Theodore having a chance at a normal life

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Theodore having a chance at a normal life (Theodore Landry)
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The Story

We lost our fur baby 2 weeks after our wedding on August 11th. Freddy, a healthy & happy 3-year-old mini goldendoodle was the victim of a hit and run. On that same day, 382 miles away, a puppy was born.   

We named him Theodore, keeping our promise to Freddy that we would get him a brother after the wedding.

Theo seemed to have a drippling problem. He soaked my clothes every time he lay on my lap and every time he slept, he drenched his back legs. It was only a few days of having him so I tried not to over-analyze. I mean a 10-week-old puppy is bound to have a ton of accidents like that. Well, his belly looked bloated and we saw a worm in his stool. Being super nervous to take him to the same exact animal clinic that Freddy was a patient at, I decided to go to *Banfield Pet Hospital at PetSmart. I was relieved when the Veterinarian seemed to ignore our concerns about the drippling (said he was a “silly puppy peeing on himself”), bloated belly (saying he “just has a big wormy belly”) and the black discharge in his ears (saying “it’s just waxy puppy ears”). She said we have a “very healthy puppy”, gave him some de-wormer and sent us on our way.

Well, my worrying habits would soon prove beneficial. I was overly worried about the leaking, about his ears, about his belly. I swallowed my anxiety of going to Fred’s vet and took Theo there Friday afternoon. I explained the same concerns to Dr. L just like I did at Banfield 5 days prior. As he was examining T, there was worry in his eyes and he immediately took him for a “fast” ultrasound.

The ultrasound showed a massive amount of fluid outside the bladder with no visibility of a right kidney. X-rays were then taken. At this point, I walked outside to update my husband, as things seemed to be escalating rather quickly.

After the x-rays, Dr. L brought a gasping Theodore wrapped in a towel back in, put him in my arms on the examination table and started to explain, “this is not good, this is not a healthy puppy whatsoever…”

I'm embarrassed to admit what happened next. But as he was explaining the situation to me and as T’s head was collapsing in my arms, I had flashbacks of holding Freddy after he was hit by the car and died in my arms as I frantically administering CPR. The next thing I remember from the conversation, was that my brother kept repeating, “please breathe” and the paramedics were taking my pulse…

I had blacked out.

Eyes slowing opening, I saw T looking at me from the corner of the room still so aspirated. I regained strength as to see if I could save him. I would not lose another precious soul.

Blood work was next to see if there were abnormalities associated with kidney function. I gave T a kiss as he was taken away and the paramedics escorted me out.  

He was sent to the ER at the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital.   A conclusive ultrasound was performed and again there was no ID of a right kidney. The concern was the massive fluid pocket, which was urine. Our options at this point were to a) send him back to where we got him with a high probability of euthanasia or b) try and save his life with surgery. Once they open him up and remove the non-functioning kidney tissue, attach the suspected ectopic ureter to the bladder, he has a chance to survive. 

We can’t give up on such a helpless living thing that in just 6 days brought us joy again. The bloating and pain he’s been in have not stopped him from showing us love and dedication. There must be a reason that we got a sick dog - someone knew that we would fight to save his life. 

We want Theodore to have a chance at a spoiled life just like his brother Freddy had. If you would like to contribute to Theo and share our story, we would forever be grateful.   

*In no way am I bashing Banfield Hospitals. I just want people to be aware that misdiagnosis can happen and your responsibility as a dog owner is to always look for signs of discomfort and do your research on what’s normal and what might not be. If I did not do so much research with my first puppy, Theo would not have a chance at life. That was confirmed by the doctors. The large sac would eventually burst ending his life. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 10, 2018

Posted on January 10, 2018

Thank you for your donations. We are so amazed by everyone’s support! Your donations and kind words mean so much to us!

Theodore is growing, which is a great sign!! and playing with his little sister, Gwen -- yes, we got him a playmate lol 

We are scheduling the checkup for next month -- fingers crossed!!

We do have some concerns for the doctor to address -- as he gets super sick after vaccines (throwing up, lethargic, arching his back) and we have noticed him arching his back more often (usually a sign of abdomen pain). I'd like to get him neutered around 1 yr old, but we were given some warning about his kidney not being able to tolerate any anesthesia -- so still some unknowns - but we are happy to see him everyday and so happy that he keeps getting support from all of you!


Thanks, everyone and Happy New Year!

Karina & Nico

Posted on November 18, 2017


Posted on November 18, 2017

So the doctors are really impressed with Theodore's progress! He still has persistent hydronephrosis in the right kidney but his pelvis has lessened in dimension. The case is extremely rare so we will do another check in 3 months ---but --- he was discharged with instructions to be a normal 3 month old puppy! So that is what we will let him do - explore, play, jump, run! Enjoy puppyhood finally. Thank you all for the warm wishes on his Instagram (@freddy_doodle) and we will need them again in 3 months 🙏🏼🤞🏼 but so far, things look good!

Posted on November 17, 2017


Posted on November 17, 2017

Today is the big testing day! Theo is currently being prepped to be put under for his ultrasound.  They will also do a urinalysis and bloodwork. We hope to see normal levels of kidney function and hope to see the kidney at a normal volume. Good vibes, fingers crossed and lots of prayers! I want him to be able to enjoy his puppyhood soon:) thank you for sharing our story and for all the support for Theodore!! 

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Theodore having a chance at a normal life

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