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The Story

The Llama Sanctuary is more than a camelid rescue centre, it’s a platform for encouraging compassionate and therapeutic interaction between humans and animals.

Catching llamas set free into the mountains, collecting llamas abandoned in fields and yards, welcoming animals with severe physical challenges, chronic illness and injury and helping people find homes for their camelid friends for whatever reason; every year The Llama Sanctuary helps dozens of llamas and alpacas find the love, care and respect to which every living creature on this planet has a right.

The Llama Sanctuary is the largest dedicated Camelid rescue organization in Canada and the only one in Western Canada, and at any given time the small acreage in the North Okanagan region of British Columbia is home to 25 to 40 llamas and alpacas.  This number can soar in a single day and the present property is entirely unsuited to the ever increasing demands being placed on it.  Right now, The Llama Sanctuary needs a new home.  The Llama Sanctuary is growing rapidly and plans to create a self-supporting, centre for natural health and compassion and is reaching out for financial support to acquire the property.

An old farm nearby has everything necessary to establish a haven for llamas and alpacas, capable of supporting dozens of animals in need.  This 160 acre property can provide a healthy and happy environment for many more animals and will also allow The Llama Sanctuary to open its doors to visitors, providing a wide range of educational and healthcare facilities, including the establishment of a centerfor compassion and interaction, designed to show how animals and humans can share this planet and evolve together.  The property is fully fenced and ready to accept the first llama residents right now.

Supported over the years by running fibre arts workshops, The Llama Sanctuary can greatly expand this channel to include a multitude of art and craft skills and festivals, both international and native. 

With sufficient land to provide rotational grazing and employ natural land management practices, The Sanctuary can also provide emergency shelter for some of the thousands of animals, large and small that are displaced by wildfires in the region each year.  The Llama Sanctuary has reciprocal agreements in place with other hobby farms, animal rescue organizations and care-givers, offering a safe haven for animals at risk in times of emergency. 

Non-judgment is a key principal of The Llama Sanctuary, which endeavours to advise and assist people in caring for their animals, finding new homes for animals if they can no longer manage and accepting abused, abandoned, injured, retired, sick or disabled animals with mercy and compassion.  The Llama Sanctuary provides extensive homeopathic treatment by a qualified veterinary homeopath and employs natural health care principles wherever possible.

The Llama Sanctuary needs your support at this time, to create this unique animal care facility.  Your donations will save the lives of countless animals for many years to come.  Donate $150 or more and you receive lifetime membership to The Llama Sanctuary, giving free entrance to visit The Sanctuary whenever the doors are open to the public.

This is a most exciting time to be alive on this planet as we bring in the 7th Golden Age of enlightenment, in which we create the opportunity to fully appreciate community, cooperation and compassion at the very highest level.

May the blessing of a thousand llamas rain down upon you all for your compassion and generosity.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 15, 2017

Posted on June 15, 2017

It has been a while since the last update, but with certainty it has not been time wasted.  The Llama Sanctuary has relocated to the most perfect location imaginable!  Acres and acres of mixed grazing and woodland; numerous fenced paddocks and corrals already in place; barns, stalls, hayfield and infrastructure all established and ready to receive the fortunate llamas and alpacas.

This Crowd-funding campaign may not have achieved the required financial goal, but one thing we learned many years ago that holds true for every situation we may ever encounter in life:  Maintain unshakable faith that what you desire will come about and leave the details of 'how' to the Higher Powers that govern this magnificent Universe.  The moment you lose that faith, even for a moment, you can undo the effect of months of holding that faith and all the visualizing and generating the feeling of having what it is you desire will be for naught.  Without a doubt, the Great Universe responded to our call and our faith and The Llama Sanctuary is now renting space alongside a horse-boarding facility.  We couldn't have asked for better.

So it is with immense gratitude to all those who assisted in some way and contributed to the cost of relocating and renting space for the entire Sanctuary in a little piece of paradise.  We thank you; we love you all and may the Blessings of a Thousand Llamas rain down upon the lives of everyone who holds a vision of a world empowered by compassion for all life.

To read more about the new location, visit The Llama Sanctuary website.

We thank you.

Posted on December 15, 2016

Posted on December 15, 2016

Greetings great lovers of nature and defenders of animal rights, The Llama Sanctuary desires to communicate to the world through you.  Come springtime, The Sanctuary will be homeless, unless a new place to call home is found.  Such a statement doesn’t sound very good, but love and optimism run through our veins and everything we require is always provided.  The ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ must be offered up to a higher office for these things we are not qualified to answer.

There are no more ‘should’s’ and ‘might’s’; come the spring, The Sanctuary will be turned out of it’s present tenancy.  We’ve been searching for a suitable home for The Llama Sanctuary for several years now and finally ‘fate’ has forced our hand; It’s time to move on, but to where?

The Sanctuary pays it’s way, the ‘ends are always met’ …somehow!  There is so little grazing to be had here now, bigger pastures are required.  The Sanctuary must either raise the funds to buy somewhere or else rent or lease somewhere, but it’s always in our minds that there is a better way.  What if someone was living on a large acreage or farm, but can no longer manage it?  Maybe they would like a tenant?  Maybe they have dreams of doing some great deed, leave some mark of blessing upon this land and don’t know how to begin?  Spread the news for us; the PERFECT property is sitting empty, just waiting for The Llama Sanctuary.  We don’t know where it is and it doesn’t know how to contact us; maybe YOU are the bridge!

Winter leaped in like a lion and seized upon a very wet and grey autumn.  Relentless rain choked the ground and channels of mud emerged where once there were paths.  Keeping the llamas dry proved impossible; nevertheless, keeping their shelters dry is always essential, requiring yet another delivery of gravel to raise the floor levels in two of the eight houses.  Now that mud is frozen solid and the cracks smoothed over with a skim of snow.   Weather can be funny stuff.

This isn’t anything unusual, it’s called life and each day Lynne and I rise to the challenges presented, whether they be illness in one of the herd, an injury from overzealous boy-wrestling, fallen trees and broken fences just adding to the daily shovelling of mountains of manure, cleaning and filling water troughs, repairing hay nets, administering medicines  …the list goes on.  A recent visitor was of the belief that all we had to do was toss a flake of hay to the many residents each day.  Find out for yourself.  Bring your working togs and a good pair of rubber boots and come join us for a day!

Posted on September 29, 2016

Posted on September 29, 2016

The Llama Sanctuary Crowdfunding Appeal is not dead; Long live The Llama Sanctuary!  ..or words to that effect, famously spoken by a wool-covered quadruped after spending years stuck in a tiny pen with algae-covered water to drink and barely enough food to feed a chicken, let alone a 400lb llama.

But wait, the cases of such neglect of animals are actually not the typical case handled by The Llama Sanctuary; there are as many if not more cases where someone has cared for an animal for many years and then one day they themselves are injured or taken ill.  Without the physical ability to provide the care and with finances stretched to meet ridiculous medical bills, that person reaches out for someone to care for their beloved companion. 

But who?  Who would you turn to?  Dogs and cats are usually really easy; a family member steps in and takes them, but a horse or a llama is another challenge that not many are prepared to meet.  The Llama Sanctuary is here for those situations too, which is why we appeal to people to ‘pay it forward’; helping those who offer such services now, while life is good and know that someone is there for you or your family or friends, when those challenging opportunities for growth make an appearance in life.

We are all here to serve in one way or another and if your life feels empty and unfulfilled, it’s highly likely that the service element is missing.  The joy of making a difference in someone’s life is better than any amount of chocolate cake! 

The Llama Sanctuary still needs a lot help to keep going at it's present capacity, let alone expand.  We do everything we possibly can: selling stuff we don't need, making items to auction, creating new ways to generate funds, writing letters and articles and meanwhile keeping the plates spinning for all  the animals in our care.  We bless you all for caring!

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The Llama Sanctuary - A National Camelid Care Facility

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