passing through your neighbourhood, come out and walk with us for an hour, or two. We're fun, nice people. We can shoot videos and sing songs, or, you know, whatever. Join us. We'd love to say hi.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 25, 2018

Posted on April 25, 2018

WE are halfway to our goal and we haven't even left yet. Can you believe it????? I can't. Kindness is alive and well and I am super happy about this. Thank you.

Posted on April 20, 2018

Posted on April 20, 2018

We are 5% of the way there, which is pretty good when your goal is $10,000. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. You will all be invited to some TOTALLY SICK party  (sick, like "cool." Like the kids say it...or used to...) and anyone who wasn't invited will be SO JEALOUS. What's that you say? You want an invitation? All you gotta do is donate to this super worthy cause and encourage us to walk 135 km. DO IT. DO IT NOW. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! xoxoxoxoxo 

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Walk Like a Refugee 2018

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