If a small donation could save a Life, a family- Would You?

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Morgantown, WV
Organizer: Mary Denise Bohigian
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The Story

If a donation could help save a life, reunite a family, or rebuild a community- Would You Help?

Do you know someone who has a Drinking or Drug problem? Under current circumstances approximately ONLY ONE out of 50 alcoholics/addicts fully recovers whilst too many  other lives are lost. Want to know why? and How we are working to change that, with your help?

Nowadays, there is an Urgent need for Long-term Supervised Residential Recovery Programs and Centers. There seems to be a whole lot of new ones, and older models out there, What is the Problem?

In short, They do not work! A study of their "client relapse rate" shows, near 100% Failure!

Why are they still being funded?- They have great grantwriters, and actually enjoy the "repeat business". Problem is... with Addicts/Alcoholics, Many of "Them" Do not LIVE to make a second attempt at Recovery!

After 27 years of working with Many in the Recovery Community, We know things can be done differently.

Our Unique Program Model and Residential Facility is a solution that, if followed, will eliminate the “Chance Factor” causing patients to return back to their "old habits" and Lives.

No Recidivism, No Relapse! Instead Permanent Recovery and Regained Freedom!

At this Very Moment We already have scores of referrals, and need to open the First Long-Term Residential Facility & Retreat Center on the Monongalia County WV, Marion County, WV Line to Help serve clients.

Demand for Long-Term solutions is High, While available options are scarce, especially locally!

Our Goal is toraise $145,000 that will pay for the establishment of a 10-15  Client F-T Staffed Transitional Living Facility ( 1/2 Way/3/4 Way House) & Family Recovery Center) where many clients can begin the experience that will change their lives.

We shall put them to work, be it as gainful employment, or in their own business ownership, help them to become successful members of the recovering community, rebuild their Lives, Families, and more.

Once launched, this model will no longer depend solely on the donor funds.

Our Program's clients will be required to work, and generate revenue to fund the facility, by, and through providing supervised services that many in the community need, eg. general repairs, construction, landscaping, car wash, car repairs etc. this will be accomplished.

The Recovery Company is run by people who have lived the experience. All have decades of individual recovery! All "walk the walk, not talk the talk"!

The Founders have personally dedicated their lives to this mission, and brought in experienced professionals, volunteers, and local businesses to give a chance to those who truly want to begin a New Successful Life Free from Drugs & Alcohol! Following completion of our program they will, in turn, help others!

Please inquire directly, and follow our updates. We keep our books and progress wide-open for public review so, once a donor you will  know, Exactly, where the money is going.

You can support us by donating any sum, unwanted personal items, or even offer volunteering work (*subject to vetting for clients' safety).

We appreciate any kind of support you can give,even kind words and prayers!

You Can find out more about This Project @


Our Partners and Helpers

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 26, 2017


Posted on July 26, 2017

Today, was a no progress day...It seemed. but...Denise Bohigianwrote, to speak, with Senator Shelley Moore Capito, and Next is Senator Joe Manchin, Governor Jim Justice, and...>>>>
This is Very Hard Work, especially on a tight schedule such as this-20 Days for Phase 1 Funding, then at 30 Days out Phase 2 Funding needs in place, and Open by August 30, 2017- Sept. 15, 2017, and full to capacity by October 15, 2017!!!

We have the requests/applications/referrals already coming in. 
The Business Plan was reviewed by a Friend and Highly-Regarded Professor of Business/Entrepreneurship and redrawn, as suggested, to add for the expansion, and The Second Center, and To adjust, higher, the Salary Expense.

The Licenses are Obtained. The initial staff is in place!
We have donated all of Our Business assets and need building materials ( $25,000.00-30,000.00 FMV), and invested 2 Months of OT Writing and Development Work, R & D of market & Competition, Built the referral network, and wrote out the Program!.

Tomorrow, Robert Bohigian, will go to at least 4 Churches, and Organizations, including UMWA seeking their support, sponsorship and funding.

Later, in the day Kenneth Gagnonand Robert Bohigianwill get all items listed on Ebay, Craigslist, and Yard Sale for fund generation!

We appreciate any and all who support this project. To show that appreciation we have added New Perks for donors/sponsors. Included share accumulation, and Guided Visit & Tour of Center for any Donor over $1,000.00 and Naming Rights (For The Brewer Center), as It does not, yet have a name!- For The First $5,000.00 + Sponsor/Donor!!!

Please ask us directly about the additional perks we are offering! Thank [email protected]!

Have a Great Day Everyone! No worries We ARE going to pull off this miracle!

Posted on July 23, 2017


Posted on July 23, 2017

We want to thank the donors and supporters, for all they have done so far.
We are getting closer. We still financial donations, and here is an updated list of materials needed:

  • Electrical Wiring 1000’ 14/3 Romex , 1000’ 12/3 Rome, 300’ 10/3, 500’ 12/2
  • Wire Nuts. Wire Staples, Outlets, GFCI Outlets, 10 Junction boxes, 20 Light Switches
  • 50- 2” x 4” x 8’  50- 2” x 6’ x 8’ Regular Pine Lumber
  • 140 Sheets of ¼” or ⅜” Drywall 20-Sheets of Greenboard, Blueboard
  • 100lbs of Drywall screws, and Framing Screws all lengths
  • 12 Electrical Ceiling lamp fixtures 2 Outdoor Floodlamp Units
  • 40 Joints-½” PVC Plumbing
  • 40 Joints of CPVC 1 ½” Plumbing
  • 3 Plastic Plumbing Cement, 2- Primer
  • 300’ Slotted 3”-4” Drain Pipe, Flexible of Rigid will work
  • 5 Ton Medium size Gravel
  • Any and All Tile, Backsplash, Flooring, Wall decorative Tiles
  • 10 Sheets of Tile Backerboard
  • 2 Bathtubs
  • 2 Shower Stalls
  • 3 Main Shower-Tubs Diverter
  • 2 Lavatory Sinks
  • 2 Kitchen Faucets w/ Sprayer
  • 3 Lav Faucets
  • Any and All paints
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer and Dryer
  • 2 Boxes recessed lighting fixtures
  • Garbage disposal
  • 10 Sheets OSB PDX Plywood
  • 2 Exterior Doors
  • Pressure Treated Frame & Deck Lumber enough for 12’ x 20’ Deck & Bridge
  • 4- Interior Luan doors
  • 6- Adult Bunkbeds
  • 10 Tall 5 Drawer Clothing Chests/Dressers
  • Electrical Breakers 15A. 20A, 30A  240V, 50A 240, We will check on maker.
  • Woodburner- Pellet Stove
  • Field Stone, Large Stone for Fire Pit or Retaining Walls
  • Patio Pavers
  • 20 Tubes of Caulk Silicone, Painters
  • Any and all interior Trim: Baseboard, Crown, 1/4Round, ….
  • Well Water Treatment & Pump system
Hot Water Tank Electric or Propane
We appreciate any and all donations. We will not refuse any! Call us for immediate Pick-Up and Your receipt. 304-250-4447 or message us through Facebook or our website @ The Recovery Company
We are going to make this happen. We are well on the way!!
We also need Licensed contractors willing to donate or give a pricing break.

Posted on July 23, 2017

Posted on July 23, 2017

We have a great deal of interest and some support coming in. Thank you and Please Share!

We Need donations, and the following items.

  • Drywall 150 Sheets 1/4" or 3/8" 20 Blueboard GreenBoard Sheets
  • Drywall Screws 100lbs
  • Electrical Wiring 10/3 300',  12/3 1000', 12/2 500'  14/2-1000'
  • Electrical Outlets 50 standard
  • 2" x 4" x 8' Stud Lumber 150 Total
  • 2" x 6" x 8' Framing Lumber 40 Total
  • 5- Standard Ceiling Lamp Fixtures
  • 20 Joints of 1 1/2" CPVC Pipe Drain Suitable
  • 40 Joints of 1/2 PVC Pipe Plumbing General Duty
  • 20 Joints of 3/4" PVC Pipe Plumbing Grade
  • 4-5 Gallon Jugs of Drywall
  • Bathtub Standard
  • 2 Shower Stalls
  • 2 General Purpose Lavatory Sinks
  • 2 General Purpose Toilets
  • Any Tile whatsoever Flooring, Backsplash, Wall Tile
  • Enamel or Epoxy Floor Paint
  • Wood Trim, any type, window, baseboard, crown, quarter-round..
  • Wall Paint Latex, semi-gloss, flat...
  • New Tubes of caulking silicone, painter's, etc.
  • Any sheets of OSb PDX or Plywood.
  • Any pressure treated lumber
  • tall dressers
  • washers & dryers

    You can reach us for immediate pick-up of items at 304-250-4447
    or contact us through The Recovery Company

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If a small donation could save a Life, a family- Would You?

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