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The Story

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer on September 22, 2016. As I will not be able to work during my time of treatment, the money raised from this fundraiser will go to covering my living and medical expenses. It is important for my full recovery that I am able to truly focus on healing. As I am choosing an alternative route of healing, my insurance is not covering the costs and it is quite pricey!

I created my own blog Cancer Warrioress to share my journey with the public through videos and writing. Feel free to check it out to see the latest updates with my health decisions. I also created my own Facebook page FB Cancer Warrioress to share the latest information in my cancer research. 

I am a equine facilitated learning instructor and leads workshops, private sessions, 'Grief Rituals with Horses' on a 10 acre ranch (Wind Horse Sanctuary) in Nevada City, CA. I specialize in helping people process and release grief. I am blessed to care for four gorgeous horses, a precious Australian Shepherd puppy and all the beauty that running a ranch brings.

I was one of the main caretakers for my best friend of 19 years, Deb Hubsmith through her twenty-two month journey with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. See Tribute to Deb for more info. Being present with Deb taught me the valuable lessons that loss and love have to bring. Sadly Deb died on August 18, 2015. 

It is not uncommon for people to be diagnosed with cancer, particularly breast cancer within two years of a tragic loss which I do believe is the case for me. For more info about this particular story please see: BLOG

I channeled my enormous grief into creating 'Grief Rituals with Horses', a safe place for grievers to shed tears and commemorate the loss of their loved ones in order to release their sorrow. I have seen remarkable transformation in the participants through the grief ritual process. For more info see: Grief Rituals

Now it is time for me to heal. I am driven to help people on a larger scale through my work with grief and the horses but it is necessary for me to have the time necessary to undergo my full healing process. Please consider donating to me so I may heal her body and continue on my work in the world. Every little donation is tremendously helpful and appreciated!

Please know that 2.9% of your donation is taken out by WePay the platform that processes the payment for YouCaring. YouCaring is a free online fundraiser site.  For larger donations and so I can receive the full amount of your donation please send a check to:

Tara Coyote

PO Box 3557

Grass Valley, CA 95945

Thank you for your generosity, it is tremendously healing for me to learn to receive!

With love, gratitude and horsey hugs,

Tara and the furry critters

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 23, 2017


Posted on July 23, 2017

Life, Death & the Power of the Bees

What do bees have to do with my story? Well, given that I’m the daughter of a biologist, I have a particular fascination with these magical little insects. Stick with my story and you’ll hear it at the end!

I have not written a health update since April mainly because there was nothing to report health wise and my attention was occupied with the decline of a dear friend and family member.  Since I received my great test results back in April I made a conscious decision to not feed fear into my health journey. I decided to think of the cancer diagnosis like a cold or something temporary I was healing. Cancer wasn’t something that was going to kill me but was only momentarily present to teach me profound life lessons. And so it is!

The last few months have been full. On June 11, I was excited to be literally ‘back in the saddle again’ and rode Comanche for the second time after the September 2016 Stage 3 Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Unfortunately Xaria was with us in the riding arena. When Comanche started trotting, Xaria displayed her talented herding dog skills, ended up spooking Comanche and off I fell! The result: a broken wrist and two months in a cast and/or brace. Life never fails to provide more learning opportunities it seems! The main lesson of the broken arm: patience, fine tuning the art of learning to ask for help, slowing down and increased self care. After the first frustrated week of limited mobility, the gifts of the broken arm began to be revealed and now I’m fairly at peace with my high-tech robot arm brace!

I received the most fabulous test results a few weeks ago with the third RGCC Greece test! (The RGCC test measures the tumor cell count in the bloodstream. For more info about this blood test please see below.)  In fact I was told by Doctor V’s coach whom is assisting me that I am breaking records with how astoundingly fast I am healing with my natural healing regiment (NO chemotherapy, surgery, radiation or hormones). In November my score was 8.2 (which was frighteningly high), April scored at 6.5 and July at 3! This is a dramatically rapid drop as the usual decline is one point every three months. The last test results showed a 3.5 drop in three months!!! Remission is less than 1 point, which means if I keep healing at this rate, I will be in remission in three months!! The expected healing rate for my particular diagnosis and protocol  would take two years and at the rate I’m going I’ll be cancer free within nine months total!

Many have asked about the tumor in my breast. Those of you who know me well won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve chosen the extreme alternative approach to healing. The standard method of treating a breast cancer tumor is surgery, either a lumpectomy (removing the tumor) or mastectomy (entirely removing the breast). In the ten-months I have seen a handful of breast cancer journeyers undergo either a lumpectomy or mastectomy and think they are ‘cured’ of cancer only to unfortunately have it return months later. The most alternative route of removing a tumor is to use black salve (a mixture of four different herbs), which penetrates into the skin, killing unhealthy cells and leaving healthy ones intact. This can be a very painful treatment.

I LOVE my breasts! My breasts nursed my son for twenty-two months and my goal is to keep them as intact as possible. I KNOW that with my diligent health routine I can shrink this tumor and turn it into scar tissue! (This has happened with others and it WILL happen with me too. Do you catch the conviction in my intention?) In fact as my tumor cell count decreases as indicated by the RGCC test it means the tumor is losing its power. It is only a matter of time till it turns back into regular tissue.

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster with the vivid high of the test results and the heavy reality of a dear friend and family members death. Rowen Holland was like a sister to me. She was the mother of my beloved 20-year-old niece and has been an integral part of my life for the last two decades. Rowen had relocated to Grass Valley two weeks before my diagnosis in September 2016 and our paths were closely woven in our mutual cancer journeys. Watching her slow decline throughout the winter months was distressing and I felt powerless to help her. Her super hero friends moved her to Santa Cruz in the spring so she could have 24/7 care.  I am sad to say she died on July 9 from colorectal cancer

Words cannot express the vast grief I feel over losing my closest girlfriend of nineteen years, Deb Hubsmith, two years ago to Acute Myeloid Leukemia and now Rowen. It seems as if life wants me to get an unbelievable understanding of grief, loss, death and cancer in this lifetime. Endless tears have been shed in the past few months accompanied by a sense of shock that two of my most cherished sister friends have left this realm at the young age of 46 and 47. I am grateful for my resilient faith in my ability to jump over every hurdle but it is not easy. Months ago I doubted If my heart could survive another dramatic loss like this. Due to a strong support system, the horses, Syris, my family, dogs (we have adopted Rowen’s dog Satya by the way), spiritual practice and a steel inner strength I am healing, thriving and greeting each day as it comes. I will survive and am learning to be grateful for each adversity that comes my way, as I know it’s just another growth opportunity. Truth be told, I am ready for a period of ease without cataclysmic lessons of death, cancer and loss rocking my world!

And now for the magical bee story! For years I’ve been an aspiring beekeeper and this spring felt like the perfect timing to welcome bees to the ranch. If you’ve been following my story than you’ll know that I’ve been receiving bee venom therapy since March. We had missed the deadline to order bees and had placed our faith that we would be notified if a swarm (see definition of bee swarm below) were in the area.  June was the end of the swarm season and I had almost given up on my bee wish. Low and behold, miracles occur!

Cheyanna Bone, a bee-keeping consultant working with natural and sacred bee keeping practices, received a fortuitous call a few weeks ago. A swarm had flown 30’ high up in a tree at a local midwives house. Note: Rowen was a midwife! Cheyanna safely got the high-perched insects down from the tree.  A tiny colony of bees arrived a few days ago at the ranch and are happily buzzing away! Through immense tragedy there are blessings to behold. Perhaps Rowen is smiling down upon us and had a hand in bringing us bees right after her death. At any rate, I am deeply grateful and honored by the serendipitous unfolding of events!

I am still engaged in my full time healing cancer naturally protocol and have my eyes on the finish line, those enchanted words ‘remission’. I have been teaching some one-day Equine Facilitated Learning workshops and Grief Rituals with Horses at Wind Horse Sanctuary this summer.  The transformational work with the horses brings me joy and I love to witness how it changes lives.

In short, I am grateful to be given an opportunity to heal and it seems that I will have a different outcome than Deb and Rowen.  In light of their death I see clearly how each breath is a gift and I intend to live it fully!

Thank you all for all of your love and support, you boost me up with every kind word and prayer you send my way!

Healing cancer naturally is expensive as insurance does not cover the infusions, doctors visits, tests, supplements and daily care needed to zap cancer cells in a non-toxic manner. You all have been so generous in my healing and I’m deeply appreciative. I still have a road ahead of me and if you felt motivated to donate I would be so grateful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

RGCC Greece test:  The test is highly refined; it measures the circulating tumor cell count in the bloodstream.  It is not offered in the USA so the blood sample is sent to Greece. In the USA oncologists can’t give results like this, as the standard cancer mode of care does not yet measure tumor cell counts. This test is a method of measuring cancer that is not yet in the mainstream reality although it is offered in other countries.  It is unfortunate as it could offer a way to monitor tumor cells rather than the standard chemotherapy mode of killing the entire immune system to ‘heal’ cancer.

Bee swarm: Swarming is the process by which a new honeybee colony is formed when the queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees. In the prime swarm, about 60% of the worker bees leave the original hive location with the old queen. This swarm can contain thousands to tens of thousands of bees. Swarming is mainly a spring phenomenon, usually within a two- or three-week period depending on the locale, but occasional swarms can happen throughout the producing season.

To follow my journey please go to Cancer Warrioress to sign up for weekly emails for alternative cancer healing info and a glimpse into the land of healing cancer naturally. You can also visit my Cancer Warrioress Facebook page.

Posted on April 25, 2017


Posted on April 25, 2017

This photo is Xaria and I doing a 'happy dance' right after getting amazing test results back! 

I was eagerly anticipating my second ‘RGCC Greece Breast Oncoblot’ test results and last week I was thrilled with excellent results! The test is highly refined; it measures the circulating tumor cell count in the bloodstream.  It is not offered in the USA so my blood sample was sent to Greece. The results showed my cell count dropped from 8.2 to 6.5, which is almost a two-point drop! The average drop for the protocol I’m following is one point every three months, which means I’m doing double the healing!!

In the USA oncologists can’t give results like this, as the standard cancer mode of care does not yet measure tumor cell counts. This test is a method of measuring cancer that is not yet in the mainstream reality although it is offered in other countries.  It is unfortunate as it could offer a way to monitor tumor cells rather than the standard chemotherapy mode of killing the entire immune system to ‘heal’ cancer.  For more info about the RGCC test please see: RGCC Articleand the blog post by the wonderful Doctor V (whos ‘Greece protocol’ I am following) at: Doctor V Blog

For example, I could choose to follow the standard route of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation and be told I was in remission and my cancer was cured. Lurking beneath it all might be cancer tumor cells just waiting to come out stronger and more resistant to chemotherapy in the future. Unfortunately, this is often what happens to cancer patients when their cancer returns years later in another organ. The cancer tumor cells were just waiting in the bloodstream to develop into another tumor in the future.  I decided to take the route of going to the source to cure my cancer. Instead of focusing on killing and removing the tumor, I’m working on reducing the tumor cells in my bloodstream, which is the real culprit of the cancer. This way I am addressing the cause, not just the effect of this dance with cancer.

I received other breast thermography test results, which showed that my tumor had not grown from October to March!  This means my natural protocol is working and I’ve stopped the tumor growth in its tracks! For more info about breast thermography, go to: Thermography

It was suspected months ago that I had claymydia pneumonia, which was confirmed last week. This is a bacterium that can mask cancer and distract the bodies’ immune system into battling CP instead of the cancer cells. (Epstein Barr is a virus that can act in a similar manner.) What I’ve understood is Cancer and Lyme disease act very similar in the body. In fact many Cancer and Lyme patients are found to have CP or EB, which can pre-date the Cancer or Lyme growth.   I am now treating the chlamydia pneumonia with natural supplements and aiming to clear my body of the bacteria. Please know I have no symptoms of CP as I did not have breast cancer symptoms before diagnosis (besides the lump in my breast).

One of the many reasons I love alternative methods of care is that it actually searches for the CAUSE of the illness rather than treating the effect. Standard method of care never looked at my blood work to question what deficiencies might be lurking in my body. Their ideology was that bombing my whole immune system with chemotherapy was the best way to heal. How can I properly heal without a strong and vital immune system?

One other addition to my healing regiment is an AmpCoil machine, which is an energy and sound-healing device similar to the Rife Machine. I recently acquired it and have had powerful detoxification moments, which allows me to know that it is working at healing my body! There is no end to the mystery of how I will feel in my day-to-day life. On average I feel great but in a dynamic process of healing like this there are certainly the days where my body is freeing itself of toxins and the liver is processing dead cancer cells.  This is necessary for healing! I’m grateful to know I have a choice to heal with natural methods that are in alignment with my mind, body and soul.

Since my public announcement last week about my encouraging test results many of you have asked me what my protocol of healing is. Well, that is honestly another blog post as it is too much to contain in one short paragraph.  I promise I will publish my protocol soon so you all can read it. It is definitely a full time job to heal cancer naturally, which requires dedication, focus, support and a sense of humor!

The online silent auction was a HUGE SUCCESS! I’m truly touched and grateful for all of your love and support!  So many of you stepped up to offer donations, bid on items, donated money and have been so wonderful in so many ways! Thank you all for all that you give. You make my job of healing so much easier. I would not be doing so well without your love and support! If you missed a chance to participate in the silent action and would like to donate please go to: You Caring

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely springtime weather! All of us at Wind Horse Sanctuary are, even with all the mud puddles!

Love and gratitude to all of you,


PS If you're interested in subscribing to my weekly blog where I share updates, transformational tales from the journey and alternative cancer healing info please sign up here: SIGN UP

Posted on April 11, 2017


Posted on April 11, 2017

Spring is here! Here's a fun photo of me mowing last week. I'm through another month of Vitamin C infusions and it's nice to have a  month off.

So, a dear friend created an online silent auction fundraiser for me to raise money for my astronomical medical costs (as I am choosing a natural route of healing insurance will not cover it). This is my LAST push for fundraising! THE AUCTION ENDS ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12 AT 4 PM PST! If you could help by checking out the silent auction, bid on items that interest you (67+ items - see more info below) and SHARING this post it would be much appreciated!

There are 21 items that are not bid on and I would LOVE to bring in the maximum potential possible. All of the donators are extremely kind, wonderful folks, please check out all they have to offer!

There are items and services ranging from massages, vacation rentals, long-distance coaching & healing sessions, a TIPI, jewelry, movement sessions, guitar lessons, sound healing and so much more! Many of these items can be purchased from a distance and the item/service can be sent to you or redeemed through a Skype or phone session. Many services are also offered in the Grass Valley and Marin area.

All the proceeds go to my health fund. Please take a moment to check out all of the fabulous items offered and share the auction with your friends. Donating to the auction is a win/win cause as you’ll get some amazing items and services and contribute to a great cause!

Click here for silent auction: Silent auction

To find out more about my journey please go to: www.cancerwarrioress.comand/or check out my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/cancerwarrioress/

Thank you for the love and support! You all are stellar, fabulously wonderful folks!!  I hope this spring finds you well and deeply nourished.

ith love, 


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