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The Story

As a young mother of two little girls, beloved wife, daughter, sister and friend, Katie is currently facing one of the greatest battles of her life. After a routine self breast exam, Katie discovered a suspicious lump causing great concern. She scheduled an appointment with her doctor and was quickly rushed for an immediate biopsy. While the doctors were uncertain of what the test results would reveal, the family began preparing for a breast cancer diagnosis. What they weren't prepared for was the news they would receive next. 

On January, 17, Katie was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Because this type of cancer is aggressive, so too is her treatment. Katie and her family immediately packed their bags and traveled to Houston, TX to meet with MD Anderson's team of trusted Oncologists where Katie has already begun receiving intensive chemotherapy treatment. Katie's family has rallied together to help her on this journey, but the bills are quickly piling up. Hotel expenses ($160 per night), medical bills, childcare and costs of daily living will be a temporary challenge for this beautiful young family of four, but with your support and continuous prayers, we're confident we can help Katie fight this! 

In lieu of flowers, cookies or anything yummy, the family asks for donations to help Katie and Jason with expenses related to uninsured medical treatment, family and household expenses, and travel needs. Thank you for your kindness, prayers and help proving to the world that hope, love and family always prevails! 

If you’re compelled to join us in prayer, please pray that Katie has the form of AML that is treatable and curable. No prayer is too big for our God! 

We're clinging to faith alone and holding onto this verse: "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." - Exodus 14:14

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 16, 2018


Posted on February 16, 2018

Nurse Kandi is in town! Katie is overjoyed, she and Kandi have been having so much fun in each other's presence. They have always had an amazing sister/friend relationship, and spending time together has been good for both of their souls. Speaking of family, Katie can not say enough about her sweet sister, Claire!! Claire has stepped up and taken such great care of the girls.  She is with them this week since Jason is gone. Katie can't stop saying how thankful she is for her sisters!!•

In other news: Jason is in Houston for SMU's first spring tournament. She & Kandi were able to drive out and see him today! ⛳️•


-pray for good results from Katie's bone marrow appointment on Tuesday that show that the chemo treatments are working 

-today Katie received a call that Kandi was only a 50% bone marrow match. BUT- there are 157 potential donors that match preliminary in the donor bank! 🙌🏻  Now it will take about 2 weeks for the next process as they request more info of these 157 & input them into MDA system to narrow down to the criteria. The goal is a perfect 100% match. This lessens the chance of graft verses host disease. The specific prayer is that one of these amazing generous 157 people is the perfect match!

-pray that when it's time for Katie's body to accept the bone marrow match, she would accept it as easily as possible 

-pray for Katie to stay positive and in a great mindset. She is in a great frame of mind right now and said she has no doubt it is because God has given her strength that she didn't even know she had. •

She feels our prayers- let's keep them coming! #katiestrongtx 

Posted on February 13, 2018


Posted on February 13, 2018

Hi all! UPDATE: Katie is still at MDAnderson, after checking in due to a rash she developed yesterday. Her doctor is giving her a new medication for the itching. He thinks the rash may last about 1 week. The meds should help her feel more comfortable. It's likely a result of the chemo and antibiotics.•

In other news- it's approved that Katie gets to stay with MDA for her bone marrow transplant! This is SUCH great news! She truly cannot imagine being anywhere else! These doctors and their gentleness & true interest in her have been such a blessing. •

Bad hair day!? HA! Katie is in good spirits and full of laughter- it's just hair! She is feeling encouraged and is not bothered by it at all, it's just part of the process. She did pick out some super cute hats (like this one pictured). Other exciting news: Kandi will be visiting her for the week! •


Prayer requests: that Katie can see the girls this weekend! Prayers for her itching to stop. Prayers for Katie to remain strong. Prayers for her bone marrow test next Tuesday to show that her chemo is working and she's in full remission! Kandi has officially sent in her blood work- Prayers for her to be the perfect & complete match and for Katie's body to accept with as much ease as possible! #beatAML #katiestrong

Posted on February 7, 2018


Posted on February 7, 2018

UPDATE: these tiny little cuties got to see their Mama in Houston this weekend! Can you tell they were excited!? 😍

Medical news: Katie is currently taking a trial drug. While she is feeling good, she experiences some moments of sickness & nausea. Pray for her to remain feeling well! She had a great outing with Laura Sunday and went to lunch and walked around a shopping center. It was really good to get out and about!! Then she got a fever, which doctors said may happen due to all her levels being so low from the chemo. Good news- she hasn't had fever since arriving back at the hospital last night as a precaution! She's officially on day 13 of her chemo cycle which means her levels are at the very bottom. They call this neutropenic fever. Her lab work up doesn't show any infection or bacteria. Praise God! She is on 2 IV antibiotics & will be monitored for 24-48 hours to make sure fever doesn't return. 

She is feeling really good today! Thank you for all the prayers! Keep them coming! #katiestrong

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