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The Story

wolfie. w”fang, wolfwomyn. silverfang the traveler. little green muffin, wufangjoi, wolfynn, weirdo. you know them by many names.

As a founder of the Holy Order of the Epicene, a spiritual order for transgender/genderqueer people called to a life of service and caregiving, the green one has spent over 30 years moving in and being a part of several different subcultures and underground communities. They have focused on hospice work, assisting in medical recovery, doula work, and supporting queer, trans, leather and pagan people going through major transitions in their lives.

A month ago, our favourite mini-ent had a horrible dental abscess, which took over most of their face, and required an emergency extraction and a massive amount of antibiotics. This has left them missing four upper front teeth, including one fang. Several other teeth need serious attention as well. We have started this campaign to help raise the funds needed to get all of their teeth repaired.

If you’re seeing this, its likely that you, or someone you love, has received care and support from the wolfish hobbit.

Their 50th birthday is the 29th of December. Let’s all band together and buy them new healthy teeth for their birthday!

The estimated cost for a new bridge and fang is just over $4000. Fixing everything will likely be closer to $6000.

Helping the green one with their health will allow them to continue to serve the myriad communities in which they move. 

From the fangster itself: heya, loves. i’m not fond of doing this, and yet here i am. i serve my communities out of love and devotion. my work has never been quid pro quo, and never will be. right now, though, i do need support. anything raised here will go directly to my dentist, who is giving me a healthy discount, as this work would normally be more like 10k for everything. my deep gratitude goes out to everyone. i know and trust that the multiverse will, through y’all, make sure my needs are met.

If you wish to receive a tax letter for your donation, please contact the green one directly before donating here.

Let’s make mx wolfie’s 50th birthday a great one! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 30, 2016

Posted on December 30, 2016

oh, my stars and garters!

its the last moments of my birthday, and i want to say thank you to everyone, so much. words have not the power to describe how i feel today.

all of you have helped me see, on the day i mark half a century of existence, that i’ve not only had a good life, i’ve also done good in this life.

its an amazing combination to have both done well and done good.

thank you all for showing me this reflection. thank you all for seeing me. i’ve been crying through old grief and new joy (ha!) for days now.

since we’ve gone over and past the original goal, anything left over after the dental expenses are going towards getting an ergonomic chair and desk, so i can finally start writing for real, without being in pain.

all of which is possible because of each of you.

gratitude, bliss, ease, abundance, and multiple orgasms to all in the new gregorian year!


Posted on December 17, 2016

Posted on December 17, 2016

from the green one:


y’all are amazing! i’ve been locked in a sally fields moment for the last two days. (you like me, you really like me!)

thank you all, ever so much! there aren’t really enough words to fully express my gratitude. over 2/3 of the goal in less than 5 days!!!

it’s been a good eye-opener for me as well. this entire year has been about reviewing my life, re-living parts of it, and seeing what i’ve actually accomplished in fifty years. thank you all for helping me realise that i have done some good in this lifetime.

when this is done, i will be creating and doing ceremony to bless you all, and to remove obstacles from your lives as swiftly and easily as you have removed mine. if you have something specific you’d like me to include in that ceremony, please let me know.

again, thank you, thank you, thank you!
- the green one of many names

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help the green one get her fangs back

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