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It is with a heavy heart & yet a hopeful one that recently Shauna was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her family has been processing this news, looking for answers in an effort to find a path forward. At this point it is likely Shauna will require surgery & follow-up treatment. As you can imagine, along with the physical and emotional strain, the cost of medical care is a HUGE financial burden.  Donnie will continue working, however Shauna will need to take a significant amount of time off to focus on her treatment. The Hursh family and their doctors are HOPEFUL she will recover! Shauna is strong, her faith is strong and we know friends & family rally in times of need. Here is the simple ask, please consider making a contribution ASAP. While thinking BIG would be wonderful, all contributions to her medical care are welcome. (Most major credit cards are accepted & it takes less than 90 seconds). Your thoughtfulness allows Shauna, Donnie, McCoy, Italia & Donovan to focus on what's most important to a family in a time like this...recovery! Once you've contributed please share the www.youcaring.com/shaunahursh link with others that can help yet might not be aware of Shauna's health situation. 

All The Best & Thank You For Being A Hero For The Hursh Family! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 6, 2017


Posted on October 6, 2017

The last few weeks have been so busy. It seems like my full time job has been chasing after information in regards to this cancer and proper treatment. Any day that I have free to be with the kids in some form of normalcy has been a huge blessing. I apologize if I haven't been great at responding to emails and texts etc, I'm trying to get back into working and its a lot to juggle currently.

My Onco score that we were anxiously awaiting, didn't come in low, but also didn't come in high. It was intermediate.. and left me in the "gray area". As of now, I have NO tumors in my body with clear margins from surgery { this is great news, I'm technically cancer- free } but the adjuvant therapy is the next step since circulating tumor cells shed from the original tumor and can find new places to grow. 

Because the cancer that is attacking me { not taking  ownership of it because it does not belong to me } is estrogen fed.. the reports show that the majority of my benefit to keep this cancer away is hormone therapy. The options on the table are a nasty drug called Tamoxifen        {that I would have to be on for 1o years} or a Laproscopic Hysterectomy that will include both my ovaries that will put me immediately into menopause. Neither sound amazing, but being in menopause either from medicine or surgery will drastically starve any left over cells and not allow them to grow. I also recently discovered that I have a mutated gene that prevents me from metabolizing my estrogen properly... so estrogen and I are not best friends. There are natural supplements that I am currently taking to make healthy pathways for my estrogen. While I prefer doing things natural, I'm not sure I can rely 100% on that as a preventative. Deeply in prayer over which route I will be taking. 

Chemo at this point will only provide a 3% benefit. { if the benefits outweigh the risks of potential short term and long term side effects}. Ofcourse I want all the benefits I can take, but for 3%, it does not make sense. The Onco that suggested Chemo agreed that the majority of the reason chemo works for estrogen fed cancers is because Chemo will put the patient into menopause as well.  If menopause is the end goal, I can think of other ways to get there without chemo.  

So here is where that all leaves me, the surgery in a sense was curative. But as we all know, there is no CURE for cancer. My natural Doc best explained it like this. Cancer is essentially the same as having a disease like diabetes.  I will have to manage this for my whole life. I know that sounds depressing and like bad news to some, but I have decided to rise up to the challenge presented to me and live my life to its best. Again, I will never be thankful for cancer, but I am feeling my best in years eating a plant based diet and Ive learned so much about myself in the past few months. 

Spiritually, there were wounds I had not healed... that through this I am getting resolve. Mentally I am overcoming my anxious habits and fear. Physically I am eating to nourish my body and feel well instead of being driven by unhealthy cravings and splurges. I have researched this cancer business to death and Ive also obsessed at times and learned to spend equal if not more time in the word. God has brought good to me and my family in this season. I heard this quote somewhere that Cancer does not need to be a nail in the coffin, but it certainly should be a wake up call. Im awake. Im listening.

I plan to follow my CTC counts closely though the Greece test and also follow tumor markers closely with my oncologist. I am working closely with an integrative doc who has set me up a protocol of Vitamin C Drips, Ozone, Cytotoxic and Cancer Inhibiting Supplements, detoxing in the form of enemas and Infared etc. Im sure I'm leaving a ton out, but Im trying to be as detailed as possible to give you all a sense of what I'm doing currently. Again, its like another full time job.... and with three littles, it sometimes seems impossible to fit all of this in. Im learning how to care for myself and make space for that healing to happen, such a tough thing for mamas to do. Ive never been good at putting my care at priority. 

I get texts and calls asking how I can be helped... and it seems like week to week those needs change. Its strange how I truly do need help and sometimes I just don't really know what that looks like... or where to start or how to ask. 

-I have one more surgery to complete the bilateral mastectomy { scheduled somewhere near November } I may need babysitters during that time.

-We will be moving October 20th closer into town to make  life more simple. I wont be of any help to Donnie because of my mastectomy restraints, so we could really use a few heavy lifters on that day.

-Your donations here if you feel led are certainly blessing us during this financially taxing time. Because I am not doing chemo, I am not approved for any assistance in grant form because they don't consider my surgeries and hormone therapy treatment { so strange but the reality our health care system } Scans, surgeries, protocols, supplements, none of this cheap. Take Care of yourself friends, your health is an investment. This Cancer business is a huge money maker. Sad but true.

- Your prayers mean everything!

you can specifically pray that I hear confidently in which direction the lord would lead me with my hormone treatment choices. I feel confident that he will as he has been so faithful in every choice I have made so far, giving me and my family such peace.

I will update as I get closer to my next surgery... in the meantime, Ive decided to also share more intimately my healing journey on my personal Instagram page @Hurshfamily. I wasn't sure I wanted to be "marked" by cancer.... but regardless of what I want, this has been allowed in my life. I want to share everything I am learning as I go along to hopefully spare friends and family  this journey. Not to be alarming, but the cancer rates are rising and educating ourselves as much as we can is a great tool in the preventative fight against this ugly disease.

Love You All So Much.


Posted on September 6, 2017

Posted on September 6, 2017

Today was a rough day for shauna. We learned today that shaunas cancer is not stage 1 any longer, but there were actually four tumors that were invasive and one sentinel lymph node with cancer as well. This changes things. One thing we know for sure, when shauna prayed over which route to take lumpectomy or masectomy , she felt immediate peace with the latter. Praise God, because he knew there was more going on than originally thought. Had she done the lumpectomy, she would be back in for a second surgery. 

So far all of the scans, biopsys and reports have been very contradicting and as you can imagine this has been very tiring for shauna, who likes answers and is having a rough time with the varying news.  
Today after her doctors appointment she immediately needed a nap and a long cry. I haven't seen her like this yet, and I know she needs a circle of prayer right now. 

Here is the good news: her tumor marker which was originally needle biopsied as unfavorable in aggressive cell division went to a very low slow growing cancer or in her doctors words "boring cancer" in the pathology after her mastectomy. We attribute this to our prayers thus far and the faithfulness of the lord in directing shauna with every decision she has made so far including her diet and natural supplements. This number wasn't slightly lower, it was considerable. When shauna asked if her natural protocol could be responsible for this her doctor shrugged, but confirmed that her mastectomy tissue was obviously more reliable than the needle biopsy and the lower reading is what she should go by. This is great news. 

This also means her original Onco Dx test is inaccurate and is being reordered. So we wait. The typical protocol per her doc is chemo, radiation and hormone therapy. But the onco Dx test coming in lower could change that protocol to just solely hormone therapy. We are praying for a VERY LOW SCORE! As we have seen her markers drastically lower in one month, we know the lord can do all things! 🙏🏻 

Would you commit to pray for this favorable score? Would you pray for shauna to rise up tomorrow with her fighting positive spirit again? She is discouraged and we need her well and back to her perky positive self so she can kick this cancers butt once and for all !  

Posted on August 29, 2017


Posted on August 29, 2017

Shauna is glad to have this big surgery behind her, recovery hasn't been easy. For the first week she had very limited range of motion leaving her unable to bathe herself, make meals, even the smallest tasks we take for granted like opening a Jar or twisting a door knob she needed assistance with. Today was her first appointment with her plastic surgeon to monitor her drains and to check the surgical site.  Everything looked really good and they were able to remove one drain and predict the next drain should be ready by the end of the week. Today she was given permission and actually encouraged to expand her range of motion which is also great news. She was excited to be able to bathe herself, even wash her own hair carefully. We are still waiting for ALL the details from the pathology report.  She unfortunately can't get an appointment with her oncologist for two more weeks. She is eager to not only update you all but also understand what all of her report means for her prognosis/ treatment. There are still a lot of unknowns. 

What we do know so far is this. The surgery went well with no complications at all. Praise God ! Shauna will need another surgery in about 3-4 months to do the expander to implant exchange and then the surgery portion of her treatment should be behind her. 

Overall things are going well. It has occasionally become difficult and even depressing at times. Shauna's doctors explained to her that a general "feeling blue "after a double mastectomy is pretty common. Shauna likes to be pretty hands on and not being able to do things like she used to has caused some sadness, especially not being able to hold Donovan and lay him down for bed at night. She knows this too shall pass and is trying to stay positive. 

We want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers, encouraging texts and calls, flowers , babysitting help and donations. The donations have helped tremendously take a burden of stress off us as Shauna is not able to work and I will have missed work here and there. Not having that added stress is such a blessing in a time where peace and rest is what we all need most.

Donnie + Shauna

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