URGENT aid for families displaced by Mount Agung Eruption

For: Team Action for Amed & Bali Street Kids Project
Bali, Indonesia
Organizer: Emilio Kuzma-Floyd & Tina May Swinkels
URGENT aid for families displaced by Mount Agung Eruption (Team Action for Amed & Bali Street Kids Project)
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The Story

There are thousands of families who live on, and around, Mount Agung Volcano in Bali that have been forced to evacuate their homes and are currently staying in temporary evacuation camps. Evacuation camps are desperate for critical supplies, including food, medical supplies, air masks, clothing and more. 


Who are We? 

Hey I'm Emilio Kuzma-Floyd and I'm a photographer from Melbourne Australia (Eyes of a Nomad). On the 26th November 2017 I witnessed the phreatic eruption of Mount Agung and captured photos and videos that quickly, and unexpectedly, went viral.

In the 24 hours, millions of people saw my photos and videos on my own channels as well as on news channels around the country (including CNN, BBC, ABC, Newsweek, The Discovery Channel, Time Magazine and the NY times). 

I want to make the most of this opportunity to try and raise awareness, and desperately needed funds, for the people who need it most -- the families who have been evacuated from their homes and are terrified that of what full blown eruption could mean for their communities long term. 

While much of the media attention is focused on tourists stuck at the airport for a few extra days I want to bring the attention back to the real issue. A delayed or cancelled flight in an inconvenience. For these families this is their whole lives. 

I also wanted to add Tina May (Swinkels) my partner of 10 years to this is fund-raising campaign as she has been working just as hard as I have on this cause, emailing, taking phone calls and organising, while still working on her day job. Cant thank her enough for all the support!

This afternoon (Nov 28th), my partner and I will taking a car load (or two depending on how quickly we can raise funds) directly to the evacuation camp in Amed, managed by Team Action for Amed operating under the registered charity Rumah Sehat. We'll be interviewing families and volunteers on the ground and distributing the footage to anyone who will cover it. 

We will be buying: 

- gas masks to protect volunteers and local families in the area from inhaling the volcanic ash fumes 

- water filters to purify any contaminated water

- food supplies (including rice, beans, cooking oil and other non-perishables)


100% of the donations that we receive will be used in one of three ways:

- to purchase essential supplies and deliver them directly to evacuation camps around Bali 
- donations to Team Action for Amed & Amed Bali First Aid P3K
- donations to the Bali Street Kids Project


I will keep all receipts of everything purchased or donated and will share with anyone who is interested. 

No funds raised will be used towards any personal expenses, including but not limited to hiring a driver to deliver the supplies, accomodation or meals for myself, etc. 


We are a team of committed locals and expats that came together to better aid the evacuees through the crisis of Agung. Pooling our talents has enabled us to work more efficiently to provide the best possible aid we can.

We are authorized to collect and distribute donations under Yayasan Peduli Alam - Rumah Sehat a registered foundation in the area. 

For more information about what we do or how to volunteer, please contact Michele Yoga through our Facebook page -- https://www.facebook.com/teamactionforamed/


Bali Street Kids Project protects vulnerable children in Indonesia with shelter, healthcare, and more. Since  Mt Agung became active in September 2017, BSPK has taken in refugees providing support with food, housing, and other necessities. We are a registered NGO 501(c3) non-profit under the name of Hand by Hand International. 

To contact directly visit their website http://ykpa.org/

I completely understand people wanting to get to know us a bit better before donating.

Connect with Emilio Kuzma-Floyd
-- Facebook.com/eyesofanomad
-- www.eyesofanomad.com
-- instagram.com/eyes_of_a_nomad

Connect with Tina May Swinkels

-- facebook.com/hellotinamay
-- instagram.com/hellotinamay

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 17, 2018

Posted on February 17, 2018

I just want to send a huge thank you to everyone who has helped support this campaign and of course the families who so urgently needed help.

The final donations have just been sent out to Team Action for Amed & Amed Bali 3PK Food Bank, and I want to also just say a huge thank you to everyone involved in these organisations (and YKPA) who haven't stopped helping as the media attention has died down.

If you stumble across this post now that the campaign has closed, please reach out directly to one of these organisations and support them directly.

Any questions don't hesitate to reach out, we have kept all the receipts for accountability and are happy to share that with anyone who is curious. 

Posted on December 12, 2017


Posted on December 12, 2017

Meet Balik, the new full time volunteer that Amed Bali First Aid 3PK has hired with the donation that we sent.

"Balik started today. He is a wonderkid. He did such an amazing job. He has a good spirit, respectful and polite, and a good sense of humour. You cannot believe how happy he is to have this work.... He's been an asset to the team, and in having this role he's able to help support his family"

- Anthony, Co-ordinator of Amed Bali First Aid 3PK

We can't upload a video here, but will be sharing videos of Balik on Instagram.com/eyes_of_a_nomad 

Posted on December 4, 2017


Posted on December 4, 2017

Hey guys, for transparency we have updated the photos folder with photos of receipts and our time on the ground.   Apologies that we haven't updated since the other day, as soon we arrived at the camps helping with efforts on the ground was our number one priority and there has been lots of back and forth, Tina and I have also unfortunately have been quite sick the past two days.   

The totals so far:
- purchased supplies 14,875,000 Rupies (approx $1488AU)
- transfer to KYPA Bali Street Kids Project for the direct purchase of supplies $500AU   

Our next set of funds is being allocated to hire 3 full time volunteers to help at the Amed evacuation camps, you can read about why and see more photos in the full blog post here.

For only $100 per month you can provide work to someone in the community who is recently unemployed due to the decline in tourism and provide a full time resource to assist the volunteers who are stretched thin and working very long days.

The remaining funds will be allocated in the next 24 hours, we are receiving updates daily from all the parties and allocating funds where they are most desperately needed.

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URGENT aid for families displaced by Mount Agung Eruption

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