Susan Bucher RN and the "Campaign to Inform" ~PTLS

For: Susan J. Bucher BSN RN
Organizer: The Coalition for Post Tubal Ligation Women (CPTwomen)
Susan Bucher RN and the "Campaign to Inform" ~PTLS (Susan J. Bucher BSN RN)
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The Story

If you or a loved one

  • is a woman who has undergone female sterilization (tubal ligation, Essure, clips, etc.)  -
  • has found the information at useful/helpful -
  • has found the work of women’s health right activist Susan Bucher RN beneficial -
  • wishes to support Susan in telling her full story and promoting more education

… please give and help sponsor the ongoing work of Susan Bucher RN, the Coalition for Post Tubal Women (CPTwomen), and the “Campaign to Inform”.  

Your help and support will help benefit the health and lives of ALL women.

All those who sponsor and support Susan are invited to privately correspond with Susan at: Opening Pandora's Box.

Background:  When Susan had her tubal ligation in 1995 she was told what ALL women are told… “It will NOT affect your health. The only change will be you will no longer become pregnant". Susan even asked her physician directly in advance if a tubal ligation could affect her hormones or cause her to become menopausal. He falsely told her what all women are told, “No”.

After her tubal ligation Susan’s health drastically changed. In Susan’s case the sterilization process bilaterally castrated her.

Susan then learned that there is a cycle of abuse and that late sequelae (negative side effects) from sterilization is known and understood by OBGYN’s and the ACOG but this information is, with intent and through a code of silence, withheld from women. As Susan learned the true cause and nature of her injuries she became outraged.  

How Susan’s story and actions are unique...

Susan at once understood the serious nature, harm and injustices that occurred to her and that these offenses were occurring routinely to ALL women. Her immediate concern was that women needed to be educated and informed.

“When information is withheld about negative side effects consent is given under false pretenses. When there is fraud or misinformation during education/consent the entire consent becomes invalid. Without valid consent, battery transpires." ~ SJB

She filed suit on the doctor who performed her tubal ligation for non-consent and battery, the ACOG, and others in action to set a legal precedent and help aid all  women.

Her journey continued with setting off to provide legal evidence that tubal ligation caused her castration. She was given photos of her ovaries at the time of her tubal ligation and she underwent a “discovery” surgery to obtain photos and biopsy information to prove her court cases (the full details of her actions, what occurred, and who, how, and why her cases were covered-up have NEVER been made public).

Working with women’s health rights icon Dr. Vikki Hufnagel MD, she created the Coalition for Post Tubal Women (CPTwomen), the “Campaign to Inform”, and put in place the first website ( dedicated to educating women about post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS) and to expose the politics of the female sterilization informed consent issue. This website has been continuously in place since 1998. Together they drafted The Modernization Act for Women's Informed Consent for Tubal Ligation and for all Fallopian Tube Devices for Contraception.

In order to have a stronger voice and more credibility when speaking regarding women’s health rights and informed consent issues, and to demonstrate her full dedication to "informed consent reform", she returned to school and became a BSN/RN.

Susan has NEVER publicly told her full story or what occurred pertaining to her case. She is now ready to "tell all" and is writing a book titled Pandora’s Box due to be published in 2018.   

States Susan, “The cover-up is worst then the crime”. 

This fundraiser was created to help assist Susan in repaying nursing school tuition loans, and to assist her ongoing activism work with the CPTwomen, the “Campaign to Inform”, publishing the Tubal Ligation/Sterilization Outcome Health Research Study, and to help Susan facilitate the writing and telling of her full story.

All those who sponsor and support Susan are invited to privately correspond with Susan at: Opening Pandora's Box.

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Susan Bucher RN and the "Campaign to Inform" ~PTLS

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