2X Your Donation for Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief

For: The US Citizens of Puerto Rico
Dorado, Puerto Rico
Organizer: ConsumersAdvocate.org
2X Your Donation for Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief (The US Citizens of Puerto Rico)
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The Story

After the worst hurricane to hit the island in almost 90 years, millions of Americans living in Puerto Rico have lost everything they own, including their homes. To make matters worse, they are now without power, internet, cellular service, running water, fuel for generators—anything. The island has been devastated. 

As an island, bringing relief to Puerto Rico is as logistically difficult as evacuating any of the millions of victims. After catastrophic flooding and a decimated infrastructure, it could be months before repair crews and aid organizations can restore even basic necessities like power and water. 

As a proudly Puerto Rico-based company, ConsumersAdvocate.org is matching every dollar raised up to $100,000 to help our friends and neighbors and fellow Americans. Please join us in helping to rebuild Puerto Rico.  This effort will collect no administrative fees and donate all proceeds directly to local charities, shelters, or families in need in our local community. 

About ConsumersAdvocate.org: Based in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, we help millions of people find information about products and services online. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 18, 2017


Posted on October 18, 2017

Good morning friends,

Today marks four weeks since Hurricane Maria hit and devastated the island of Puerto Rico. It has been a grueling and slow recovery process thus far and the road ahead is long, but your help, Puerto Rico will be better than ever. 

We are so amazed by the outpouring of donations and generosity of all of you. Every single dollar counts and will be put to good use, so thank you for trusting us to do the right thing. If you have considered donating but haven't yet, we urge you to give what you can. Help is still needed and will be for a long time. 

We've raised 67k in donations so far, with another 25k committed in corporate donations. In addition, our Google Ads team is hosting an event in our name to raise additional funds within the next few weeks. With ConsumersAdvocate.org's donation matching this brings us to over $184,000!

Now, for an update to address what we know of the current state of Puerto Rico as well as where funds donated through this charity have gone and will be going. 

First, the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, by the numbers:

More than 80 percent: The portion of the island’s electric grid that is not functioning.

28 percent: The share of Puerto Rican residents who lack running water.

72 percent: The share of residents who have running water and thus are subject to the health department recommendation that people boil or disinfect their water before drinking it.

100 percent: The share who are in one of the two previous categories.

40 percent: The share of residents who lack a cellphone signal.

20, out of 51: The number of sewage-treatment plants not functioning.

5, out of 18: The number of toxic-waste sites that have not been inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency since the hurricane.

Close to half: The portion of hospitals without electricity.

48: The official death toll, although health experts believe — and media reports suggest — the real number to be much higher.

Next, where your donation money has gone and what the plans for the future are:

Already put to work: we sent 30k to Bruce Clark and the Trinity Church in Dorado.  The need for aid is desperate right now. Trinity has used the 30k from us to reach hundreds and hundreds of households - providing food, water, medicine, diapers etc. They are helping people survive right now. Last weekend: a caravan of 7 cars--4 vans and 3 4x4s went into the mountains of Puerto Rico-- to the area surrounding Utuado. The 4x4s were loaded up with supplies to get to the really difficult spots. About 190 family units fed for 4-6 days (see the photos and videos section of the page)

Up next: With the remaining $150,000+ we are working with teams and organizations in and around Dorado to develop a plan for how we will help families rebuild and reshape their lives on the island. We will keep you all posted with additional progress as communications and power are restored on the island, and the rebuilding process can begin.

Posted on September 28, 2017


Posted on September 28, 2017

First of all, we want to thank each and every one of you for making a donation! The people Puerto Rico have never needed help more than they do today and we are proud that so many of our friends, family and business partners have stepped up to the plate and helped out. We have read through each name and each donation and are at a loss for words over all the generosity from each of you. Seriously, THANK YOU! 

We've reached $42,000 in donations and with the donation matching that brings us to $84,000. Incredible! 

With great donations, comes great responsibility. We've spent the better part of the past week determining the best way to use the donation money. Our main objective has been to work directly with organizations that will inject 100% of funds back into the community.  

For immediate help, we've sent funds to Trinity Church in Dorado. Members of Trinity have boots on the ground distributing much needed supplies AS WE SPEAK. Food, water, medicine, diapers etc. 

Our next large focus will be the rebuilding process. Thousands of people have lost their homes and when the aid and media coverage stops they will still need our help. We will continue to work closely with community organizations in and around Dorado to help families most in need of rebuilding the homes they've lost.  

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures of our progress!! 

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2X Your Donation for Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief

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