Sponsor the Rescue of a Dog in South Korea

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Sponsor the Rescue of a Dog in South Korea (The Dog's of South Korea)
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The Story

South Korea has dogs that are raised on farms to supply the commercial demand for dog meat. Dogs are skinned , boiled and grilled alive for dog soup and other tasty Korean dishes. They have "puppy soup" where puppies are boiled alive. This barbaric trade is also found in other Asian Countries. 

There are also puppy mills in Korea much like the US, only worse inhumane conditions. Then there are the Korean dog pounds where puppy mills dogs, stray dogs, owner surrendered dogs end up and are quickly euthanized.  S.A.D will be working with Rescue Organizations based in South Korea that rescue from the Paju City Dog Pound, Puppy Mills, and Dog Farms . Many of these dogs are seriously injured due to abuse and living conditions. 

The rescues in South Korea will take them into their shelter and care for them until they can be transported to the US, Canada or UK. The cost to transport one dog from South Korea to Chicago International Airport is based on the weight of the dog. We are doing an ongoing fundraiser….and when we have raised enough money to transport one dog we will make a commitment to pull a dog.

We appreciate any donations, large or small. It is our goal to rescue as many dogs as financially possible. Our goal is to rescue at least 1 dog per month which will be $6,000+ per year in transport fees.  … please remember…We can’t save them all… and the killing will continue until it is outlawed. When it appears overwhelming, we just remember, “Saving just one dog will not change the world... But for that one dog the world will be changed forever”    

Please Note: We will not be displaying bloody photos of dogs being tortured. No one needs to see that, I think everyone understands the barbaric treatment of these dogs...If you wish to research this subject there is plenty of info on the web. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 24, 2018

Posted on April 24, 2018

We are waiting for more information on 49 dogs that were rescued from a dog farm. We may take one or two dogs and bring them to the US. We are waiting for more information and photos. 

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Sponsor the Rescue of a Dog in South Korea

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