Hugs for Preemies in Yerushalayim

For: The NICU babies in Shaare Zedek Hospital
Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Organizer: Liba Zuber
Hugs for Preemies in Yerushalayim (The NICU babies in Shaare Zedek Hospital)
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The Story

Hugs for Preemies in Yerushalayim

Tiny, fragile babies, all alone.

Parents have to leave their little tiny fragile babies in the NICU, knowing they won't be held until the mother or father returns. The baby will probably cry, but no one is there to hold him. The nurses are overworked and busy. They take care of the babies’ physical needs, working to keep them alive. They don’t have time to hold and cuddle these tiny, precious babies when they cry. But the tears of these babies – and their parents – could be alleviated with a simple chessed (act of lovingkindness).

The Zaky is a weighted, hand-shaped positioning device that makes the baby feel like he is being held. Scented by the parent, the Zaky lets the babies smell love, not just sterile hospital scents. They feel the weight of The Zaky hand on their backs, they feel it holding their heads – and they feel safe and secure. The tiny babies sleep peacefully, expending their energy on growing and breathing, not on crying and fussing. Hospitalization is shortened and trauma reduced.

In honor of my daughter Yenty, a 2.5-lb. (1160-gram) preemie who is now six months old, I would like to provide other babies in the NICU in Shaare Zedek with the same benefit that we appreciated so greatly. I would like other mothers and fathers to tuck their babies into these “spare hands” before they take leave for the night. I’d love for them to use The Zaky for those babies who aren't stable enough to be taken out of their incubators and held at all.

The Zaky "hands" are clinically proven to help premature babies. The Zaky reduces the babies’ stress, helps them remember to breathe, helps keep their heart rates steady and allows them to sleep and grow peacefully.

We need you to help us help these babies.

The NICU in Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem has 60 babies, and each of them could use a set of Zaky hands. One set is $99, plus we have to get them here from the United States. Right now, our goal is to provide each of the 20 sickest and neediest preemies with a set of Zakys.

Please help make this a reality.

more information about The Zaky -

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 10, 2017


Posted on December 10, 2017

Everyone here is so pleased and excited.  The NICU staff is waiting with happy anticipation for the Zakys.  The plan is to place our order tomorrow.  As of this update, we have funds for 29 pairs of Zakys.  That is 29 babies at a time who can benefit from your generous contributions!  

Obviously, if we raise more money we will order more, now and/or in the future.    

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  

Posted on December 5, 2017


Posted on December 5, 2017


Thank you all!!

We B"H reached 100% of our goal. I am still collecting for another week and every donation will be used towards additional Zakys to comfort additional babies. Donations are still appreciated, there are plenty more babies who could use comforting. We now have money for sets of Zakys for about half of the babies in Shaare Zedek's NICU. More would be wonderful, but I think we should all be proud of what we have accomplished thus far.

- Current Yenty picture attached for extra smiles. You all earned them. 

Posted on December 4, 2017


Posted on December 4, 2017

We have almost reached our goal!! has generously offered to ship the Zakys for FREE to Baltimore for us, and from there we have another generous helper ready to bring them to Israel.

Every cent we raise is going to purchasing Zakys and not shipping!!

We are collecting for another week, then placing the order. I am grateful for everyone's generous donations.  The more we collect the more babies we can help.

These sets of Zaky hands will each hold a baby, and then be  washed and hold the next and the next for years to come!  One set of Zakys can comfort hundreds of babies over time.

A neighbor asked me how big they are.  They were sure they were huge based on my pictures.  She was shocked when I brought them over and showed her that each hand is the size of a regular adult hand and rest is the length of a forearm (until about the elbow).  

I am attaching a picture of Yenty now, at 10lbs/4.5 kilo, sleeping with her Zakys.  They don't look as huge as they did when she was tiny!  

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Hugs for Preemies in Yerushalayim

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