Talyaa & Dave's Quest to Recover From Cancer & Lyme

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Organizer: Dave Donatiu - Husband & Soulmate
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The Story


We are Talyaa and Dave — soulmates, husband & wife. We did what ALL DOCTORS SAID COULD NOT BE DONE! We beat two terminal cancers after being told each time that Talyaa had just weeks to live. But our fight is not over…

In 2012 Talyaa Liera was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma. It had spread to throughout her body and brain, and doctors said she had only 2-3 months to live. In 2015, her diagnosis was leptomeningeal carcinomatosis — deadly tumors throughout her spine that would kill her within 3 weeks.

Dave researched day and night throughout their five-year cancer ordeal to find functional, medical and alternative treatments that would save Talyaa. Both Talyaa and Dave worked tirelessly to save Talyaa’s life, but at a huge cost. Talyaa is now legally disabled with multiple life-threatening medical conditions. Dave suffered years of pain from lifelong chronic Lyme disease and heavy metal poisoning from his hip replacements, and hurt his body terribly from the enormous amount of stress he endured during their five-year cancer nightmare.

Our five-year ordeal beating cancer cost us terribly, and we are not even close to recovering. Talyaa’s cancer may be gone, but we desperately need DONATIONS and BUSINESS to pay for badly-needed treatments to recover from cancer, ensure Talyaa’s cancer doesn’t return, heal our massive trauma, and treat Dave’s chronic Lyme disease and the severe damage he inflicted upon his body to save Talyaa’s life.

We can finally work a few hours a day, but have had to start our business from almost nothing. We both feel anger and shame that we still need help.


Talyaa, out of self-preservation, could not let herself feel the utter pain, terror, and despair she experienced every day. Much of the time she knew she was only weeks away from death. If she dared feel even a little of her reality, she feared she would stop fighting to live.

Dave, in his complete devotion to save his wife’s life — his soulmate — dared not waste a single minute to share his suffering with anyone other than a handful of friends. He feared his beloved could die if he did not give every minute to research better treatments and fundraise to afford treatments.

Saving Talyaa was the only thing that kept Dave going through five years of hell, yet he lived in terror that he would not be able to save his beloved.  For years, Dave woke Talyaa every morning wondering if he would find his beloved dead or alive. Sometimes in the middle of the night he quietly checked to make sure she was still breathing.

Do you know what living in fear for your life or your spouse’s does to you? For FIVE YEARS?


For more than five years, Talyaa fought two terminal end-stage 4C cancers  — as bad as cancer gets). NONE of Talyaa’s doctors expected her to live for more than a few weeks. Hardly anyone knows how rare it is for someone to survive what she faced. Talyaa’s brain surgeon knows. Out of more than 1,000 of his patients who had her diagnoses, all but one died within a few months — and that one died in less than 2 years.

Talyaa is the only one who survived. Her cancer is gone (undetectable by scans), but her success came at an awful cost. We are struggling in isolation, terror, and despair.


  • Suffers daily from a permanent disability (dysautonomia) — she can’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time, ride in an airplane, or be in 80+ degree heat
  • Has a life-long, life-threatening condition (adrenal insufficiency) — if she doesn’t take medications every day, SHE WILL DIE
  • Severe osteoporosis — resulted in four spinal compression fractures, back surgery, and other broken bones
  • Brain trauma with permanent damage — resulted in lost memory of entire weeks and months of her life. Plus she goes foggy and loopy, unable to drive, think, or barely talk
  • Emotional trauma — too scared to phone people, has lost her libido, and sometimes freezes in terror


If Dave hadn’t moved mountains, Talyaa would have quickly died. He chose his beloved every day over the extensive help he knew he needed, while he endured painful disabling late-stage Lyme disease and heavy metal poisoning.

His stress was unimaginable — he bore the full responsibility to figure out AND DO what would save Talyaa, since doctors offered very little to beat her cancer. Talyaa put her life in his hands.

Only Dave’s research, skills, demigod-like devotion (his Bhakti), and perseverance saved Talyaa. His fight cost him:

  • Permanently damaged his brain, arteries, & esophagus — diagnosed from endoscopy & MRI/CT scans
  • Daily high risk of a heart attack — some doctors wondered how he actually avoided a heart attack
  • Massive emotional trauma — his neurologist told him, “you are living as if your house is on fire!”. Several of his doctors (cardiologist/neurologist/cognitive psychologist/gastroenterologist/endocrinologist/oncologist) have all implored him to get help to heal his trauma, or he WILL DIE sooner than later…but we can’t afford help…


While we fought for our lives, life slammed us hard. We lost hope many times, and suicide seemed to be an option more than once. Here are some lowlights while we fought to live:

  • Dave suffered severe pain, exhaustion and debilitation from chronic Lyme disease, heavy metal poisoning — EVERY DAY
  • Talyaa wrote goodbye letters to her children before her brain surgery because she had a strong sense she wouldn’t make it out alive
  • We gave everything we had, always in a race against time to save Talyaa, which became 4 full time jobs WITHOUT PAY — we only existed on government disability, food stamps, and donations. We worried EVERY DAY that we would become homeless, and lost a lot of sleep
  • Our Seattle landlord forced us out of our townhouse and tried to prevent us from getting other housing by illegally discriminating and retaliating against us (2 official findings of wrongdoing from the HUD investigation)
  • We lost our 4 parents, a grandparent, and feline companion of 15 years. Because of poverty and debilitation we missed all but one funeral — Dave could only go to give his mother’s eulogy. Dave’s father never received an eulogy from anyone. Talyaa’s parents only got what she posted to Facebook about them
  • We missed life events of all our friends and family except for one funeral. We even missed most of our own life events! On Dave’s 49th birthday Talyaa looked like she could die from a seizure, so we held each other on a gurney in the ER.  Our own wedding was hastily arranged and announced in a day and a half so we could get health insurance for Talyaa’s brain surgery


We are more isolated now than ever. We have not gone to ANY social events in the past 14 months. The only people we see regularly are grocery store clerks and healthcare providers (5-7 appointments weekly).  Dave used to spend 20-35+ hours a week in the embrace of his Tango community. In the past 14 months he has only danced once. He has lost touch with almost all his friends.

We keep thinking our hell should be over by now, but it’s not. Sixty-eight months later and it still is not over! It seems never-ending. We feel terror and despair that we will never climb out of our hole — never know what it is to live again, contribute to others through our services, and be among community.

This is not living! It is barely surviving. We desperately want to be back in the world, to live. It is not enough to just survive in isolation, terror, and despair.


Please check out and share our offerings —  http://LeagueofOm.com

And please, please donate.

Love & hugs — Talyaa & Dave

Healthcare Expenses — Targeted Treatments 

Below are some of our treatments that we desperately need help to afford.  We will add more as time permits. They are to help us recover from cancer and treat Lyme & co-infections, POTS (dysautonomia), arteriosclerosis, heavy metal poisoning, migraines, severe osteoporosis & other body damage.

As a licensed Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I (Dave Donatiu), receive wholesale pricing on most everything. I consistently research and remain up-to-date on which treatments and products are best, considering efficacy, cost, accessibility and purity. Talyaa and I use items below in varying amounts, and treatments can and do change often.

Intensive Immune Support (so body can gain strength to recover & deal with disease)

  • $113/ month — Beta Glucan Transfer Point (Huge immune booster) 
  • $60/ month — CoQ10
  • $55/ month — LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone — combats Talyaa’s Dysautonomia and Dave’s low immune system functioning)

Overcome Lyme Directly

  • One Time Charge — $560 — Far Infra-Red Portable Sauna (Main treatment to be used 20-40 minutes/ day for up to 2 years to drive Lyme out of hiding so other Lyme treatments can eradicate it)
  • $72/ month — Fucoidan

Treatments to Aid in Recovery from Intensive Treatments, Brain Surgeries & Devastating Effects of Lyme

  • $40/ month — Physical Therapy ($5 co-pay per visit)
  • $210/ month —  1 Integral Supplement & 4 Targeted Metabolic Formulas (Repair & recovery from cancer and Lyme, and reversal of body dysfunction and a INTEGRAL foundation for functional healing treatments — critical to achieve optimal health and reverse disease that is considered irreversible by conventional medicine — remember, we reversed 2 impossible to reverse cancers along with a reversal of severe osteoporosis without drugs — 2-3x the bone growth seen only possible with drugs)

Treatment for Heavy Metal Poisoning (Dave’s Metal Hip Replacements) & Arteriosclerosis

  • $67/ month — Oral EDTA (Removes heavy metals — Dave has 2 metal-on-metal hip replacements that poison him every day), helps the body more successfully attack Lyme and mold, and removes calcium plaque in Dave’s heavily coated arteries

How We Beat Cancer — only part of the story over 5 years

  • over 67-95 herbs and supplements daily
  • Vitamin C IV’s (Dave learned to give them to me in our home)
  • juiced 17 pounds of fresh organic vegetables daily and drank over 82,500 8 ounce jars
  • off-label medication use
  • 3-5 daily coffee enemas – over 8,500 total
  • encapsulated over 28,000 of our own capsules to save money 
  • tantra workshops
  • dozens of intensive body-centered therapy sessions (by Dave) to shift my debilitating beliefs and woundings
  • connected online to thousands of friends for healing
  • attended community events
  • 100's of medical and diagnostic tests
  • intensively examined my life to choose a reason to live
  • 100's of Core Power Yoga classes in 105 degree heat
  • massive overhaul of my diet to an accurate and metabolic choice with organic whole foods
  • dozens of doctors with second and third opinions sought
  • Dave researched over 4,000 hours to find the best treatments, doctors and became certified as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 1, 2018

Posted on April 1, 2018


We are so grateful for your generosity! Every dollar counts. Past donations helped us buy cancer treatments for Talyaa, and BEAT CANCER!  After 5 1/2 years of full-time herculean efforts by Talyaa and Dave, she is N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease).

But our fight is still NOT OVER. We need HELP NOW to pay for badly-needed treatments to recover from how cancer destroyed our bodies and lives, PLUS to heal our trauma, ensure Talyaa’s cancer doesn’t return, AND for Dave to heal his chronic Lyme disease and the severe damage he inflicted upon his body to save Talyaa from dying.

We keep thinking our hell should be over by now, but it is not. Sixty-eight months later and counting it still is not over! It seems never-ending. We feel terror and despair that we will never climb out of our hole — never know what it is to live again, contribute, and be among community. We are still terribly isolated.

This is not living! It is barely surviving. We desperately want to be back in the world, to live. It is not enough to just survive in isolation, terror, and despair.

Please donate funds to help us restore our lives so we can live, really LIVE!

With much love — Talyaa & Dave

P.S. We have much to offer with our products and services, found on our website Leagueofom.com.

Posted on December 6, 2017

Posted on December 6, 2017

Hi – This is Talyaa posting,

I am clawing my way back from beating two terminal cancers — five years of being near death.


I never explained how hard the past five years have been — out of self-preservation I could not let myself feel the pain, terror, and despair I was in EVERY DAY.

And I didn’t acknowledge what my husband did to help save my life —  he denied himself help while enduring painful disabling late-stage Lyme disease, heavy metal poisoning and arteriosclerosis. Dave’s devotion damaged his arteries, brain, and GI tract, and drove him to the brink of a heart attack.


Dave and I are struggling and desperate for help — this month we can't pay all of our bill, are behind on bills, and have had to stop treatments we badly need to recover and ensure cancer doesn’t threaten my life again. We can finally work a few hours a day, but have to start our business from almost nothing.

I feel embarrassed that I still need help. It’s been a long road that seems never ending. I am tired of this and want desperately to get out of the hole we are in.


Our services are available at our new site www.LeagueofOm.com Please donate – We would appreciate ANY help. 


I am super excited to bring channeling back into my life! My near death experience expanded my abilities significantly, and I now channel from a conglomeration of entities (including Polaris and Michael) called Solara. http://leagueofom.com/channeling-with-talyaa/


I also developed my “Soul Discovery Reading” — a channeled system of self-understanding that expands the “Michael Teachings” — to understand who you are, how you show up in the world, and how people see you. http://leagueofom.com/soul-discovery-reading/


From our lifelong journeys through experience and self-understanding, plus intensive mentoring and training, come Dave’s and my culminations of everything we know and teach: for Dave, The Way of the Magi: A Path of Modern-Day Magicians, and for me, The Oracle’s Path: A Life’s Journey Rich With Meaning and Destiny.  Please check out our offerings and share with friends, family, and social media. We look forward to being of service to you.

Love & hugs,  Talyaa


WE DID WHAT DOCTORS SAID WAS IMPOSSIBLE — Talyaa survived two terminal cancers (end stage 4c) at a devastating cost. We spent ALL our time (three full time jobs worth) over five years and gave up everything – community, friends, dreams, going out – except to over 700 healthcare appointments.

OUR HEALTH IS IN RUINS — We both suffer debilitating health & permanent damage to our brains & body. Dave endures painful disabling late-stage Lyme disease, heavy metal poisoning and arteriosclerosis. I am permanently disabled due to cancer treatments.

WE HAVE LITTLE MONEY — We have mostly existed on donations and government aid, and still do! We desperately need financial help so I can recover and ensure cancer doesn’t threaten my life again, and so Dave can beat Lyme and heal his trauma and body damage from five years of massive stress knowing he could find his wife dead any morning while being fully responsible for her life while he researched and chose all treatment protocols. 

Posted on October 12, 2015

Posted on October 12, 2015

TERROR & MAGIC - Update on Talyaa Liera, my beloved wife, soulmate, super mate. (Posted on Facebook)

I haven't posted an update since the emergency room visits because I have been in emergency mode for weeks now. Talyaa's seizures (non-convulsive but can lead to convulsions) have increased where they have happened 5 days in a row even though we have increased her anti-seizure meds - dose and number (4 meds now).

This is life threatening and brings about terror in me. I installed an emergency button in her bedroom so she can summon me in the middle of the night - she has. I'm afraid to leave her side. Even as I write this she is having seizures and we are waiting for her emergency drugs to kick in. fucking terrifying - things are getting worse, and our neurologist has just told us to increase dose and number of anti-seizure meds. Ugggghhh!

Some good news is a few weeks ago after an emergency MRI we discovered that her spinal tumors have all decreased. We are having an MRI of the brain and spine later today to find out her progress. She has only had one infusion of immunotherapy because her liver enzymes have skyrocketed into dangerous territory but have recently come down. This means she can do another infusion soon if we even need it - we may find out tumors are decreased, gone or things are worse.

For 10 days I have been in massive pain with my back giving out - thank god for painkillers and muscle relaxers, and a back brace. Talyaa has had to get me food. Today is the second day I am more mobile. Also, my cat almost died and literally Talyaa and I said our goodbyes as she labored in her breathing after she suddenly lay flat after 3 days not eating or drinking little. BUT I had an intuition to try a bunch of different cat gravies and she has rebounded - yay! But my god, life is so challenging.

In all of this, Talyaa has embraced her Oracle nature as she is receiving downloads of amazing collective and cosmic wisdom. She was already a channel, and it is obvious as I witness her, that my beloved has tapped into other realms. Through her inspiration and our connection that has transcended 10,000+ years, I am embracing my spiritual/ mystical nature. All I can do to make it through this terror is look to the magic and awe of life.

We intend to bring our magical gifts to all of you.

Love & Miracles

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