Luigi Died From Heartworms - Help Others Avoid the Same Fate

For: The PPAW Spay/Neuter Clinic
Greenback, TN
Organizer: People Promoting Animal Welfare
Luigi Died From Heartworms - Help Others Avoid the Same Fate (The PPAW Spay/Neuter Clinic)
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The Story

Your donation will provide a FREE heartworm test to those who could not afford to get one otherwise, leaving their dog susceptible to heartworm infestation, a terrible, life-threatening condition. Here is why we are asking for your help.  In January, one of our board members placed a little dog named Luigi into foster care.  Luigi had tested positive for Heartworms, and was given his Immiticide shots in early February.  Immiticide is an arsenic based product, and once the Immiticide injection is given it causes the Heartworms to die and travel into the lungs.  Most dogs can cough up the heartworms, but Luigi started having breathing complications, and by last Wednesday he lost his battle.  Due to his young age our vet asked if we would consent to a necropsy, and we agreed. When she opened him up she saw immediately that there was most probably nothing any of us could have done to save him...treatment or not. He was infested with hundreds of Heartworms. They were in his body cavity, heart, lungs, vessels.....literally everywhere. The pictures were taken during Luigi's necropsy. We're not going to beg your pardon or apologize for them being graphic. We want you to look close and then make a commitment to help other dogs with owners who cannot afford the basic test required before they can start a heartworm preventative regimen. We tell you this because Luigi deserves for his life to mean something. This is so preventable. There are several products on the market to prevent Heartworms.....most range $6-$12 a month.  Our clinic already sells heartworm preventative at discounted, affordable prices, but we need to help people get the test so they can buy the treatment.   And, if you do not already have your dog on heartworm preventative, do it now!!  Luigi's life has to mean something, and if we can educate folks on why it is so important to test and medicate, we can prevent other dogs from suffering the same fate as sweet little Luigi.

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Luigi Died From Heartworms - Help Others Avoid the Same Fate

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