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The Story


It is with a heavy heart & yet a hopeful one that recently Shauna was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her family has been processing this news, looking for answers in an effort to find a path forward. At this point it is likely Shauna will require surgery & follow-up treatment. As you can imagine, along with the physical and emotional strain, the cost of medical care is a HUGE financial burden.  Donnie will continue working, however Shauna will need to take a significant amount of time off to focus on her treatment. The Hursh family and their doctors are HOPEFUL she will recover! Shauna is strong, her faith is strong and we know friends & family rally in times of need. Here is the simple ask, please consider making a contribution ASAP. While thinking BIG would be wonderful, all contributions to her medical care are welcome. (Most major credit cards are accepted & it takes less than 90 seconds). Your thoughtfulness allows Shauna, Donnie, McCoy, Italia & Donovan to focus on what's most important to a family in a time like this...recovery! Once you've contributed please share the www.youcaring.com/shaunahursh link with others that can help yet might not be aware of Shauna's health situation. 

All The Best & Thank You For Being A Hero For The Hursh Family! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 10, 2017

Posted on August 10, 2017

Update #2: Shauna's surgery for a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction is scheduled for August 21. 

With that in mind here are ways you can help: 

I. Prayer warriors, please pray!

Here are some prayer requests: 

*Wisdom for doctors, that the surgery will go smoothly as it is a long surgery with multiple risks. 

*Prayers that the cancer has not spread to any of her lymph nodes, prayers that her treatment will be unquestionably favorable & that the pathology report comes back positive. 

*Prayers for peace for the whole family during this transition. 

II. The Hursh family will be updating their Amazon registry (link below). This is for basic needs that will help save them trips to the store. Thank you for all the necessities that have been sent so far.


III. Donate right here at youcaring. Shauna will be out of work for an extended time & your donations have helped take the load off financially. Donnie has had to take multiple days off of work for doctor appointments & will continue to take time off during surgery. Your contributions have helped them on this expensive journey of scans, labs and doctor bills. At 75% of the way to the goal, the family is truly touched by the support to date. Please consider contributing if you have yet to do so. 

IV. Share this on social media to spread the word.

Last, THANK YOU so much for being in their corner during this time.  You are a blessing to the Hursh family!

Posted on July 27, 2017

Posted on July 27, 2017

Shortly after Shauna weaned Donovan on his first birthday, she noticed her armpits feeling full, as if her lymph nodes were swollen. Shauna had struggled with severe allergies every since moving to Texas so swollen lymph nodes were nothing new to her. She wasn’t too alarmed because she also assumed maybe weaning her baby might have caused a clogged duct. Yet come July her armpits still felt swollen daily, and she noticed her right breast had a little lump. 

Thankfully her obgyn Dr Blair who wasn’t totally sure if it felt like cancer was still erring on the side of caution and decided to send her out for an ultrasound. { because Mammograms are not entirely reliable for breast feeding women } they ended up doing an ultrasound and later a core biopsy that ultimately discovered she had Invasive Duct Carcinoma. Because the tumor involves 60% of the near by tissue, she isn’t a candidate for a lumpectomy. That didn’t bother Shauna one bit, because as soon as she found out she had breast cancer she immediately felt total peace with a double mastectomy. Vanity goes out the window when you have three children and a loving husband you need to fight for. It was looking like surgery would be scheduled at the end of this week yet the surgeon who Shauna has chosen who is top rated, will be out of town until early August. So she waits. Thats the hardest part. As of now, they aren’t able to truly stage her cancer until after the surgery. The scans do not show lymph node involvement  { which is great news } but only the pathology report will confirm the certainty of this. The lymph nodes will be checked during surgery and this will determine the treatment plan. Currently, they are saying stage 1... with a possibility of a second tumor in the same breast.

The big piece to the puzzle is that Shauna’s cancer was marked ER positive which means her tumor is being fed by a hormone imbalance. This helps the doctors with knowing how to treat her cancer more effectively. There is still a lot to research and learn. Shauna has decided to marry both western medicine and eastern. Following the Drs directions, but also a strict cancer diet and alternative cancer supplements given to her by her naturopath oncologist. As you can imagine, this has come as a total shock, even her surgeon shook his head and remarked that Shauna meets none of the criteria for breast cancer. She eats healthy, breast fed three babies, there is no family history, she doesn’t smoke and is not over weight. Shauna has her good days and her bad ones, but right now her faith is carrying through. Your prayers mean everything to the Hursh family, as they most certainly feel the strange peace that God is providing that surpasses all understanding in these difficult moments. Thank you for surrounding them with love. It is amazing.

There are many ways you can help:

-Donate to this page as this is going to be an expensive journey and Shauna will not be able to work.

-You can shop { guilt free } whatever items are left on // www.poorpitifulpearl.com

-If you are a fellow small business/ artisan you can donate a product to their auction page on instagram. This is also a great way to socially network and expand your reach.  @hurshfamilyauction

-Firedaughter Clothing made an awesome shirt and all proceeds go to the Hursh Family. 

Link here:


-You can send them basic need items from their amazon registry: {  toilet paper, laundry detergent, diapers. etc… }

Link here:


-You can buy a goodie bag at @purposebox// on Instagram, all proceeds go to the hurshfamily

As soon as they have a surgery date in place we will know better the needs of the Hursh Family including meals and babysitting.

Thank you for sharing this link on social media and spreading the word to be heroes for the Hursh Family.

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Heroes 4 The Hursh Family (Shauna Hursh's Beat Cancer Fund)

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