Creating the Largest Food Forest Reserve in the World!

For: The Kichwa people, the Wild Animals, Mother Nature and YOU!
Tena, Provincia de Napo, Ecuador
Organizer: Wisdom Forest
Creating the Largest Food Forest Reserve in the World! (The Kichwa people, the Wild Animals, Mother Nature and YOU!)
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The Story

Our Goal: A grassroots global movement to create the Largest Protected Food Forest in the World!

Who are we?

Wisdom Forest began as a sterile cattle grazing land and has since transformed into an amazing permaculture forest and nature preserve over the course of 7 years, all thanks to the hard work of local staff and international volunteers. 

We are creating the Largest Protected Food Forest Reserve in the World!

Our unique ‘Protected Food Forest Reserve´ project is based on ancient indigenous rainforest harvesting techniques and will be managed entirely by the local indigenous Kichwa community. The intention is to plant a managed forest of edible and useful trees, a true food forest. It will be a forest of food that mimics the architecture and beneficial relationships of the ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest. Trees are planted to stay planted- never logged. Hunting animals on the protected Food Forest Reserve will be prohibited. The fruit trees will create an alluring habitat for indigenous species such as  Monkeys, Tapirs, Toucans and Hyacinth Macaws to return to, while simultaneously providing diverse food, medicine and materials for the local indigenous Kichwa people and their Ecuadorian neighbours.  

Why we need YOUR help NOW!

People are currently flocking to the Amazon Rainforest to cut down the lungs of our planet for timber and opening the earth for gold and oil. We need to act fast! Currently, there is a giant mining project expanding near Tena, Ecuador, ruthlessly cutting down the rainforest and contaminating the rivers with harmful pollutants such as mercury. The time is now to get up, stand up and show up for the planet and for future generations.

What your contribution will fund!

In the next five years we aim to save roughly 1645 acres (that’s double the size of central park in New York City), protecting an estimated 400,000 giant trees, preventing more mining projects and protecting the local town´s water source for future generations to come. The cost of the land alone is around $1,000,000 US dollars but our first step is to raise $100,000 to create a 165 acre reserve as soon as possible and then continue to grow from there. All funds collected from this campaign will go directly the creation of the reserve, implementation of the reforestation and the maintenance and management of the forest for years to come.

This is a lifelong project for our team members and we assure you that your donations will be managed properly, we will provide frequent updates and detailed financial reports will be available for everyone to see.

How can YOU can become a part of the Largest Protected Food Forest Reserve?

Those who donate to our campaign will aid in the sponsoring of a ‘Tree Pal’. ‘Tree Pals’ are the local people that sign up to the project to plant trees within the protected forest, free of charge. Sponsoring a Tree Pal for life involves a lot of work and effort. Administrative, transport, infrastructure and legal costs all add up.  For more details check out our website (

How YOU can help

  • Don´t Wait... DONATE!
  • Share our crowdfunding campaign with your friends and family via Facebook, email, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Volunteer your time and energy at Wisdom Forest
  • Come and stay at our Wisdom Forest Yoga Lodge or organize a Yoga Retreat at Wisdom Forest (50% of net profits go directly to funding the Food Forest Reserve)

Every time you share this campaign with a friend, you help to seed the Largest Food Forest in the World.

Thank you for sharing Wisdom Forest with your community!

Wisdom Forest Team

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 7, 2018


Posted on April 7, 2018

My Updates
Posted on 04/07/2018

We would like to inform all our supporters that after months of collecting seeds, waiting for them to germinate and reach an adequate size to be transplanted we have already started reforesting! Our first members of the project, from the local community, signed up and have started planting their 108 trees alongside with our volunteers from all over the world.

We have had the pleasure of working alongside Mélida Tapuy and her family from the Tamia Yura community, Dolores from the Shandia community and Jorge Andi Aginda has also joined the reserve, coming along with his wife and son to help make positive changes as a family!

We still have a lot of money to raise... feel welcome to make another donation and help save the rainforest and create the largest food forest in the world!!

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Creating the Largest Food Forest Reserve in the World!

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